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Station Anew

Posted on Tue Jun 22nd, 2021 @ 2:57pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: R&R: To the Edge of the World
Location: Esquimalt Station
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Ithaca class stations have a feeling to them that is hard to put into words. No matter how hard you try and make one feel like a normal station, it always feels like a military base. Esquimalt Station had undergone serious overhauls and refits to add a civilian promenade and refueling area, a series of guest housing spaces and even an entire area dedicated to diplomacy. Starfleet had gone out of its way to ensure that the facility could feel like a place that a civilian could go and receive assistance. Through all of that, it still felt like a military installation. But that wasn't too hard to believe, the base had been deployed and nearly destroyed during the Dominion War, let just operational enough that its sensors and communications systems could be used as a waypoint for other bases, but not so much that anything of use was left. A few pockets had been left pressurized - A shuttle bay, the path to engineering and the CIC - but for the most part the station had been left dead and cold. However, with rising tensions, the powers that be saw fit to revamp and rebuild the facility, putting time and energy into a complete overhaul. For the last three months several modified Normandy class vessels had been pulled from mothball and used as long-haul cargo and restoration ships. Their names had long been recycled, scrubbed from their hulls and instead replaced with a series of numbers.

NRC-00004, NRC-00009, NRC-00021. Naval Reserve Contract, a name for ships to serve one last mission.

Their hulls were stretched, fattened to turn their massive hangar decks into even more massive cargo spaces, with swarms of workerbees contained inside. The ships, now docked to the side, sat lifeless. These had been the premiere carriers of Starfleet during the Dominion War, combat ships that were at the hearts of strike groups, reduced to fat cargo trawlers. It was an odd sight to say the least. And those ships wouldn't leave, Esquimalt and all it's newly constructed wetdocks were to serve for the final spot that many of the new ships to be deployed on the furthest 'western' edge of the Federation, would spend the next month breaking down the ships, stripping them for hull and frame, the be kept as reserves, their fuel stores drained and kept as part of the fuel depot that made up Esquimalt. Already 21 was missing most of its upper hull, stripped away and recycled to repair the hull of the decrepit station. It was an odd move for the Federation, something Yoshi had never seen them do before, to partake in ship breaking. He'd seen ships mothballed, sure, and many of them stripped for parts. Hell, if you knew what you were looking for, you could still find old Constellation classes in the back bits of yards. But since Mars that had shifted, these old ships were being broken down, and recycled as much as possible.

Then there was the office. A massive room, polished wood floors and the large banners that made up the Task Force 72 logo. The room was, in of itself, ostentatious. The ebony wood desk and conference table that made up the space, the way the walls and room flowed together, the subtle fact the desk sat slightly higher than the rest of the room - a single step but enough to be noticed. It felt smug. It felt opulent and overbearing, and just all around it felt like a military commander that was sitting at the edge of the world daring them to charge him. And sitting on the desk was two bottles, a small wooden box that matched the desk perfectly, and a note, folded and sealed. The writing was unmistakable, the draft only one man in the Fleet would take the time to write. The crest confirmed it, but the two bottles made him pause. One was a bottle of Arak, very uncommon in the modern Federation, and one was a bottle of Scotch.

The door hissed open, and Yoshi turned slowly to face the person who'd entered. The woman was well dressed, overly so he thought, in a simple black blazer and skirt combination, her face was neutral, briefly broken with a polite smile. "Commodore Minawara," she said politely. It wasn't a question, it was a statement. "I see you've found some of the gifts," her voice was even, and a little too polite. "Starfleet seems to stand on tradition in that regard, but I'd like to debrief you about the rest of your assignment from the Federation oversight council, as well as give you the next two weeks to get acclimatized to the new changes and security clearance."

A silence fell over the room as the Commodore regarded her. He looked back at the desk for a second, then gestured to the table, crossing the room to sit himself. "Two week then," his own words carrying more meaning behind them than the rest of the statement. The Vesta had been here for about that long, so the fact they waited was telling. "We're slated for an assignment to the edge of Breen space to do a colony tour, before heading back here, so that makes sense." The woman nodded. Many would have taken the time for introductions, but at this point it was clear neither had the desire for them. The Federation Starfleet Oversight Committee was notorious for being unwelcoming to new Admirals, especially ones that hadn't come up the Diplomatic or Sciences routes. "Transfer whatever it is you need to the Vesta then, and I'll address it from my ready room. A look crossed his counterpart's face, and she stayed by the door, looking onto him sitting opposite the door.

"I will do so then Commodore," she said, the words sounding bitter in her mouth. "We will be setting up the diplomatic and civilian offices this week. Once completed we'll begin allocating staff here." Yoshi nodded but said nothing. "And further, we'll be keeping our own independent reports of the events that occur on this station. The Starfleet Officer assigned to the Station will be here soon, and I'll make sure we debrief them at that time."

Now Minawara smiled politely, something that didn't quite meet his eyes. "Captain Kai Penner is a skilled commanding officer, and I am sure they don't need you to tell them how to do their job. The USS Exeter is delivering them I believe, which will likely also contain General MacTaryn's gift of Marines from Second Lightyear. I expect the Colonel assigned from that unit will get your best." The look soured further, and Yoshi straightened up a little. "If you have issues with a Marine detachment, I am sure I can request your replacement." The silence returned, and the woman's eyes narrowed as she looked on him. Finally she nodded slowly, spun on her heels to leave. As the door parted, Yoshi cleared his throat and she paused. "My door is always open if you need anything," he said, and though he couldn't see it, he knew she rolled her eyes as she left. Once the doors were sealed he heaved a sigh and stood. Approaching the desk, he looked at the box, finally picking up the note and bring it open. There was no thoughtful message, no heart felt comments or regards. Just a single sentence.

"MacTaryn is amused.

The smile became warm and now Yoshi laughed and placed the paper back on the desk, giving one last look to the bottles and the box. He'd open them in two weeks, for now he had to have a conversation with Izzy and probably Ewan.


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