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I hate to Ask

Posted on Tue Jul 6th, 2021 @ 9:55pm by Lieutenant General Marcus Klans & Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Between Realities
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD02
1608 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

The last two days had boiled down to what could most effectively be called a parade. Not in the literal sense, there was only one float in this parade, though it did sparkle in the starlight. No, for the last two days the Vesta had gone from starport to starport across the northern edge of the Federation, visiting backwater colonies. Not for long, of course, just long enough to have a quick voice call from the Commodore to a classroom, or community league, as he discussed Starfleet and the ongoing mission, and reminding them that the Fleet was never far away with the advent of the Quantum Slipstream Drive. Then they'd do a lap of the planet low in orbit so that people could see the quick moving form of the ship before she jumped away using her fancy QSD. Rinse and repeat every few hours, and carry on. It was boring, it was tedious, but as many pointed out, it was necessary. Sitting in his office, the Commodore yawned as the engines thrummed beneath him. Their next meeting was over Tyvris V, a moon orbiting a gas giant that was habitable. He was supposed to be talking to an Elementary school, discussing the fun science and exploration the Vesta was tasked to do. Or more accurately the work the Vesta should be doing, not flying over planets.

Stacked on his desk neatly was a pile of PaDDs containing reports from across the Federation, with his personal favourite being the recent protests on Earth surrounding the very loud People's Peace Movement, a collection of people that were under the impression that the Federation, and especially Starfleet had gotten too militaristic, and was the sole reason for the increased aggression in the region. When pointed to the Romulan raider attacks, Breen piracy, and Klingon disruption of supply lines, these were openly dismissed as acts only allowed because of the extended military operations. Apparently one of their groups had even tried to get access to a Federation ship building yard before their shuttle was intercepted and the people arrested for trespassing. That was where the Vesta was needed, on the front line, pushing back the constant aggression against the Federation, or at least making sure that diplomacy won the day, not telling kids if they stayed in school and worked real hard, they too could travel the stars. What was he, a flying promotional poster?

Glancing up at the sound of a soft beep, the Commodore spun in his chair and looked back to the centre of the room. Sitting there was the logo of the Starfleet Marine Corps Aerospace Division, with a note that the call was coming from the 6th Aerospace Anti-Piracy Command. Standing he straightened his uniform a little and keyed to let the call come through. There was a pause, and the hologram of a man snapped into being. There was a pause, before both men switched to beaming smiles. "Yosh!" said the Lieutenant General staring back at him exclaimed, arms spread wide. A mock look of annoyance crossed Yoshi's face at the man.

"Marcus, if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times-"

"Anyone else and you'd skin me alive, I know you salty bastard," Marcus Klans responded with a laugh. "How've you been, hows the wife?" the General asked, sitting himself down on a chair that, from Yoshi's perspective just kind of phased into existence. He himself sat, facing the man, and offered a shrug.

"She's fine, a little unhappy I left her to become a human Popsicle for a bit, but we have made up and things are good. Vesta is doing an educational tour, telling the great people of the Federation how fancy we are, and showing off our ass a whole lot," Minawara responded, laughing back. "You? How's the wife, the dogs, the cushy office job?" This earned him a mock scowl, that quickly disappeared behind a wide grin.

"Maria's good, dogs are dogs, they mostly just like that I am home on the farm to run about. Office life is good, I spend too much of it looking at reports and wondering when I got so far from a stick. You and my brother are living the dream, out there actually earning your paycheck," he quipped, picking up and taking a drink of water. "Though, I hate to bother you, you suppose you and the Vesta can make a run across the Federation for me? We found something interesting, and we figured it might be a good idea for you to take a look, what with your crew being loaded with the egg heads and what not." Yoshi nodded slowly, his face twisting with intrigue. Marcus nodded, and fired off a message that chimed in a holographic report he could look at. "Normally it's something I would send one of Mikhail's boys to look at, but their closest ship is weeks away and currently on some dig, and you know how he gets. Some what-"


"Involved - now now Commodore, no need to be mean. Just because you're a few points away from being the same rank doesn't mean you can be snarky with him yet." There was a twinkle in the man's eyes, and the pair chuckled. "But also yes. I was hoping you could take a look. Tholian ship drifted in our space and seems to be some kind of new battleship." Yoshi nodded along, tracing the survey images. "We think it's probably experimental, and from the design it looks like it wasn't meant to just house Tholians, leading us to believe-"

"That it's a Pact ship," Yoshi finished. His lips pursed and he nodded again. "Which means whatever is in it is probably a mixture of technology, and likely a goldmine. And since it is across Federation lines and there is no treaty to agree to send wrecks back with the Tholians, you are hoping we can download the database at least and get some extra information." His eyes skimmed more data being pulled from satellites and the patrol craft. "It looks like it's seen some shit here Marcus, someone definitely poked hard at this ship. Whatever that was I don't want to tangle with." Marcus nodded slowly. "And let me guess, if we can recover anything, you want us to as well." When Marcus smiled, Yoshi returned the remark. "And MacTaryn is excited his Marines get to make some holes."

"St. Lacroix is going to be a good asset to you," the Marine pilot said his smile spreading as Yoshi rolled his eyes. "It'll be easy for you, get in, get out, take it easy." The Commodore nodded along, before leaning back in his chair as he prepared to change the subject.

"How's the One-Fifty-One doing? Your brother get your new flagship out the door yet?" Of course Yoshi had been following the Armitage program, which saw the overhaul of several Akria class ships that had been decommissioned due to reallocation of other resources. The new Marine Corps Starships (MCSS) were designed to serve as the primary purpose of effectively being a landing and support ship, with the ability to provide humanitarian effort. The MCSS Adventure, the Lieutenant General’s new ship was scheduled to launch in the next few weeks. This had earned him a smirk, as the old man nodded.

“Yes, Aaron and his team have done a fantastic job upgrading and stretching the role of the Akria to meet our needs. It seems like we’ll be ready to launch and head to Sirius Orbital over Falkirk here for a month of deployment training for the crew,” he said, himself getting more comfortable in his chair. “Captain Salder is going to head up the Federation side of these things. Blackwell, Faraday, and the newly minted Ticonderoga,” Yoshi’s eyes narrowed, “will be joining him and the Vancouver.” It was hard to miss the moment of pain on the Commodore’s face, but it was also understandable. “The Adventure and Resolution will be the Marine side.” Yoshi seemed distracted, but his eyes came back to the main.

The smile now was polite and collected, a calculated movement. “All in the name of stopping piracy.” There was a hidden subtext to the comment, and the Marine nodded. There was an agreement to what was being said, the way that it seemed the Federation was sneaking the truth around. “But I am glad matters are underway.” Marcus looked like he was about to respond when something was said to him off screen, causing the holoprojector to cut it. The man’s face twisted, and was quickly replaced with a mask of seriousness. Something had changed.

“I must go Commodore, Tholian ship, the coordinates are there. We’ll talk soon.” There was no pleasantries, the line simply went dead, leaving Yoshi in the room alone, with the silence filling the gaps like a shadow. He sat like that for a moment, before turning back to his own desk, pulling up the report on the ship. A cursory glance told him he was going to need more than a little bit of research. It was about a day at QSV 1, and they could get there quicker, but considering where the ship was there was no real rush, it had likely been there for a bit and the Tholians still had no idea. Now he just had to see how comfortable Asahi and Jack were in heat suits…

“Master Chief Moreau to my ready room please.”


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