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Check in, check up

Posted on Tue Jun 8th, 2021 @ 4:24am by Commander Martin Sorenson & Lieutenant JG Njalia Sayffier

Mission: R&R: To the Edge of the World
Location: Medical
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Njalia slipped into medical, after making sure there were no emergencies happening she approached the nearest medico. "Hello, I am Lt Sayffier, newly arrived on the Vesta. I was asked to report for a routine check up."

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant," Martin replied with a smile. It would be nice to do a normal check-up - one that didn't include monitoring for any unexpected deviations in aging. "I'm Dr. Sorenson. If you'll follow me to an exam room, we can get you squared away."

Njalia followed along. "A pleasure to meet you, Doctor. You are the Chief Medical Officer, yes? I have just been assigned as Chief Ops, so let me know how my department can help yours."

"Yes, I'm the CMO, and I'm sure we'll be calling on you at some point," Martin replied with a smile. "Though it'll probably be my yeoman - unless I'm the one who discovers them, I usually only find out about those problems from a note in the report. The woman is frighteningly efficient," he added with a fond chuckle as he gestured for Njalia to take a seat on the biobed. "In any case, glad to have you. If you need anything medical can supply, don't hesitate to ask. Which leads into the normal question for a check in exam: before we begin, are there any issues or concerns I should be aware of?"

"Well, I almost froze to death about six weeks ago, so there is some concern that the nerves to my extremities suffered damage, but I have not noticed any lack of feeling or control," said Njalia hopping onto the biobed. "Other than that, as far as I know I am, what is that Terran saying, fit as an oboe? Is that right?"

"Close. The expression is 'fit as fiddle', though I'm not sure why - something to do with how violins need to be in good shape for sound quality maybe. Anyway, I'll run a higher level diagnostic for nerve condition to be sure," the doctor remarked as he set up the scan. His brows had risen at the reference to freezing to death - that took extreme cold and/or extended exposure for an Andorian. "Can I ask what happened?"

"It was an environmental malfunction causing a localized rapid intense temperature drop, it would have killed most Federation species so lucky it was me? I guess," she answered with a faint smile. "But, yes, I am one of three Andorians in Federation service to have been treated for extreme cold in the last decade."

"Not so lucky for you, but certainly for anyone else who might have been there instead. I'm from a part of earth generally known for cold winters, but I doubt I'd have survived that," he agreed. "Though I'm not seeing any indication of nerve damage, so whoever treated you did a good job."

"It was at a Starbase, so they had an extensive medical department," she said. "The medical officer who treated me, Doctor SaVolik, was excellent if a bit snide."

Martin suppressed smile. He'd never met the other doctor but recognized the reputation. "Sorry, I'm afraid bedside manner isn't such a high priority for Starfleet medical," his mouth went a little sideways, "as you probably know if you've ever met an EMH."

"Only when running tests, never because of an actual emergency, thankfully," said Njalia. "Not that I dislike QAIs, I am just glad not to have been seriously hurt or needed one."

"Don't get me wrong; they're a godsend in emergencies," Martin replied quickly. "I just wouldn't want to leave them handling patients outside of surgery if I can avoid it as they're often ...a bit brusk. But I was a civilian doctor before joining Starfleet, so my standards may be a little different there." He shrugged slightly, a gesture almost dismissive of his own opinion since he knew that doctors who'd come up through Starfleet medical had just formed their manner in response to training on a pool of largely young healthy and Type A people who hated coming in for exams. Truth be told, he'd found himself being a bit gruff with someone of the more difficult ones here. "in any case, you seem to be entirely fit."

"I am glad to hear that, Doctor," said Njalia with a smile. "I hope we will have more time to talk. I would like to hear about how you followed your path into Star Fleet. Perhaps dinner in a few days? I fear my first few days here will be very busy."

"I'd like that," Martin agreed. "And you can tell me a bit more about yourself too, but I know how busy the first week on a ship can be, so whenever you have time. The aft lounge has good food, just take note - you may hear the crew call it '10 assward' but do not use that in there," he flashed a brief grin, "the bartender hates it."

"Fair enough," nodded Njalia slipping down from the biobed. "Thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing you soon."

"That's what I'm here for." Martin smiled as he signed off on the check in. "Let me know when you're free. Nice thing about R&R is that I'm not likely to get sidelined by a medical emergency," he said, hoping he hadn't just jinxed himself.


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