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Hot and Cold

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 5:39pm by Isabella Cerin & Kairishana sh'Zharath

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Vesta Diplomatic Office Complex
700 words - 1.4 OF Standard Post Measure

After leaving her meeting with Yoshi, Izzy had descended back on her offices in a whirlwind of actions and orders that no doubt left Kairishana, not authorized to know the whole story, even more confused than before, directing her to cease attempts to reboot their remote connections, and indeed all other work, period, in favor of securing anything even remotely sensitive into the safe; then haranguing her junior through several dry runs of their emergency evacuation protocols, and several more of the variant specifically for if the sip itself was simply about to be overrun and captured, with evacuation itself judged impossible. Finally, she'd dismissed the young Andorian, whose antennae had been twitching madly by that point, to get some sleep.

Once the Marines Yoshi had sent arrived, Izzy had continued this frenzy of sorts; orienting them to the space, pointing out the areas she would need to be working in if things went so south as to land them in Tholian-hot pits of hell; giving estimates for how long she thought the work might take, and allowing them to choose where to station themselves based on that information. As she herself knew their ETA in general, at least as had been provided to her, she'd gone back to her quarters after that to try and catch a few hours sleep herself, mostly for naught; then returned close to the theoretical arrival time, lugging a pillow and a pair of sleeping bags she'd had to go digging into emergency stores for, along with a suit and oxygen supply (thank you, Noj; always useful to know how to keep a Ferengi on your good side for when you needed unusual items without begin able to necessarily fully explain why)--Tholian methods were hard to have decent data on considering their extreme biology and just as extreme isolationism and aggression robbing Federation agents of most decent study opportunities, and she had to assume a Tholian ship, if it caught them, might attempt to simply bleed Vesta of power and air in its web before a boarding action. She would need time, time she might not have without the suit, depending on the situation. Like the Marines prepared to wage a firefight in the doorway, one more contingency she hoped proved paranoid, not prescient.

She chucked the gear in one corner of her office, then summoned Kairishana shortly thereafter, once she also had a veritable spread of coffee mugs laid out on the credenza by the entrance, for the pair of them and for any of their erstwhile guards who wished them. Now...Now, neither of them would be leaving the office complex until this was over, one way or another. If the Tholians boarded the ship, she'd need both of them present, to begin immediately; to finish as quickly as possible. It didn't stop a pang of guilt, though; that she would in effect then be depriving the Andorian's spouse and young children of the chance to even so much as die together as a family in that case, as they might have had she let her return to their quarters until this was over. In the meantime though, there was little to be done but wait. Waiting, many cultures had variants of sayings on, was the hardest part of many things. War, and peace, and everything in between, with the latter state generally describing any interaction with the Tholians. In the absence of any other work to be done, Izzy pulled out a personal datapad and started back in on the Romulan novel she'd been working her way through out late. Kairishana, scowling at her now-empty desk, and the clock on the wall displaying the time in various locales - saving the worst of the scowl for the local time, which was clearly not one she was pleased to be awake at - instead snagged one of the pillows and simply rolled over onto the carpeted floor, antennae twitching.

And now...may fortune favor the bold, indeed. Prophets know we could use something against them, the way things have been going with the Tholians lately. Izzy thought, downing a gulp of still-too-hot coffee.


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