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Brass Tacks

Posted on Sun Oct 31st, 2021 @ 5:42pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Captain's Ready Room
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It was rare for Yoshi to act without consulting Ewan, rarer still to get this far into the movement of all affairs without having talked to him. But it had all happened so quick that by the time the pieces had started in motion, it had almost been two hours and he'd still yet to call on the Executive Officer. He'd in fact just sat down to make a cup of tea, when the action had reminded him of such. A string of expletives, and he'd finally pushed the comms button to open the channel through the Vesta's internal communications. "Captain Darrow to my Ready Room please," he'd said, his voice calm. No doubt the man had questions - the Vesta had jumped to Quantum Slipstream with no ceremony, just simply adjusted course and made the leap. But, there was also a bit of a calming fact that, regardless of the fact everything had happened without any communication, Ewan hadn't burst in, he'd maintained the ship and maintained the control the pair had developed. He had to respect that things were going so smoothly.

Ewan looked up at the air as the page came out of his comm badge. Well, at least he finally remembered Ewan chuckled to himself as he stood and grabbed his own mug exiting his office. It was a few short steps to get up the ramp then to the exterior door to the ready room. For a ship so large it was funny how close things were sometimes. Tapping the call button then just entering anyways, Ewan schooled his features to appear impassive wondering how long it would take Yoshi to break his facade of annoyance or impassiveness or if he sees right through it considering how long they had known each other, "You called?"

Normally the coy comment would draw a smile from the other man, but at that moment Yoshi was thinking to himself, before his attention was returned to the man across the room. "A bit delayed, I'm afraid,' he said, cutting to the chase. He pointed to the lounge, standing up and himself sitting down. "We have ourselves a bit of a pickle," Minawara said, not waiting for Ewan to even join him. "A lot of moving pieces, and unfortunately that left you till the end of the play, at least for now," he added.

Ewan chuckled, Yoshi was distracted enough he hadn't even notice. "Well break it down from the beginning then, I don't mind being the last to know if it's a decent reason." The Captain took a step forward moving towards the chairs sitting across from his friend. "I take it that this is a somewhat urgent mission considering we're currently at slipstream heading to wherever."

The Commodore nodded. "It's one of those missions," he said, settling in with some frustration colouring his voice. "And in that, a mission where I might well be the most qualified to partake, but will, unfortunately, be sidelined. General Klans' team picked up an adrift ship, later identified as a Tholian vessel. Dead and cold, as far as the sensor probes could tell, but well inside Federation space. Doesn't look like anything we've ever seen from them. Tholians aren't responding and Intel thinks its a treasure trove of Typhon pact tech." He drummed on his leg, his eyes narrowing a fraction as he thought it through again. "Starfleet wants their hands on it, and since the Tholians either don't know we have it, or are trying to pretend they don't know, we are in the dark as to what we're in for."

Ewan groaned as he listened to the basics of what the mission was, or potentially was going to be. "Missions with Tholian ships that are abandoned NEVER go the way Command thinks, like ever." He said with a sigh, "Alright so they want us to head over there ASAP and poke around, I take it that's the QSD. Are we sending a probe, an away team whats the goal here? Are we going to run this ourselves from start to end or simply glance at it then tow it to a starbase?"

"Extract, confirm, destroy." It was an old mission profile, one of the ones that the pair had both been familiar with in the past, but enough so that it was rare to see happen in this day and age. Following the Dominion War there was plenty of it, find old Jem'Hedar bases, take what was useful and burn the rest. Plus, as Federation exploration for new resources took a front seat, plenty of ancient wrecks were found, but now? There hadn't been a call for it in a while, hence why OLYMPIA had been stood down. "Starfleet wants us to get in and get as much from the ship as we can. Computer files for sure, any tech we can carry, and then we are going to destroy it. Whatever it is, Starfleet doesn't want the Tholians having it back."

"I cant see this being relatively quick if it's a new ship, is Starfleet sending another ship to take over or to support the operation?" Ewan asked as he leaned forward and set his mug down down on the desk. "Have we had any intel of any Tholian ships poking around the border regions too?"

Yoshi shook his head. "No support, we're doing an in and out, grab what we can and bail mission. While our scans have shown no Tholian vessels in the area, or trying to skulk about, that doesn't mean that they aren't there somewhere. We are going to be playing this as closely as we can." His brow furrowed and he looked older than he had a minute ago, his mind wandering to Jack and Asahi as they were to head over. "Its more rushed than we usually expect from the Fleet," he noted.

"If I were honest Yoshi, quite a bit feels rushed from the fleet these days." Ewan said with a shrug, "Constantly reacting to everything and never acting of our own accord is causing those higher up the chain to panic when things happen that are beyond what they envision can happen. Its not doing the fleet any good and leading to situations like this were we are going to deal with this ship alone when really, despite both our skillsets and that of our crew, should really be dealt with by a speciality team."

"Oh, it should be a Obena and two or three Merians doing a full lock down and strip of the ship," the Commodore noted, with a wave of his hand. "Have you seen the recent reports from the Fleet on staffing? We have one of the largest sign ups of the Fleet since the Dominion War, we've been so short for staffed ships we have Thirty year old Captains running around, and we're pulling ships out of Mothball. Hell, the USS Eagle was slated into Esquimalt as we were leaving, a Sabre-class that had been half built and mothballed after the war because we didn't need it. She'll be finished and pushed out by the time we get back there," he said with an added tone of annoyance. "The Inquiry and Curiosity are being pushed from dock, but since there isn't enough Benamite around, they aren't being equipped with QSDs so we can push out more. Estimates are we'll be at a capacity past where we were at the peak of the Dominion War. Where are all those ships?" A silence fell, the answer was obvious where they were. The Artifact, the Romulan Borders, the Klingon border, the Cardassian Border. Esquimalt was a wartime station, it had no reason to be made operational, and yet...

Ewan let out a sigh as he sipped at his tea and nodded along with what Ewan told him, none of it was news not really. "For a galaxy at peace, we sure seem ready for war at any time. Starfleet seems more interested in securing borders and projecting force more than anything these days. It feels..." Ewan paused thinking over his next words carefully, he knew what he was about to say was doom and gloom but he had been feeling it for a while, "It feels like it did before the War. The Imperium, the Typhon Pact, all these recent terrorist incidents. The Federation feels more unstable than ever before."

The air between the two friends sat stagnant and tense for a moment before Ewan let out a curt laugh, "From a discussion of missions and plans to doom, gloom and current events, makes me want to spike my tea."

"I would very much not be the person to judge you today. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't tempting to open one of Alison's bottles these last few hours," he grimaced, imagining the tone his wife would no doubt take with him. "Though, I would think we're best suited to wait until after the mission is done and over and we can lodge our complaints proper."

"That sounds like a good idea," Ewan responded with a sigh, "Its the little things you know, the pebbles being added to the backpack and not being taken out because 'oh no now we need you to do this, you cant keep go back to that other thing'." He shook his head in an exasperated way, "Either way we have the mission. Strip, blow and run."

Nodding, Yoshi sighed. "And there are more rocks on the horizon," the Commodore said, thinking back to the box on the desk back at Esquimalt. "But enough of that for now, I have some reports and communications to send. Unless you have any more questions for now?" When the man didn't respond, the Commodore nodded, and watched him depart the room. He sighed, a good heavy sigh, and took a moment to reflect on the conversation. Was this really still the same Starfleet?


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