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Posted on Sat Aug 12th, 2023 @ 2:55pm by Karrun North & Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Shakedown Shake-Up
Location: Esquimalt Marshals Office
Timeline: Post launch of Nelson
2025 words - 4.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Karrun let out a sigh as she leaned back into the wall of the cell. She wasn't really surprised that she had been taken into custody and summarily escorted to the Promenade's Marshal office to be held until someone could get her, she had started the fight after all. The Klingon she had fought at the start had been more than joyous over how well their 'battle' had gone, but for appearance's sake the Marshals had to do something. What Karrun hadn't expected was for the Nelson to have launched so soon after the brawl had happened, it seemed as if it had happened overnight.

So here she was, sitting in the cell waiting for the only real person with any kind of rank that could 'sign' her out of the cell. The Marshal on the other side of the forcefield watched her with idle curiosity from time to time as he attended to his paperwork, Karrun, well she just stared at the wall across from her as she counted to a hundred for a hundredth time in her head.

"You know I'm pretty sure there's something in the Federation Charter about cruel and unusual punishment, cant I even get a PaDD?" Karrun asked as she hit eighty, "Like I'm pretty sure its right there under the 'Thou must treat prisoners with care' section or something like that."

The Marshal merely grunted in response as he continued on with more of his paperwork.

"And another point, where the heck was my phone call? I thought I was supposed to get a phone call when I got arrested, this is starting to feel a lot like an arbitrary detention don't you know. I have some friends in high places, I could get the lot of you in trouble!"

The door hissed open, and the Marshal looked up, a quick quip prepped but stopped dead. It was said that the number of pips on a man's collar determined how much you filled the room, but once you shrank back down to two with a box, you were likely the most imposing person there. Yoshi hated this concept, it implied that rank was the most important thing about a person. However, in the moment it paid off as it shut down snappy conversations. He had been lucky enough to catch the end of the conversation and offer a sigh. By his side, his long time Yeoman stood not far off, a PaDD in her hand. It had been Master Chief Petty Officer Moreau that had convinced Yoshi to come pay a visit after the note had come across. "Ms. North," he said, ignoring the Marshal and stepping forward. "I hear we had a bit of a brawl."

"Oh, only a small one especially for a knock-off Waffle House." Karrun said as she turned her head to look over at the new arrivals, Yoshi and his Yeoman Victoria. "He served me limp gagh and took a bit of offence to it when I said as much, I'm sure you know how touchy Klingons can be when offended."

Pushing off the wall to a standing position Karrun turned to face the pair, "I had asked for them to message someone to come bail me out, but I have to say I wasn't expecting you... Actually, Martin felt like a clear candidate or Jack."

"The Neslson departed this morning, so, unfortunately, you're stuck with me. I know I'm not as much fun," his comments earning him an eye roll from Victoria. She in turn, came to face the Marshal.

"A request for the release of one Karrun North," she said, matter-of-factually. "And, to ensure no one is upset, and understanding that the Admiral will make sure Ms. North stays out of trouble." The man looked as if he was going to push the matter, or cause a scene, but when Yoshi turned to eye him up there was an extended pause. A series of grumbles, and the force field dropped. Victoria flashed a smile, the kind the was 100% for show, and lacked any attempt to appear to be sincere. For his part, Yoshi stepped aside and gestured to the main doors to the facility, suggesting Karrun follow him.

"I don't know whether I should be insulted or thankful you're promising to make sure I stay out of trouble," Karrun said as she stepped through the threshold of the cell and fell into step beside the Admiral towards the exit as Victoria fell into step behind. "Though I do thank you, since if the ships gone I probably would have been stuck in there a while, apparently as the uhh.. 'instigator' of the whole brawl they wanted to try and set an example or something?"

The small group stepped through the door and into the main foyer of the Marshals office before quickly stepping through the main door back into the promenade.

"The Marshals are just doing their job," Yoshi commented conversationally as he accompanied the El Aurian woman onto the promenade. "They're going to make their reports, and then complain to someone that an Admiral came down to let you out, making them look bad. Someone from Starfleet is going to remind them you were a part of my former crew, and as the operator of Galaxy's End," he specifically avoided the nickname the bar had earned, "it would make sense that I come look out for you. Some back and forth, and by tomorrow, it's forgotten. Though," he paused and looked at her with the most half concealed smile, "I think you should avoid insulting the Klingon for a few more days at least. Keep your bar brawls to biweekly, though monthly would be preferred."

"Ah but where's the fun in that Yoshi? I promise to be a good girl for a little bit at least." Karrun said as she gave the Admiral a cheeky smile, "I could just claim I blackmailed you if push came to shove, I've supplied Alice with a bottle or two of questionable origin don't you know."

