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A Path Not Taken

Posted on Wed May 25th, 2022 @ 3:26pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Captain's Ready Room
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With Jack in the Medical Bay, Yoshi's mind was turned to the ship and the crew as a whole. Were they in good health, was anyone else afflicted with Jack's sudden bought of sickness? Had he sent the boy like engineer into that position? The turbolift ride to deck to was quiet, lost in his own thoughts as he was, he didn't even notice the lift come to a stop as he stood for a moment just out of reach of the portal to deck two. It was only the incessent chirp from the turbolift itself that brought him from his daze and looking up and into the hallway. Just down the end featured the doors of the Bridge, where two security personnel were doing their absolute best not to comment. Middle of the hall, flanking either side was the doors to his ready room, and Ewan's. He knew his friend would still be out and about, but he knew he needed a moment's break, Minawara had been firing on all cylinders for a little too long. So taking the short walk down towards his door, he didn't even think about it as he stepped into his office, and it was only when he heard the small choke of surprise that he took a moment to take in his surroundings.

The ready room superficially looked like his. The desk was in the right place, the size was correct, hell it even had the simulated window. Those where the points where the simularities ended. The wooden material, chosen so carefully, was replaced with a cold and unfeeling duranium. Where the couchs in his were, a large holotable was now placed, showing a gathering of ships around the Vesta in a holographic setting. The window outside showcased the same nebula, but the planet was barely visible, with clear signs of a very large battle having just taken place. All of this was odd in of itself, but it was the face that met his that caused Yoshi the most pause - it was his own. The Commodore stiffened slightly, as did the other Yoshi. The pair eyed one another for a long moment, the Commodore looking at his counterparts uniform, which could have come right off a Marine in someone's bad fiction holonovel. The arm was the same, the face, but it was the small scars on the chin and ears that made it easy to tell the difference, beside the uniforms of course.

"Fascinating."/"Fascinating." each said in unison. A chirp came through, and the alternate Yoshi pushed a button on the holotable.

//"General, the Squadron is standing by. They'll be on the comms in five minutes,"\\ the voice on the other said. Yoshi looked from it, to his counter part, who calmly nodded.

"Thank you Captain, I'll be there shortly myself." He released the button and now the pair were back to looking at one another.

"General?" Yoshi finally broke the silence, relaxing his own shoulders and stuffing them into his pockets.

"Brigadier General, though I'm in line for a promotion once this Squadron completes this phase of the Tholian campaign. And you're-"

"Commodore, though after we return from this mission I'm likely to be a Rear Admiral. Taking over for an old friend it seems," he replied casually. The General now raised an eyebrow, and moved to take a seat at the desk, with the Commodore sitting across from him.

"Don't tell me it's Harrington," the General said, settling into his chair. "No, better yet, don't tell me he's wrapped up in another scandal. Woman or treasonous political commentary?" it was now the Commodore's turn to look puzzled.

"Woman it seems, he's being moved to flying a desk somewhere where he can't cause trouble for Starfleet." The General shifted uncomfortably at the word, and looked to the door, then back to the Commodore. There was something in his eyes, an almost sadness that resonated there.

"That rules out changeling or clone, so I am going with alternate reality," the General said. He sighed heavily, and reached under his desk and pulled out the bottle of 62' Scotch that Yoshi had stashed on his own ship. This one however was half empty, Yoshi's own bottle was still sealed. "Which is good, means the Breen haven't been successful in getting the Founders back here yet. If we break the Tholian line, maybe we can stop that altogether." The Commodore leaned back, taking the offered glass of scotch, and watching the General sip his. This raised a lot of questions, many about the sounds of a new Dominion, and also the war footing the Federation seemed to be on.

"I am guessing the Federation is back at war with the Dominion then. Doesn't explain the term General for you, but explains why you migh be in conflict with the Tholians..." the Commodore mused.

"The Federation? Did yours survive the Romulan Disaster?" It was a statement containin far too much hope and excitement that threw the Commodore even further off. He wasn't sure what to say, so he just nodded. The General looked down at his glass, sighed heavily, and downed it. "You're lucky. Xenophobic terrorists stuck several key cities, one even managed to set of a low yield nuclear warhead - found the instructions somewhere. After they attacked Mars and the sythetics were destroyed trying to defend their occupants, they hit Earth. San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, London, and Perth were bombed, the death tolls was extreme. Similar strikes on Vulcan and Andoria. It took months to regain control, and the Federation council failed to help. There was a Coup, quick and easy, with a few Marine officers siezing control. Was supposed to be temporary, but you probably know that song and dance. The United Empire of Planets." The Commodore downed his own drink and slid it across.

"Seems like lazy writing," the Commodore said with a grin.

The General laughed and said, "Well you know how Marines are. Starfleet and the Marine Corps became a single unified service. Imperial Armed Forces. Weakened Romulans after the super nova meant easy conquering. Klingons happily joined the Empire when the great houses were promised glory." He nodded to the holtable and it was the first time the Commodore noticed several birds of prey in the grouping. "General MacTaryn wasn't too pleased about the ordeal, but he ended up in charge of the new army as he was friends with General Whitlock. Markus ended up taking over all Aerospace affairs. Truth be told I think people like the Empire better, though most would pretend to miss the Federation." Both looked to the back of the room, where the table seemed to fade off and a set of couches appeared to be visible.

"Looks like my reality is taking me back," the Commodore said with a pause, looking to his counterpart who shrugged.

"Yup. Cherish it, and do me a favour."

"What's that?"

"Give Alice a kiss for me, and look out for your son."

"My son?"

But there was no one to answer, just the Commodore standing in an empty room by himself, holding a glass that was full of a scotch not yet opened.


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