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Yelling to the Stars

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2023 @ 2:37am by Captain Ewan Darrow

Mission: Peace Through Any Means
Location: Mars Orbit
1336 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

"This place, this planet, it was the center of what the Federation could do! It was the heart of innovation and production, it built ships that were more powerful than anything the Romulans could hope to produce. It built ships that were faster than anything the Klingons can cobble together. It built ships that drove the Cardassians to ruins!" The man at the centre of the cargo bay yelled to the crowd gathered before him. His name was Jason Orellio, he was a relatively new member of the political scene, a real go-getter, 'yell until someone listened' type. He was running to fill a seat within the Federation Council for the far-flung forward sectors at the edge of Federation space just north of where Cardassian and Federation space parted in their own directions.

A sector of the Federation that was strife with conflict, whether it be raiders, pirates or colonies fighting each other. Starfleet did it's best to patrol the area, it worked hard to ensure there was always a Ship of the Line and a few patrol cruisers there, but it was hard. Starfleet was still recovering from the Dominion War, then the Borg Invasion, then Mars. It had always seemed like it was recovering since then. Never enough ships, never enough crews. It meant that Starfleet shifted resources to sectors that had larger population centres, more people, more to protect.

It meant that small sectors like Orellio's suffered.

And it made him mad, it made him yell, it made him demand things. Things that he needed, things that his people needed, things that the sector needed. Things that they felt the Federation was abandoning by the wayside to help all these other people, the Cardassians, the Romulans, everyone but their people.

"You know this planet, its Mars. It was the home of Utopia Planetia the largest and best shipyard in the entire quadrant, if not the galaxy and here it sits, BURNING!" Orellio waved a hand towards the magnetic containment field behind them showing the planet below its upper atmosphere still on fire. It had been burning for decades now, before the entire planet now it was just parts. Still it burned, still it showed where the Federation had failed everyone, where it had fallen from. "It burns to this day because of actions of our enemies, of others that wish to see the Federation fall. Watch it crumble from the pinnacle of achievement!"

"And Starfleet does nothing! They sit in their starships, their fleets, their mammoth starbases and they do nothing to stop them! In fact they HELP THEM!" Orellio bellowed, his face turning red from the effort, "They let our colonies on the frontier get attacked and respond hours if not days later! Sure they bring aid, they bring medicine but we don't need that, we need action!"

"We need the pirates hunted down! We need the raiders killed!" Orellio said as he began to pace back and forth on the stage. His anger was real, it was visible and it was loud. The people in the bay, the people watching the feed, they didn't know it was all an act though. Orellio didn't really care about it all, he just needed them worked up, it got voters out, and it created discussion.

Most of all, it was visible to everyone. Mainly, it kept everyone listening to his words and not watching his actions.

"Our worlds suffer because the Federation has become weak, Starfleet has become weak. Our enemies see it! Our people see it! Why don't our politicians!" Jason asked as he planted himself in the middle of the stage and turned towards the crowd, "Why don't the people who run this government see it? Why don't they stop it! We need to project strength, and accept the throne that we rightfully hold as the emanate power in the quadrant! No one can stand against us now. That! That is why the heart of our industry and innovation burn here today. That is why Mars burns. That is why our colonies are attacked."

The crowd cheered, Jason basked in it. "That is why I am running for the Federation Council for the Helios Sector. I will be that voice, I will push those people, I will make Starfleet uncomfortable again. We will take back our place, we will show our enemies that we are strong. Vote for a strong Federation, Vote for Orellio!"

He stood there for a few moments more, basking in the cheering, the hooting, the hollering. It was a picture for any history book, a crowd cheering as Jason stood on top of the stage, part of the Martian Atmosphere burning behind him through the magnetic field. To top it off, an Akira class starship, one of the strongest warships Starfleet fielded floated past the cargo ship they all stood aboard between them and the planet. A picture of strength, everything that Orellio was trying to sell.

With that, he exited stage left into a small group of his advisors and through a side door away from the crowd. "Great speech Jason," Cellian Tarth said falling into step beside Jason. "Really got everyone fired up, that Akira floating past after, pure poetry. We got lucky there." She had been with Jason since the beginning, his most trusted advisor both politically and personally. She had been the first he had confided in as to his plans, his ideas. She had thrown in even more.

"Luck, sure but after I railed into Starfleet being weak seems a little off, but I doubt people will remember that part." Jason said as they passed through another door and into a lounge that they had been using as a staging area. "How long to unload them all and get out of here? We have a rendezvous to make."

"Two hours," H'taok responded, "Two hours and fifteen minutes exactly, shuttles are already docked." The always sedate Vulcan stated as he went and stood by the window, the man never sat down it drove Jason nuts sometimes.

"Has the Louis Riel sent word yet that they're on time?" Jason asked as he dropped onto the couch across from the last of his core group, Sharketh, a rather angry-looking Andorian. He was never angry, he just looked it and it put a lot of people off.

"Yes," Sharketh nodded as he threw a PADD over to Jason, "They report that they're ready. Once we meet and do the briefing, they'll be good to go."

"Are we sure that this is the right move?" Cellian asked as she sat down beside Sharketh, "After the last one they put that Task Force into effect. We've already lost 3 cells to them before we could do anything."

"Thats why this time we're being more careful. The Riel has a worm program already packaged to delete the entire core if and when any Starfleet ship gets close enough to even put a tractor beam on them. We know the crew wont break, we know that people wont say anything, it's the tech we need to worry about." H'taok said as he looked over at Jason, "However I must also ask, is this the right move?"

"What other move do we have? The shipyard was a statement. It got action from Starfleet, it improved our numbers in the polls. What we want to happen, happened after it. We need something bigger, we need something to drive the anger, make people angry and demand action. This is it." Jason nodded, he was sure, he knew what this meant and that it needed to happen. "We do this."

Cellian sighed, "Okay, but there's no backing down after this. The task force will need to provide answers, it will distract them for a while. Meanwhile, people will be angry, we can work with that."

"Tell the captain of the Washington that I want us in warp as soon as the last shuttle clears. We have a meeting to make."


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