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The One Fifty One

Posted on Wed Jul 21st, 2021 @ 10:48pm by Captain Ewan Darrow & Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Lieutenant General Marcus Klans & Vice Admiral Henry Markstrom

Mission: Peace Through Any Means
Location: Sirius Orbital Station
Timeline: Following attacks on Loc Shipyards
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The Adventure pulled into the docking port of the station in orbit of Catus IX, and the doors had barely parted as the Lieutenant General pushed through. He'd seen the Caelian in station keeping, and had seen the fighter screens as they'd arrived. Someone had kicked the wasps nest, and now they were angry. It made sense, he'd read the report. Loc Shipyards had lost a lot of people, and the Federation had lost a considerable amount of time and resources as the yards had burned. It wasn't quite a Mars scale attack, but it had proved exactly why the Mars style system no longer worked, if this had been a central yard it would have been worse. That did little to ease the concerns of those who had lost loved ones, and only made the bean counters at Starfleet HQ more upset. Loc wasn't far from here either, an outer edge production facility, and one that had produced both Starfleet and Civilian ships for the last decade.

That was the heart of the issue though, wasn't it? Only Starfleet ships had been destroyed.

As he made his way into the conference room, he paused upon entering to see Markstrom and Sadler were already present. "Henry, I see you got out unscathed," he said, trying to make it sound like he was less relieved than he was. "Glad to see it," he added, before looking to the Starfleet Officer. "Sadler," he said politely.

"Marcus, thank you for the concern though I dare say I'm more concerned for whoever did this now than anything," Henry replied as he smiled and took a step towards the Marine extending his hand for the man to take. "Having Marcus Klan and a Sadler after you is bound to create many a issue for them."

"General." Captain Jacob Sadler added in his own response from his spot seated at the conference table.

Shaking the Admiral's hand, then following the Captain to the chairs around the table, Marcus laughed. "I haven't sat in a cockpit in years, but I feel the Captain here is far more suited to be feared. What was it I heard, you threw an asteroid at a P'yrrx cruiser?" He'd read the report and had the conversation with at-the-time Major Bradley, and remembered him getting a hand slap over it. "Now with a move like that, I can't imagine us being too battered," the Marine said getting comfortable. "But tactics I can enjoy aside, I think there is the concern, we have someone ballsy enough to attack a Starlfeet shipyard. Do we have ideas who it was yet?"

"The thing had a lot of armour on the nose, seemed like the best way to disable it without a prolonged firefight at the time." Jacob said with a grin and a shrug, "We... well that battle was a win for the Fleet in the end regardless of what happened." His face turned grim for a moment as he thought about the intensity of it and how hard they had fought to protect that Omega compound. "To answer your question though, no we have no idea who attacked the yards yet..."

"No one is claiming responsibility for the attack as of yet. None of the pact nations or their sponsored dogs," Henry said as he tapped at the controls built into the desk. The exterior window dimmed and a overlay of the region appeared on it, "Take your damn pick though. According to Intelligence, we have Breen, Romulan and even a Tholian-sponsored piracy group operating in the region any of which could easily cover an intelligence group. Then there's the unrest that's been within the former DMZ, both Federation Citizens and Romulan, it's a virtual hornet's nest of issues."

Nodding along, the General frowned, his eyes tracking the data as it was shown. "Too many potential targets, but how about we remove data that is obscuring things. This doesn't look like a Romulan move. It's too overt, too obvious. Disrupting supply lines, having agents slow down work, plotting a strike of some sort? That would feel like a Romulan event, but this is too obvious, and we'd have picked up one of their tricks by now." He keyed in to remove any known Romulan involved groups. "Breen or Tholian are too much of wild cards to outright dismiss, but the Tholians have only ever wanted to keep Federation meddling out. If memory serves correct they were the most resistant to the Pact. Breen have always been antagonistic towards us, that would make sense for them, but again, a bombing doesn't fit the MO." He stared at the map for a bit, tapping his boot against the ground. "Wasn't there some idiot group who attacked the Vesta a while back?"

"Sons of Boran? Caron? Charon?" Jacob listed, "Not entirely sure what one it was but was something along those lines, but I've not convinced a group like that could pull something like this off." The Starfleet Captain said as he leaned into his position and began rubbing his beard deep in thought. "As far as intelligence was concerned it was a small local group to that system that was mostly just farmers that caused the issues."

"And this demands alot of coordination and experience to pull something like this off." Henry added to the end, "Perhaps... you might not be on the wrong train of thought there Marcus... You're thinking its domestic?"

The Marine nodded slowly, looking at the map. "Most military enemies are going to go after military targets, and Starfleet does still maintain six active fleet yards. Two of which are in reach of these attacks and are working on far larger targets. Omicron Fleet Yards is working on two Acensions right now, Loracus Fleet Yards are in the middle of developing a Vesta class intended for deep space survey missions to the Gamma Quadrant. Both of these yards are building ships that represent direct Federation advantages over our rivals. But Loc, Loc was used to build a few Inquiry and Curiosity classes, and had what, a Parliament class near by? What Loc has different from those two is that civilian production assets were reallocated to the Starfleet ones." He stared at the map for a good long while. "Kiddies of Battles-No-One-Remembers sound like the kind of fuckwits that would try something stupid like that. If not them, someone like them. Omicron and Loracus also have huge Starfleet presence, screening, background checks. Even one of Mac's Marines would struggle to sneak in undetected. A clever spy, sure. A bone stock idiot civilian? A Catus snowball has a better chance on Vulcan."

