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A Brief Tour

Posted on Wed May 3rd, 2023 @ 11:50pm by Master Sergeant Michael Buck

Mission: Shakedown Shake-Up
Location: Nelson, Deck 18
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Buck stood at the front end of the Marine Deck and the open expanse that made up the rather extensive training area that had been designed for their use. It was somewhat surprising, for once the Fleet had done something that was positive for the Marines they lugged around in the bowels of their ships, hell the deck was even further up than normal. It had been plenty nice of the Fleeters to think of them, Buck just wished they had actually talked to a damn Marine about it before the finalized it.

Sure there was a large open area for the gym with various bits of equipment for both weight and cardio training, a firing range off to the one side that appeared to be holographic in nature causing it to look artificially larger than it actually was considering where it was positioned. On the other side of the large room was the entrance to one of the large training holodeck that they could make use of to work larger more complex training scenarios. All of it was just... poorly laid out though. The armoury wasn't even near the firing range, in fact, it was in a different room entirely on the rear end of the ship that made it so the Marines if they wanted to make proper use of it had to carry their weapons through the corridors. Not that it was an issue, but the shorter they had to go with them, the less chances of damage or injury.

Then there was the whole issue with this Access level debacle that had gotten more then one Marine stuck in a room they apparently couldn't be in but had somehow gotten into, and his own clearance hadn't been enough to get a few of them out despite his senior rank and status within the Marine contingent. Buck had been forced to request assistance from one of the senior Starfleet officers to get them out. Notes now adorned more then one door on the Marine deck advising what 'level' someone had to be to get in and out without issue, and a few more had simply been jammed open by force.

Buck had no qualms over it, but he figured that Engineering might not be too happy about it when they figured that part out. He also figured health and safety would be a bit annoyed since it was likely some kind of work-safe issue that they couldn't seal now.

Marines weren't too big on Health and Safety though, it kind of came with the territory.

Letting out a sigh, Buck strode towards one of the sets of double doors that lead out into the corridor to the rest of the deck. They had brought most of the Marines that had been aboard the Vesta with them, with little else to do they had been directed to 'test' the Marine features of the ship along with everyone else. Thankfully the doors parted for him as he approached them allowing him access to the corridor.

Small wonders.

Nodding at a group of Marines that entered the gym area as he departed, Buck took a left and began his trip through the deck. The first two sets of barracks at least looked comfortable as he stuck his head into them, checking that everyone was behaving as well as getting their gear squared away for the ships soon-to-be launch. No sense in not being prepared in case something went violently wrong, which based off the few issues they had already had seemed... a higher then non-zero chance.

A level he wasn't entirely comfortable with, but he wasn't an engineer.

Next came the offices that gave the Marines a place to do their paperwork, what little they had to do. He had gotten more than one report in his days that was a single page of text that had left much to be desired from an official report.

They likely wouldn't see much use this trip however since they were here to evaluate and they needed to break in as much as they could the equipment that had been provided to them.

Next game the more senior officers quarters, the senior NCOs and a small set of junior officer quarters, all of which he didn't bother checking. His own gear was squared away in his quarters and he was sure Amelias were as well, he'd check in on the junior officers later, but for now he had one last stop to check in at before his tour continued to other parts of the ship.

That being the Armoury.

As he approached the doors that lead into the foyer to the armoury he noticed a faint smell of scorched metal hovering in the air. He crinkled his nose and frowned, that was not something that should have been in the air, not here.

Approaching the door, they swished open with their usual promptness and the Marine was surprised to find not the Holographic armoury officer he had been told to expect, but Sergeant Gallows, and behind him a rather large hole in the doors leading to the armoury where all their weapons were kept.

Buck stopped dead in his tracks as the smell of the burnt metal now hung even stronger in the air. He stared at the door for a moment before turning to look at Gallows, "What in the hell happened here?" He asked.

The junior Sergeant laughed as he looked back at the door himself, "The Major sir."

Buck sighed as Gallows spoke, "I'd ask why, but it'd probably be more accurate to ask who pissed her off Im guessing."

Gallows nodded, "That would be an afirm Boss, it seems one of the Holograms had decided the Major didn't need her rifle. It's gone conveniently offline as well, I've been ordered to 'stand in' for now."

That caused Buck to laugh, "Oh, yes now that would piss her off. Carry on then Gallows."

"Aye aye Sarge." the other responded as Buck turned and left the Armoury, he'd really have to talk to Amelia about damaging others' property again, even if she had a good reason to. Herding officers it was a never-ending job for senior NCO's like Buck.


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