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Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 9:02am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: R&R: To the Edge of the World
Location: Minawara Quarters
Timeline: Before departing Earth.
1226 words - 2.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Yoshi looked down at his wife sitting in her chair, who in turn looked back up at him. His face turned to a frown, and her eyes looked up at him with a resistance to the look itself, a mocking sad face on her lips. He sighed, and she finally spoke. "I already named him," she said, and Yoshi all but rolled his eyes. Sitting happily in her lap, staring out the windows without much of a care in the universe was an Australian Shepherd puppy. "Kevin," she added, and the puppy looked up at her and gave her nose a light lick. The Commodore's frown slipped, shrinking at the display. He may not want a dog, but he wasn't a monster, and had to admit the Kevin was pretty cute. His Merle colouring and bright watching eyes how turned back to Yoshi, his tongue flopped outside of his mouth lazily.

"Why?" the man finally managed, sitting on the couch across from his wife, his eyes locked on the puppy still. Kevin, for his part, was staring back.

"Well, I was talking to some of the doctors during my check up," Alice said, petting Kevin's head and looking down at him. "They were saying after everything we have been through, something that could keep our spirits up would be good. Dogs are great for companionship, it'll give you something to do that isn't just tinkering with your junk, and if we ever decide to have kids," the comment earned her a side look from Yoshi, "we have the experience of caring for something that isn't a house plant." As the puppy laid down on his wife's lap, Yoshi made a noise somewhere between a groan of distress, and a hum of annoyance, as he watched the animal settle Alice continued to pet its little, adorable head.

For his part, it wasn't that Yoshi didn't want a dog. He'd had one growing up, and was himself rather fond of the animals. Hell, when Hojo came about he was usually secretly quite pleased with the appearance of the dog. But this was different, for one he was in command of a starship, a task that would give him little time to properly care for an animal. He could already hear the objections, that with the lounge well staffed she could take more time with the puppy. And then there was the question of who would train the animal, but he already knew that in that regard, the duties would end up falling to him, Alice was great at pretending she could resist the puppy dog eyes, but he'd be the one to have to work the animal properly. A fact he was secretly excited about. Still, he wasn't sure the appropriate nature of bringing a dog on board when he had staff that were themselves caninoids, it could give the wrong message.

And yet.

There was no denying that there was a positive mental experience from owning a dog. Edward Drake, Executive Officer of the Alexander had been given a therapy dog. It was framed differently of course, the trauma he went through was made apparent, but Kyla was never called a therapy dog. The two were inseparable as well, anytime Edward wasn't on duty, his dog was a few paces behind him one whatever adventure. She made him run harder, work harder, but also take breaks and work on himself. It was well known that the dog had a place in his office, never far from his own gaze. And while many officers in the Fleet trusted Edward in his ability to manage a tactical position of a Fleet implicitly, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Drake trusted the intuition of Kyla the same about people. Her own gaze could follow a person around the room, and if she decided she didn't like you, that was that, you were likely to find yourself on the next transfer out.

Finally he gave into his baser instincts, the small boy that was in awe of a puppy, and crossed the room, scooping the dog from his wife's lap, and rolling him into his arms, his right hand scritching at the dog's face, just below his ears. He stood there for a moment, a knowing smile spreading onto Alice's face. Kevin in turn curled into the man, snuggled tight, and closed his eyes. It was that exact moment that any ice left on Yoshi's heart against this dog was gone,and he knew he would not win any more battles to be rid of the tiny pup. With a final sigh, he nodded quietly to his wife, who smiled bright. "We can keep Kevin," he said.

Laying in bed that night, Alice was propped up with a book in her hands. Beside her, Yoshi was sat, reading over a report from the Cardassian sector of space, eyes tracking a series of piracy events that had happened, and the fun game of people trying to lay blame. A noise, drew their eyes from their respective readings, as the small, uncertain steps of a puppy in a new place, were accompanied by the small yaps of a dog that was finding the confidence to tell you his opinions. The pair watched as the sixteen week puppy trundled about, exploring his surroundings, and checking out things. Inside the room there was a small dog bed, one that would soon be woefully undersized for the fifty pound dog Kevin would grow to become. In the hours that had passed since Yoshi had held him (far longer than necessary, but heaven forbid he wake the snoozing pup), the little Aussie had grown to decide he was more confident wandering about the space. It had started with the living room, and trying - unsuccessfully - to get onto the couches and chairs, followed by trouncing through the kitchen as Alice had made dinner that night.

Finally, as Yoshi and Alice had wandered into the bedroom, Kevin had followed, exploring the new space his puppy eyes were offered. It was apparent however, that the bedroom no longer held Kevin's interest, and he was headed for the living room again, loudly explaining as much in his short little barks as he toddled away from the couple. The pair watched as he exited the room, set on his adventure, before they returned to their respective readings. Then the barks stopped, and an odd silence fell over the room. It took the pair a little longer than it would have experienced dog owners to realize the error in this, before Yoshi got curious and stood to investigate. His wife watched him leave, before looking back to her own book, only to once again be drawn out by the shouts of "OH NO YOU DON'T, DON'T YOU DARE!" from living room, and the craft of Yoshi clearly having tripped on something. The chaos resounded for a moment, before the man returned, dog in hand, looking down at his wife. "You'll never guess what your dog was trying to eat," he said, his frustration on clear display, as he plopped the dog down on the bed and frowned at him. "But I hope you didn't love your throw pillows," he concluded.

And so began the journey of dog ownership.


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