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Excellence Expected, and Delivered.

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2022 @ 10:45am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: A Path Not Taken
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Yoshi placed the glass on his desk, staring at it for a moment. His eyes flashed to the spot where his own bottle of the same liquor was sitting, and then back. He had questions to ask, concerns to address, answer to find, but first - he needed a shower. Behind the couches, hard to notice, was the discreet door that lead to his private head. Stepping through he peeled off the dirty coveralls and soiled bits of uniform as he pushed them into the recycler. There was a quick flash and they were gone, and he pushed the button for the uniform system to replicate one for him. A hum was heard, as system scans quickly pulled his current measurements, checked them against his uniform sizes on record, and behind a closed door he heard the sound of the replicator working to create him a new uniform.

Stepping from the spot to the sonic shower itself, he hit the button to allow the system to start. Soundwaves assaulted his body, and humidity was added to the space to allow for the sensation of a shower. Dirty, grime, sweat and blood from small knicks he'd completely missed dissolve off him, and for a moment, the Commodore stood in the space and just allowed himself to be clean. Eyes closed, head tilted back, he just let it out, his mind wandering to the crew currently working away to get the ship under order. He held up the mechanical arm that had become a cornerstone of his personality as of late, and watched as water collected and disappeared from the smooth, inhuman parts. With a shake of his head, he pushed away the well of concern that was building as he had other matters to focus on, other concerns to mentally address. Closing his eyes once more, he took a deep breath, opened them, and then punched the button to kill the shower.

With care and practiced ease, he pulled on his under garments, then the shirt, his pants and his tunic. Carefully, he slid into his boots, pulled his duty trousers over them, and then look one look at himself in the mirror to get a final check of his overall appearance. With the hand-shaver, he trimmed up his beard, gave himself one last look over, and tightened the tunic around himself. Placing the Commodore pip on his chest, he seated his commbadge, and lastly tightened his belt around his waist. One final check, ensuring everything was placed properly, he stepped out of the head and back into his office. The glass stared back at him.

"Computer, ship wide message," he said, not missing a beat as he approached his desk and waited for the telltale sign of the ship listening. The recording of a bosun's whistle chimed and he cleared this throat. "All hands. I am sure by now you are well aware of the status of the ship. We have managed to stabilize power, and have erected what can effectively called a quantum barrier, using the Quantum Slipstream Drive. This should keep us hidden from our adversaries, though the timeline of how long this will be effective is currently unknown. I understand you are tired, weary, and ready for a rest. I understand many of you have already well exceeded what you though were your limits." He paused, looking at the simulated window to the exterior. "However, I am going to ask just a little bit more from you. We need to get back on our feet before the effect ends. We need to prioritize the structural integrity, weapons, shields, and the drive systems. I wouldn't ask this from you all if I didn't know you could deliver, as you have time and time again. If you cannot help in one of these areas, I know Doctor Sorenson will need extra hands in sick bay. And if all else fails, we have families and other civilians that will need tending to. I promise you all one hell of a nap when we get back to Esquimalt, but until then, I expect only your best. Minawara out."

The line went dead, and for a moment the Commodore was left in his own silence, thinking over the next steps. He wanted to be back down in Engineering, and with Jack... With the Chief Engineer out of commission for the moment, it was going to be important that they have everyone they could down there helping. But there was the other side of that equation, the human factor that went beyond a hand holding a wrench. Yoshi stood there for a moment, and nodded as he knew he needed, in this moment, to be a commanding officer, to run his ship and to be seen doing so. So for now, there were Captain things to do, and questions to be answered. His eyes returned to the glass, which he picked up and held, and decided first he'd pay a visit to his science team.




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