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Honor And Duty

Posted on Thu May 26th, 2022 @ 3:46pm by Commander Martin Sorenson & Lieutenant Jek'Lar Son of Thrawn
Edited on on Thu May 26th, 2022 @ 3:56pm

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Various
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Jek'Lar had his teams sweeping all decks for wounded and any possible security breach. Not being the kind of person who leads from the rear he was out on the decks as well. It seemed that the Tholian attack, while not damaging too many of the Vesta's systems. It had damaged a good number of the Vesta's families the wounded were everywhere.

While securing Deck 11 Jek'Lar found a crewman pinned under a rather large conduit that dropped out of the celing. The crewman seemed alive although badly injured. The Klingon summoned his strength and lifted the conduit off of the crewman, but the man seemed to get sicker. Jek'Lar tapped his comm badge. "Lieutenant Jek'Lar to Sick Bay..."

"Sorenson here. What do you have?" If the reply that come over the comm sounded a little strained, it was because the doctor was struck on a biobed having a broken ankle repaired while also examining a bad burn on a crewman's arm and trying to direct the rest of non-injured medical staff. But a comm from someone searching for casualties moved right up the priority list since it could be assumed to be urgent.

"I have Ensign Ptak. He was pinned under a conduit and when I removed the conduit it seems to have made the matter worse. Request medical team to my location." Jek'LAr responded at a little bit of a loss as to what to do. The Klingon was good in a tactical or emergency situation, but when it came to making someone feel safe, that it was all going to be alright, Jek'Lar was at a loss.

"We've dispatched a team, but lifts are still down it will take a few minutes," Martin responded. Worse after a heavy item was removed was concerning. It suggested internal injury, but there wasn't anything he could do about that with site-to-site transport down. "In the meantime, remember your first aid training: ABC - airway, breathing, circulation. Check his breathing and pulse."

Jek'Lar did as the doctor had instructed. "The pulse is present but barely, breathing is coming in short stagnant breaths. The Ensign is in extreme pain." Internally the Klingon chided himself as he remembered that sometimes what seems like is going to help actually does more harm. It was something his Academy instructors had been trying to teach him and now he seemed to have learned that lesson.

"He's conscious?" The question was one of surprise since 'in extreme pain' would normally be the first thing someone reported, but a faint groaned curse more than answered the question for Martin. "He probably doesn't think so, but that's good - conscious and breathing, even with difficulty, is better than the alternative." he said, as much for the ensign as Jek'Lar. "Medical team is a deck below you. They should be there soon, and I'm told we should have emergency transport back online in another few minutes. Try to make him comfortable until then."

"Yes Doctor... I will try..." Jek'lar said into the communicator and then turned to the injured Ensign without closing the channel. "Today is not a good day to die Ensign." The large Klingon was unsure exactly how to make someone comfortable. For the time being he took it to mean not to allow the Ensign to move, and to make sure that his needs were met. "I do hope they hurry in getting here Doc..." Jek'Lar said and then remembered the ways of his people. "Ensign join me in singing of the glory of this day..." It was a distraction technique that he hoped worked. The two began to sing the Klingon song of glory.

"Hear! sons of Kahless. Hear! daughters. The battle blood perfectly cleans..." The two voices could be heard, the Ensign's less powerful of course. But the singing seemed to be working for the time being.

Okay then... Martin thought, hearing that over the comm. But at least the singing meant the ensign was alive.

A similar thought went through Prexa's head, and from the look exchanged, the corpsman with her had the same reaction. "At least I know he's breathing," the medic remarked as she knelt by the wounded man and ran a medscanner over him. "Hemothorax. I'm providing analgesic and stabilizing," she said loud enough for Dr. Sorenson to hear as she was sure he was listening over the comm, as she loaded and administered a hypo, then used what looked like a cross between syringe and plunger to insert a chest tube to drain the air and blood.

"What's his status?" Martin asked.

Prexa frowned, looking at the readings. "He should make it, but it would be better if we didn't have to carry him all the way back to medbay."

Jek'lar turned to the medic with steely look in his eye. "I will carry him to Sick Bay. It would be my honor..." The Klingon was basically a stranger in a strange land when it came to medical treatments. However, the singing seemed to be working. The Ensign was sufficiently distracted and the singing kept the air flowing and thereby kept the Ensign alive.

"Thanks. But that won't be necessary..." Prexa started, nodding to the corpsman to get out the portable stretcher.

"Transport is online!" Martin cut in over the comm, the relief that neither stretcher nor Klingon would be required evident in his voice. "Prepare for direct to medbay."

A moment later medical team and patient disappeared in flash of transport effect.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Martin said as he signed off. "The ensign is fortunate you found him."


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