Henry nodded along with the General as he spoke, what he said made a lot of sense to him. If they really wanted to hurt Starfleet then why not attack the other yards, why attack Loc. If it had been a foreign power then it would have made sense to target those high profile ships the ones that meant prestige for the Fleet as well as the Federation and like Marcus said, the threat. He went to open his mouth to respond but Jacob beat him to it.

"They're angry then. They're pissed Loc's output has been halved to take over Starfleet contracts. They see it as ships desperately needed for civilian use not being built so the Fleet can rebuild its own offensive power, that is what the Inquiry class is about then anyways isnt it?" Jacob said as he bit his lip thinking it over, leaning back in his chair, "The Ascension and Vesta, despite being at Starfleet yards anyways are the best of what Starfleet stands for. Despite their size and firepower, they're designed for deep space exploration far from our borders for scientific purposes, the armament is just extra."

He shrugged, "At least thats what makes sense to me if I think along those lines. Civilian output halved for a military output not a scientific one. The Inquiry class is supposed to be our next border security force designed to take on any threat and project our power in large numbers. They're meant to fill that hole the Defiant class never quite filled right is my understanding."

With a snap of his fingers, Marcus pointed to the Starfleet Captain. "That's why this feels domestic. The Inquiry and Curiosity can be support ships, can do humanitarian effort, but they're not really meant for it. They can, doesn't mean they will, because you're right, we'll be phasing out Intrepids and Defiants for these new ships. The Alexander has proved herself as both a warship and a humanitarian vessel, the Vesta was involved in that colony resupply. Even the Odyssey the ugly beast it is can hold her own in a wide role. My dad would be furious if he was waiting for a new freighter and the production got shifted so that Starfleet could have a new shiny warship."

Henry frowned, "Then we have a real problem. The last time we had a domestic terrorist incident not withstanding Utopia, was the Maquis and we all know how that went."

"Officers defecting, ships stolen, wars almost started." Jacob nodded, "I'm not even sure where one would start, all we have is suspicion at the moment but it all fits with what we know happened."

"Well telling Intelligence what we believe is a start, we can let them rundown anything that might show up and pass it on to you." Henry said as he absentmindedly began to drum the table in front of him deep in thought. "You two will have to discuss your first moves, but I believe that will be mine. You have the mobility and its now your top priority, I have other obligations and a shipyard to help rebuild now."

Again Jacob nodded looking over at Marcus, "We have a decently sized small fleet with some real range. Two Armatige's, a Sovereign, an Intrepid, and two Merians. Shall we talk about deployment patterns, hierarchy, and response plans before we decide where we want to go and do?"

The Marine nodded. "I think the best focus would be on keeping a wide patrol spread. I can take the Blackwell and the Ticonderoga alongside the Adventure, you take the Faraday and Resolution under your wing. We can cover a slightly wider area, and make sure to nail the gaps." Truth was, while the older man could manage Fleet strategy, a lesson necessary to get into the CAG position, he wasn't used to wider deployments like this, usually he just listened to Fleet announcements from the back seat and gave recommendations in real time as needed. " But I'd like to hear your take Captain."

Jacob tapped a few buttons on the panel infront of him and a roster of the ships assigned to the combined task force appeared floating over it, "Well depends if you want maximum coverage, response time, or force. I'm not sure the specifics of the Armitage's but every ship in the Starfleet contingent is equipped with a QSD. I do like the idea of an Armitage and another ship together. My suggestion would be that we could send the Merian's out individually to scout out and fly the flag, with their QSD they can be anywhere we need them rather fast."

"Fleet's Engineers won't give us the fancy new toys," Marcus laughed as he said. "The Armitage is an Akira with a longer snout and less comfortable bunks, and she sure as hell isn't fast. They're meant to give us a landing platform, little else," he added, as he stared at the suggested path. "Having the Merians able to respond quickly is a good call, I'd agree to that. As for a projection of force, it depends how. I have most of a Combat Group across the two ships. If you need fighter, bomber or Marine forces on station, they can supply that. As for combat, the big wigs at Starfleet squeezed a couple extra phasers on, so ship to ship they won't be as useful."

"That's fine I suspect the Vancouver will be the set-piece in any kind of naval engagement we might find ourselves in, for now, speed is what we must covet and the range. Vancouver and Resoultion, Ticonderoga and Adventure I think would be the best pairings then have the other two wander and join the two groups as needed depending on mission. Gives us the coverage and speed." Jacob said as he thought over the specs of the Armatiages. "Gives each of your boats a ship that can fight as an escort as well. That's my suggestion at least."

"I have no objections Captain, in this case I am leaning on your expertise," Klans said, his words slower and thoughtful as he looked it over. "That does give us optimal coverage with fighter, bomber and ship support. That should keep just about any cocksure pirates from getting too ballsy, and us from being too assured that they won't get ballsy."

Jacob chuckled at the last, "It should indeed keep them from getting too aggressive, alternatively having the two fastest ships in our group a call away will allow the Vancouver to respond to things as needed as well. I don't think we should ever leave the Armatiages unattended at any given time considering their strength despite the fighters loaded on them. Either way General, I do believe we have our task force deployment."

The General nodded, looking over the suggestions and formations one last time. "Aye, I think that should work. I'd say we take the time while we're here to brief the members, and set up for a few practice formations and training operations before we leave Falkirk. I'm sure the boys and girls planet side would love an opportunity for some action before we head out. Unless you have anything else Henry?"

"No, nothing else from me. Operational plans are not my wheelhouse anymore, I just make the things you people use." Henry added with a chuckle, "Besides, there isnt anything for me to add, it sounds solid to me. So unless there is anything else gentlemen, we have our tasks to attend to." He looked at the Captain and General who said nothing. With a nod, Henry stood, "Happy hunting boys and stay safe."


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