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A new post, not intimidating at all

Posted on Tue Jun 22nd, 2021 @ 5:22pm by Lieutenant JG Njalia Sayffier & Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow

Mission: R&R: To the Edge of the World
Location: USS Vesta
Timeline: ?
1181 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Njalia checked her uniform, everything was straight and correct, her duty gear in her satchel and her personal goods. such as they were, in a single trunk. She thanked the shuttle pilot for smooth ride before disembarking onto the shuttle bay floor. Everything was familiar, she had studied the ship intensely on her journey, but to see it directly, that was something else.

After a minute or so she tapped her combadge, having confirmed ship's time, alpha shift having just begun. "This is Lieutenant Sayffier, requesting permission to come aboard and report for duty."

===Commodore Minawara's Ready Room===

There was the general chaos of any time a ship pulled into port, as the Commodore looked over the crew transfers with his First Officer. Sitting in the lounge space of his office, the pair had been at work for the last few hours since the quarantine had been cleared and the crew transferred back to active duty. The chime from the computer didn't phase Yoshi, but the name caught his ear and he looked up from his work to his companion. Sayffier he mouthed to Ewan, raising an eyebrow. Picking up one of the discarded PaDD's he considered it, scrolling through a list of names. Finding the one, he nodded, the new Chief of Operations. Tapping his own commbadge, he cleared his throat. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, please report to the Ready Room," Minawara said, nodding to his second before collecting up his organized chaos.

Ewan shrugged, this was one of the ship's largest shifts in crew in a while with a lot of new names coming and a lot of familiar ones leaving, he had read the Lieutenant's duty jacket but hadn't really delved deep into it. He grabbed a stack of padds and set them on the lower level of the coffee table. "Too many names coming and going this cycle."

===Shuttle Bay===

Sayffier replied, "On my way, Commodore." She paused to make certain the transponder on her trunk was operating and made he way to the turbolift. "Bridge." She nodded politely to the other passenger, a crewman, human, in Engineering colors.

Arriving she made her way directly to the ready room. Tapping the com, "Liuetenant Sayffier, reporting as ordered."

"Come in," Ewan ordered as he lifted his mug of tea off of the table and took a long pull from the mug. He leaned back into the couch as the door opened with its prompt swish and the new Lieutenant entered the room. Ewan glanced over towards Yoshi before back at the lieutenant. "Welcome Lieutenant Sayffier."

Sayffier stepped in and stood at attention. "Thank you, sir, it is an honor to be here. The Vesta is a notable ship and I will not let her or the crew down."

Pointing to the chairs opposite himself and his second in command, Yoshi settled himself a little more into the couch. "Thank you Lieutenant, though we weren't overly concerned with that, your application to come aboard speaks for itself," he said, with a smile. "we are a little more fast paced- if you'll pardon the pun - than some other ships in the Fleet, what with Flag status and all. But we do try and keep things fairly relaxed."

Njalia's mouth quirks into a brief smile. "I am not that good at relaxing, sir, but I am happy to work hard. On that track, are there any tasks that need my immediate attention as head of Operations?"

"Well as you can imagine, personnel with experience in Slipstream technology are in more demand then ever thanks to the wider adoption within in the fleet," Ewan said as he rolled his mug. "As such much of our engineering and operations departments are in and out relatively quickly after some experience. I believe this time around we're at a 80% turn over rate, all new so getting your people organized and split up with some more experienced personnel will be ideal. "

Njalia nodded. "Tricky but not insurmountable. It is my intention to work closely with Engineering and encourage cross-training between the two departments. In fact, that seems like it may be vital under such circumstances. If we are working under such a high turnover, would it be possible to increase staffing of both Operations and Engineering by say ten percent in the near term? Perhaps drawing in cadets for those additional slots. The sooner more trained people are out there, the sooner our crew will stabilize."

"It's definitely doable," Minawara said, sorting through the stack of PaDDs and pulling one free to pass across to the Lieutenant. "That should be the roster of your new staff, and who is cycling in. I'd work with Commander Mantell to organize cross-trained staffing events. If you need more staff, let us know, we usually reserve about five percent of all junior officer and non-commissioned officer bunk spaces to avoid over crowding. While we are at Earth we can look at filling space as needed. As for cadets, we can look at shifting in a rotation, though due to the nature of most cadet cruises, we aren't classified as a Cadet Vessel. I can discuss that further with the Commandant though." Tapping the table in front of him, he pulled up a quick schematic of the Vesta. "We are also slated for an installation of few sensor upgrades while we are in dock here. Engineering has most of it squared away, but I would recommend getting your feet wet there as well. It'll give you a good sense of how many of our systems work together - don't forget the Vesta herself was a prototype, so things on official documents and schematics aren't one hundred percent accurate."

Njalia noded and took the datapad. "I will reach out to Commander Mantell directly, sir. While we have access to the full resources of Terra, we should take full advantage that fact. How long will we be dockside?" She studied the schematic. "I will review the sensor upgrades, I had been working with similar system before transferring to the Vesta." Her antenna quirk at his last comment. "I will be especially careful then, sir."

"I'd expect a week dockside, we'll be pulling out to make space before we finish and depart," Minawara said, knowing the schedule at this point down to a tee. "I'd plan for about a week and a half tops of resources available from Earth." Turning to his First Officer, he raised an eyebrow and gestured towards him. "Anything else top of mind Captain?"

"Nothing to add at the moment," Ewan replied with a shrug, "Welcome aboard Lieutenant."

"Thank you, sir," said Njalia with a nod. "If there is nothing else, I will get to work."

"Nothing else for now Lieutenant, but I'm sure we'll have more," the Commodore said with a pleasant smile. "You're dismissed."

Njalia gave a smart salute, turned on her heel and left. Not letting her relief show until she was out of the ready room, dangerous technology was one thing, but superior officers were flat out terrifying.


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