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A New Start

Posted on Mon Jun 21st, 2021 @ 5:28pm by Captain Ewan Darrow & Vice Admiral Henry Markstrom

Mission: Peace Through Any Means
Location: Starbase 234, Border of former Romulan DNZ
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There was a slight shift in the floor as the turbolift came to a halt and the doors opened to reveal the main observation lounge of the starbase. For some it would be just another view, for others, it was a thing of beauty. Ever since the destruction of Romulus, Starbase 234 had been one fastest expanding shipyards in the Federation expanding both its Starfleet yards as well as its Civilian yards in an attempt to keep up with the demand for more and more ships. Starfleet was in the midst of a massive rebuilding and retooling of much of the older parts of their fleet that had sat relatively stagnant for decades now. Meanwhile, with more and more people living in the former Romulan Neutral Zone, human and Romulan alike, the demand for ships in the region by those who could afford them was up as well.

All in all, it was a win-win for the privately-owned shipyard, a rarity in these days and age of the Federation when Starfleet had controlled most of its own production. Ever since the destruction of Utopia Planieta though that had accounted for nearly half of their output of new ships they had to become creative to keep up with their shipbuilding goals.

"Ah Admiral, welcome to the ever-growing H'toria sector." Charston Locs said aloud approaching Vice Admiral Henry Markstrom, once in charge of the Quantum Slipstream program, then on the command council for the 7th Fleet, now responsible for checking Starlfeet's starship yards to ensure they were meeting expectations and quality demands. "As you can see we're much larger than the last time you visited well over a decade ago now."

"Indeed Chartson it's rather impressive what your family has been able to achieve though I wont ignore the help Starfleet has provided to get you to this point." Henry replied as he took the proffered hand from the CEO of Loc Shipyards.

"No! Of course not we wouldn't even be close to where we are today without the help from Starfleet. Hard to imagine we've come from a simple shipyard with contracts for refits and repairs to a production facility, nothing we could have done without the cooperation of Starfleet and the Engineering Corps." Charston said waving his hands as he released Henrys'. "Which we do our best to keep our work top of the line and to the exacting specifications of the Corps, we see our partnership as nothing but beneficial to both us and the Federation which is why I dont see Starfleet being anything but satisfied with the quality control of our yards."

Henry chuckled a little bit as he stared out at the yard, "No I've seen the reports Charston, there is no doubt your yards are producing some quality starships. The Starfleet quality control officers in the yards have been nothing but satisfied with the work of your yards."

The grin that had remained on Charton's face the entire time grew larger, "Why thank you Admiral! I'm so happy to hear that Starfleet is satisfied with our work." The man sounded as if he was attempting to be humble but there was no hiding the bit of smugness that was laced in there. Of course, he had known exactly what Henry's response was going to be he of course had been pestering the quality control officers for months now to find out what the reports were saying. "In fact the Loc Shipyards is more then happy to hear, especially since we're looking to expand our yards, something I was hoping to.... Ah hold on a second Admiral," Charston said as his comlink went off and he took a step away from Henry to get a little more privacy. "Yes what is it, I'm in a meeting with... What?"

The stunned 'What?' drew Henry's attention, turning away from the viewports he looked back at the CEO. He took a long step back towards the man listening intently trying to pick up the other side of the conversation.

"No, signal an evacuation and let Starfleet Security know... no of course they already know... No do a remote shut down power everything down now!" Depsite how hard he tried all Henry could hear was Charston's response, the commlink's privacy field set so only its holder could hear. The CEO's face no longer had the grin on it, but a grimace and look of concentration. "No.. no."

"Chartson, if we can assist please let me know." Henry said in a clear voice. Chartson almost jumped as he had apparently not heard the man step closer to him again. "The Caelian stands ready to assist as needed."

"No no, I'm sure my crews can handle it, we've just received a message of concern so we're taking steps to ensure everyone's safety that's all. Our yards have robust..." Charston said attempting to again turn the pitch into something that upsold the Loc Shipyards, but his voice trailed off as his eyes widened. Henry frowned as he too turned back around to face the viewport to see what had drawn Charton's attention.

Henry swore loudly as he took a few long strides back towards the viewport as he all but slapped his commbadge, "Caelian report!" He called uselessly, he could already see what was happening. Out along the farther edge of the shipyards on the Starfleet side near the almost completed Inquiry classes that sat limply in their docks multiple explosions rocked the cradles spreading to some of the ships themselves.

"Multiple explosions in the Charlie sector of the yards sir. Reading at least four primary explosions on three docks with multiple secondary explosions on at least five. Three Inquiry class, one Akira and one Merian." Came the tight reply of Henry's longtime Captain Erizan Mora. "There was a base wide open band message before they started going off sir."

"Make sure we have a copy of that. Go assist as best you can, pull rank over whatever person is over there and coordinate the response." Henry ordered, "I'll head down to the Starbase command center."

"Aye Admiral. Caelian out." As the commlink shut.

Henry turned to Charston, "Transporters, where?"

Charston didn't respond for a second as he watched the bulk of the Vesta-Class Caelian swoop past the expansive windows towards the now burning dockyard section. "Uhh.."

"Charston, where." The tone was firm and commanding something that shook the civilian CEO out of his trance. "Uh this way please, follow me." As he turned and headed for the door in a quick and hurried step.


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