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Personal Log

Posted on Sat Dec 4th, 2021 @ 8:03pm by Lieutenant JG Njalia Sayffier

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Ops Office
Timeline: Before arrival at the Tholian derilict
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Activate personal log.

I had asked for a permanent position about a ship where I could settle in. The permanent position part I hope will be true but settling in? I feel as though I have been rushed off my feet. There has been so much to do. The lack of a Chief Operations officer shows, the Ops department did its best but there are so many tasks that require the approval of an Ops Chief which the temporary head of the department, understandably, did not feel comfortable accepting responsibility for.

So, beyond learning a new ship that is operating with some entirely new technology and meeting all the new people I am to work with, my days have been filled with overseeing updates and patches to the software all over the ship. Thankfully, the Engineering Department had already installed all of those that affected them. Now, this is what I have been doing all over the fleet so I know the procedure cold, but it is still time-consuming and I want to teach the rest of Ops how to do them properly and what problems to watch out for during a major update.

I must say, so far the Operation team has my back, they are not unhappy to have an untried officer beamed down into their department. They have been willing to let me prove myself to them and to prove themselves to me. I admit my greatest fear in taking this post is that there would be resentment among the existing staff that one of their own was not promoted to Chief Ops and instead they ended up with a Lieutenant nearly fresh out of the Academy as their boss.

OpsNet, as usual, is a godsend, helping me keep ahead of the curve on a variety of problems related to the updates. While they cannot help with the special drive of the Vesta, in fact, I cannot even discuss it on OpsNet channels, they have been helpful with solving a wide range of other minor problems before they became major ones.

The rest of the crew seem efficient, though the Mirians are very strange, not as hard to deal with as I had been told, but still strange. The Chief Medical Officer is very nice and I hope to be able to spend some more time getting to know him and learn more about his particular branch of Terran culture. There are a handful of other Andorians aboard and once things calm down (ha!) I hope to meet up with them for a shared meal and talk of home.

Speaking of home, the Ops crew do not mind that I keep my office slightly chilly (at least for most of the people aboard). With so many Andorians ending up in Operations, it might become the new normal for the department. Or perhaps not. Amusing to contemplate though.

The only thing to temper my joy at finally finding a place on the Vesta is the report of the loss of the USS Apollo following an encounter with a Borg Cube. My friend and distant mentor, Lieutenant Commander Lylja Tigerilly was aboard and I will miss her encouragement, her positive attitude and even her musical recommendations. She taught me a lot about how to be a good Ops officers and it saddens me to think we will never talk again. We had never even met in person, just missing each other on several occasions and now we never will. May the Spirits guide you safely home, Lylja, I will keep a candle lit for you for a year and a day to aid your journey.

Now, work calls. Njalia off.


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