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No Longer Home

Posted on Tue Oct 17th, 2023 @ 9:23am by Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Shakedown Shake-Up
Location: USS Vesta
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If you believe the holostories, when a starship is repaired there isn't a lot of noise. The teams work away and simply get it done while everything remains remarkably clean. None of this is true. Minor repairs might happen and keep things relatively safe, but when a ship is so thoroughly repaired by a crew in the field that it needs to be pulled into drydock the entire process is an utter mess. First and foremost, one has to consider the fact that a lot of the panelling is more there for aesthetic and safety purposes. It is the first thing to go. As Yoshi walked the halls of the Vesta, there was little of the sleek, clean, interior many were familiar with. Any panel that could be removed had been, to allow for the team to get the easiest access to everything. Parts were scattered about, and lines were run to power modules spread about. There was also the army of Engineers who moved through the ship, taking care of every little part, they could. EPS conduits were run out, laid such that it was easy to replace the damaged ones. Right now, the Admiral was standing outside Main Engineering, where currently the blast doors were in place as the new warp core was being inserted. According to the report he'd read, it was capable of nearly fifteen percent more efficiency than the previous system, with an intermix closer to twenty percent more efficient. The Quantum Slipstream drive was also undergoing massive repairs, with the new conversion to a full Arrow Drive Mark Three being installed. It was based on the system that had been upfitted to the latest models of the Ascension class, which was overkill for the Vesta. It should reduce benamite consumption by six percent, a technician had excitedly told him.

Eight engineers stood around in EVA suits, carefully monitoring the warp core installation. It was almost seated, finally coming to rest in its berth properly. Electric and pneumatic hums travelled through the hull plating, registered by Yoshi's careful feeling of the ship over the near decade he'd worked on it. Clamps locked and engaged, and systems automatically slotted. The rush of air being pumped back into the space caused a further hum, and eventually the blast door opened. "Admiral," came the polite tone from the lead engineer on this specific project, a young Kainen Lieutenant. "Looks like the core is locked into place. We are prepared to begin the refueling process, we'd politely ask if you could observe from elsewhere?" It was a request, a polite one, that was meant to gently shepherd the older man away from the space so they could work more easily. Yoshi began to argue, a core part of him screaming to tell the canid engineer he'd been working on warp cores before his parents had even gotten together. But the words caught in his throat, and he let a slow exhale out, almost a sigh.

"Of course Lieutenant," he said instead, giving a polite nod to the crew gathered, and exiting the room. The doors closed behind him with another hum, and he was back in the hallway. Teams moved past him, politely nodding, or taking the time to address him, but moved on with little regard. Today Yoshi wasn't the Captain of this ship, and even less so it's Engineer. Today he was an Admiral, taking a tour of a ship under repair, and getting in the way. He carried on his way, moving towards the VIP deck.

Here was more finished, panels already put in place and systems being buttoned up. New holoprojectors and a new system meant that the Vesta was fully equipped for a holographic crew now. New systems were integrated to allow for even easier repairs, and even new flooring had been installed, guaranteed to reduce foot fatigue by three percent walking around. It didn't feel quite right, and Yoshi didn't like how his boots sounded on the decking. At this moment he was here to examine his new office. He stepped into the room - one of the few that was actually finished - and looked around. Several VIP suites had been removed to make this space. It was a smaller mirror of his office on Esquimalt, a small conference table, and and a desk. A smaller desk sat opposite him, space for a Yeoman on journey with him. The table doubled as a strategic facility, allowing him to monitor all ship traffic across his juristiction. Across the hall was his new quarters, with a full chefs kitchen, and space to entertain. It was massive, as far as he and Alice were concerned.

It also was separated from the crew quarters.

It was all different, as far as he was concerned. The Vesta was still his ship. But so was the Athena or the Hiroshima. Any ship he was aboard became his flagship, his command vessel, under Starfleet policies his ship. But the Vesta wasn't his ship in the same way it had been shortly before. It was Ewans. He'd fought against command, he'd wanted to be the ship's engineer at best. He didn't want to be a CO. But now, here he was, a Rear Admiral, even further from the engine room, and he missed command. He was sure he'd settle into the role of Admiral in due time, but today seeing the ship he'd put all his blood, sweat, and tears into, he couldn't help but feel a little lost. This had been his command, and he'd ridden it through better or worse. And now, he was out of it. Flying a desk, the fighter pilots would call it. He couldn't help put sigh.

His badge chirped, and he answered it. //:"Sorry to bother you Admiral. Some of the Oversight committee wish to meet with you, they say it's urgent. They'd like to meet you in your office.":\\ The man sighed, and looked around at the space around him.

"I'll be right there."


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