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[B-Plot] Appraisal of Station

Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 1:31pm by Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara & Isabella Cerin

Mission: Shakedown Shake-Up
Location: Admiral's Office
1611 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

The rhythmic and calming breathing was the only sound in the room, the long and careful breaths that came from a great deal of time to reflect and consider. Yoshi finally let out a last breath, and then carefully opened the small cupboard inset into the wall. It was hidden, if you didn't know where to look, and kept all the clutter away. There were in fact several of these careful spaces, one contained a collection of bottles of various liquors that had been gifts. There was a heavy temptation to open that up and dive in. Instead, he pushed a button on the small machine in front of him, and a whir of metal and ceramic came to life, as coffee beans were obliterated by the high power motor. A medium ground was deposited into the borosilicate container, which he carefully placed into the bamboo filter he'd placed in the other machine. Water was added, and he set the piece to percolate. It would take exactly fifteen minutes to finish, eleven more than he was sure it would take Izzy to arrive when summoned. He placed the two cups on his desk, and set a trivet down to make sure that everything was in place to protect the desk. He swiped up, pulling a display out of thin air, which hovered in place. His eyes scanned the chain of messages that were already stacking up.

He swiped down, dismissing the display for the moment, he'd deal with the messages in due time. Most of it was confusion as nearby systems demanded to know where Deep Space 3 had gone. More would be ships confused about supply chains and deliveries - the two stations had vastly different needs. More issues were sure to arise as the concern of a station with high power listening equipment now found itself far closer to Romulan space. Not even to consider the Breen, or other members of the Typhon pact. That was a whole mess, which meant - "Miss Cerin, please report to my office," Yoshi said - he needed a diplomat. This would also put the station closer to Obsidian Command, as well as Falkirk Outpost. In fact, it meant that Esquimalt would likely be the last supply chain before Falkirk. This drew a small smile, a private smile, and the annoyance probably apparent on MacTaryn's face at that. It shouldn't bring him joy, but it did.

There were subtle signs when Izzy entered the office that those otherwise skilled at appearing unruffled might display when reality was otherwise: Hairs out of place, attire slightly askew, a forcibly expressionless face that became less so once the door slid shut behind her, to match an exasperated and bewildered tone that was possibly one step from done with the universe and its shit in general at the moment. "...I'd ask if this is a joke; but I lost a call with Qo'nos earlier on the Willeg situation because all the relays switched in the middle of it, so clearly it isn't one. How???"

"The short answer to your question is an unstable science experiment," Yoshi said, placing the just finished coffee pot on his desk and sitting down, indicating the chair opposite him. "Deep Space 3 was testing a new form of transporter that allowed for incredibly massive distances. It would have revolutionized the way we deal with supply chains." He paused, seeming to consider the matter. "Honestly, it probably has changed how we think about space travel, though the practical application is pretty limited." He smiled, not a professional one put on for someone else's comfort, this was reserved for someone he actually knew. "Fresh coffee," he said, his tone matching the smile, a hidden amusement that was kept just below the surface. "The good news is time was unaffected, though the causality of that will raise some questions. Give or take, and based on some back of napkin math, we are roughly two hundred and forty light years from our previous location." The last bit was to answer a yet unasked question.

"...That pretty much tracks with the location of the closest secure comms relays we were able to find now, yes." Izzy took the coffee and folded herself into a chair. "Not that I was inclined to trust them until I had that confirmed. You realize this is going to be one hell of a mess for us - technically, we're now significantly out of our assigned sectors of responsibility, and playing in someone else's sandbox, while they're stuck in ours. That is, unless there's a plan to reverse the situation?"

Flipping up the display once more, Yoshi's eyes quickly scanned until he found the communication from DS3, and poked it open. Quickly scanning the document, it mostly contained a panicked apology and a rough explanation, with some notes from the Jakarta. "I don't think we could safely reverse this. Best case? We are able to make it so the technology works and this never happens again. Worst case we try it and both stations are destroyed. It looks like it was some kind of external instability that caused the event." He looked back to Izzy. "Likely the lines on Starfleet's map will simply be redrawn, it's a lot easier for us. Your team..." he trailed off.

"...DS3's man is near the end of his assignment if I recall, actually." Izzy said after a long moment. "It might be possible to take a run at taking the sector over from him, and he'd just move onto his next post a few months early. They're going to have to find someone to take over this sector after that anyways." She sighed. "It's probably a suggestion best made by someone else, though - or at least initially so. On the grounds of organizational continuity in working relationships or such and all, perhaps."

"I can easily make that request," Yoshi said, taking a sip of coffee. "I think this fills out my odd subspace incident punch card, so Starfleet owes me a favour." His eyes darted to to a notification that hovered over his desk - a note about several aid ships arriving to begin assessments and ensure no one was injured - which he dismissed with a wave of his hand. "Regardless of transfer orders, as the Acting Admiral of this sector now, I will be needing you to fulfill diplomatic responsibilities for me. Then once Task Force 72 is relocated, and I am in charge of this sector, I will make the request official." Starfleet was odd in this. It was a whole lot harder to reassign an Admiral than it was to move fifteen starships. "Due to our location I have some good news, you'll be getting Starfleet Diplomatic officers. We're officially close enough to Romulan space that it's a regulatory requirement. I imagine they'll arrive faster than our first batch of new supplies."

"As long as they come with their own computers." Izzy remarked wryly. "Since the ones I ordered a few days ago will now get shipped to what is now the wrong sector. This puts us unfortunately further from our initial search areas on the Willeg situation, as well unfortunately. Though that's not insurmountable; we can still communicate with the involved parties."

"I have already contacted the Caelian and let them know if the situation. As much as I am weary of an Intelligence operation stationed here, they've been remarkably flexible. If anything, there is a chance this is the direction they fled and we are saving ourselves some hassle." Yoshi ran through a series of hand gestures to pull information up quickly. "Looks like the USS Hudson is enroute, I'll have it stop by Starbase 514 and ensure everything is set up for you."

"Great, see if they can pick up some spares, even. Appropriately secure computers, that is, not staff. As for the rest...Intelligence operatives of a variety of sorts were bound to be stationed here; even moreso now that 'here' has...adjusted itself." Izzy seemed to be at least outwardly adjusting to the seismic shift of location - and therefore applicable politics - remarkably fast, even for her professional ilk. "Hamish McDougal has office space right next door to my complex, actually." She smirked for a moment. "He's crashed our reception area for the coffee a few times so far."

Yoshi laughed, a softer laugh, as he nodded. "Aye, I will admit the Intelligence people have been almost enjoyable to have around, though maybe we keep that one between ourselves. I don't need them thinking I am warming up to them," he said almost chuckling. "I am sure they'll be an asset, I have asked the Commodore to make any new intelligence available to you as soon as he has it. I am sure that'll pass through the rest of them the same." He carefully poured both of them a cup of coffee, something both had neglected to touch, and slid one cup across to her. "For the moment we simply have to wait and see how the dice land. Though, we have new secure communications channels be established, and a new encryption sequence. Command has promised me that our authorization codes are 'unaffected' but I think both of us have been doing this too long to know that isn't true. I expect new codes to arrive with the Hudson." He paused bringing his cup to his lips, before stopping in the motion. "Oh," he said, placing the cup down. "I suppose someone should inform the Oversight Committee..."



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