The promenade was only partially busy for the day, of course, the population of the station continued to grow so partially busy today was packed only a few weeks before. A few new shops had even popped up in the last few days, including a brand new coffee shop to which Karrun was now skilfully aiming the trio towards, "The least I can do for thanks is get the both of you a cup of coffee."

Victoria all but smiled, it reaching her eyes if not her face. Yoshi on the other hand was a little more open, and nodded. "I think coffee would be acceptable," he said, altering his path to head towards the shop. "As for my wife's questionable collection of alcohol, I have no idea what you mean. Every single one of those has a perfectly legit path of acquisition, or so I am told."

Karrun glanced over at the Yeoman, the woman didn't seem to like her, but that was okay. Long ago she had given up on needing everyone to like her. "Oh yes, reputable vendors for every single one, I promise. I've been told I'm reputable at least." She laughed as they approached the coffee shop, one of those open to the walk with no interior types. "I've heard this place actually has real coffee, not this replicated stuff. I'm not sure how they get their stock but if its true.. damn."

They seemed to have come at the right time as the shop was quiet with only a few sitting in the assorted tables and chairs set out in the walk. With a quick greeting, Karrun ordered all 3 of them a cup of freshly brewed coffee. She could smell the freshly crushed beans, the brewing coffee. Perhaps the rumours were true after all and after a moment the attendant they were each handed a mug of the steaming black substance and directed to the condiments station a few feet away. Holding the mug up to her lips, Karrun smelled deeply the aroma, "Oh yes, now that's real."

"Miss Cerin's coffee is akin to this," Victoria said, taking another sip and letting the flavour settle. She took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, tension seeming to drop off her shoulders as she drank from it. Yoshi himself put a little bit of cream - it looked like fresh cream even - and a cube of sugar. He carefully stirred before taking his own sip, and turning to look at the women.

"Sugar is fine when it's fresh," Yoshi responded to a questioning look from the yeoman, who gave a half snort. "And besides, I am getting old. Legally I am forty-seven now, so soon knock-off Waffle Houses will have seniors discounts for me."

"Sounds like I might have to ask Izzy about her source of coffee whenever it is they get back from whatever it is you sent them on," Karrun said as she took a sip of coffee, straight black, as she considered what Yoshi himself had said about getting old.

"You may be close to seniors discount at the knock-off waffle houses, but they started asking what your species was if you do! You have only have a few decades to go until then but I have a few centuries. Hell, I won't even look that old by then. Can't even get into a good brawl with them anymore without the security forces coming down on everyone." The El-Aurian finished with a bit of cheek in her grin at the other two. "But that's the price of age and wisdom, the more times change the more one can yearn for the past, freedom of movement, freedom to fight, freedom to just sit and relax."

"I'll defer to your age and wisdom then," Yoshi said with a sly smile. "As for Izzy, she's still aboard the station. She stayed behind to establish her offices and get the diplomatic facilities active. From what I understand the Esquimalt Reconstruction Crew left quite the mess. I am sure she'd enjoy the company, if you are looking for something to do to keep your hands busy. She might even deputize you, and put you to work chasing around engineer crew."

Karrun nodded, "I feel like that would be bad news for the engineering crews more than anyone," She said with a chuckle as she thought it over, "But no that might actually alleviate some of my boredom, so that is an idea to think about." Karrun leaned back in her chair, tapping her mug as she did so in thought. She didn't have anything to do at all with the ship down for its repairs. Her bar was partially melted and she didn't have to begin planning the redecoration for a month at least.

"I take it I could find Izzy chasing after said engineering crews or alternatively hunting them down?"

"likely, or more likely she is actually forcing them to come to her, and being locked in with her and a whole lot of rage," Yoshi said, laughing a little as he imagined the spirited woman towering metaphorically over a pair of junior officers sent to appease her. "But I must thank you for the coffee, and be on with my day," he said, standing from the table and giving a polite nod. "Do try and avoid any more brawls for a few days, and make some time to visit my wife, I am sure she'd love the company as well." Victoria stood as well, standing next to him. "Enjoy the rest of your day, Ms. North."

Karrun nodded but didn't stand herself, she was going to savour this coffee and do some people-watching. "Thank you Yoshi," she nodded towards the man and then towards the Yeoman, "And you Victoria for freeing me. Ill try to find something productive to do in the meantime. Im sure Alice would enjoy some of the new Risian Haols someone introduced me to recently. Touch of Romulan ale, swing of Bloodwine... yes I know how that sounds. Regardless thank you."


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