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Considerations of Crew and Community

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 10:44am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Amelia St Lacroix

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Starbase One - Quarantine Zone
Timeline: MD 09 23:30HRS
1476 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Guest quarters are something of a dreadful affair for anyone involved. They can be as well appointed as you want - and for a Flag officer they were - however they were never your space. Worse still was when those guest quarters were part of the quarantine ward of a starbase, where medical personnel in containment suits sometimes just walked through the corridors, stopping you to chat as you went. All the holodecks and recreation spaces in the world didn't fix that feeling. Sitting inside the large lounge space that was allocated to this section, Commodore Minawara was seated near the window, watching Earth rotate below. Parked on his lap was a copy of Issac Asimov's foundation, the pages of the book face up to the ceiling, as though the lights above might be reading it. He'd been here for a few hours now, waving off the holographic waiter, who had tried to bring him another tea. Always tea, the damned holograms had insisted it that it was far too late for more coffee. He'd given up, and settled into the chair to enjoy the down time. Reports were filed, information relayed, a discussion with the brass surrounding the medical phenomenon. A few gallons of black ink were used to bury truths and classify things, and that was that. He was technically on leave.

Martin hadn't mentioned his childhood insomnia would have come along with the return to his correct age.

There had been a lot of uncomfortable things about aging up quickly. Bone pains, watching just how quickly his hair had salt and peppered on him, and of course, the ravenous hunger that he had forgotten he once had. There had been some perks, of course, but age was a wild thing, something he hadn't expected to see hit him so hard. And of course the insomnia was a bit of a bitch. So he'd decided to get away from most of the affairs of the world and sit and read, but even now he found himself uninterested in the far flung predictions of a man born nearly five hundred years prior. So he'd sat and watched the Earth spin. That too was starting to lose its edge though, and he thought he might finally stand up return to his quarters for the night. Maybe one of the nice medical staff would be kind enough to sneak him a tranquilizer behind the good doctor's back. He stiffened slightly at the sound of feet stepping up the stairs to the small landing his seat was placed at, and he prepared for the remark about the long cold cup. "No, I don't want another tea, but if you're going to keep bothering me, I'll take a whisky," he said, waving his hand to shoe the man away.

A laugh like bells on a cold winter morning caused him to pause and look up from his window view to see the Marine Officer looking back down at him. "I don't have any whisky, but I can see about smuggling you a coffee. May I join you sir?" Closing over his book, Yoshi pointed to the empty chair beside him, and looked back out the window. Amelia took a seat, and for a moment the pair sat in silence, watching the traffic go by outside the windows. "I've been thinking Commodore," she said, not breaking her view from the window. "The Marines have been settling well on the Vesta, and we enjoy working here. Further, our team is a dedicated rapid response, and considering the Vesta and her purpose, we might be better suited to stay." Her tone was even, but not flat, and hidden in it was the depths of a small plea, someone who was probably enjoying their time more than they were willing to admit. The silence redeveloped, and only the gentle hum of the surrounding environment crept in, filling in gaps like plaster to an old brick wall. It wasn't a tense silence though, no, something about it was almost relaxing.

The windows briefly lit up, dimming slightly to avoid the harsh glare of the nacelles of a passing shuttle. Slowly the Commodore picked up his tea, and took a gentle sip, before placing it back down. "It's funny you say that," he finally concluded, picking a PaDD up from beside the chair and nearer the window than the table between them. He passed it across to her, and let his hands rest back down upon his book. "I am about eighty percent of the way through drafting just such a letter to General MacTaryn. Feel free to give it a read." The woman accepted, her eyes scanning the document. Favourable reviews, commendations for their support during the outbreak, and the way the crew was warming up to the Marines. She smiled slightly, and handed it back.

"What a nice thing for someone who is so notably anti-Marine to say," the St. Lacroix commented, the smile turning to a smirk. Yoshi laughed as he accepted the PaDD and placed it down gently.

"You can tell the twins it's their fault, I think Rufus would be heart broken if I kicked you out at this point." The pair exchanged a laugh, which eventually faded back into silence. It had been a long day, Minawara having spent most of it on holomeetings before his leave had begun, and now he was realizing he was far more tired than he had given himself credit for. He picked up and regarded the tea cup, empty as it now was, and placed it down. Maybe it was time for him to at least go lie down, Alice would be annoyed of course that he was coming to bed so late, but still.

"Thank you." The comment broke his thought, and he turned to the Marine.

"For?" he asked.

"It isn't often to have Marines pressed on someone and have them made to still feel welcome," Ameilia said, herself settled more comfortably in the chair, but staring out the window. "It could have been an awful experience for those under me, and you and your crew have made it anything but. I wanted to say thank you Commodore." She stood now from her chair, yawned, stretched, and looked towards the entrance of the lounge. "But I should leave you be sir, and if you need anything from my report, please let me know." He smiled politely, and nodded, letting the Marine turn and take a few paces. "You should get some sleep though Commodore, you look exhausted. Sleep well," she concluded, and left from the space, leaving Yoshi once more alone with his thoughts and a near by holo-waiter. He turned back to the window and watched as the craft moved about. Maybe command had changed him more than he knew he needed. Maybe he was, against everything he thought of himself as an Engineer, exactly where he needed to be. A pair of Valkyrie fighters in the distance could be made out, swinging their way towards the smaller bay doors to head out on their patrol, and he paused to wonder what the plan for them was. They probably were part of the San Fransico Yard patrol, which made sense. He remembered after Mars the waves of them surrounding the yards for a great deal of time, constantly vigilant.

Finally he stood, stretched himself, and neatly folded up the PaDD and Book together, and turned towards the waiter. "Thank you for your service," he said politely with a nod. The Hologram nodded back, and stood stock still watching until the Commodore left the room, cleared the coffee cup, and then deactivated himself, with which the lights to the room automatically dimmed to their lowest setting, and a silence fell over the space. In the halls of the quarantined section of the starbase, Yoshi made his way to his guest quarters, keyed himself in, and gently set about placing things about in the room. He carefully moved about, disrobing as quietly as he could muster such that he would avoid waking his wife in the room adjacent to the central living space, and finally crawled into bed. As he lay there, letting his mind settle, he stopped to think about everything that had happened in the last few years, his own trajectory as of late, and the people he'd served with. As he slowly felt himself dozing off, he made a mental note - one he would forget by morning- to swing by and check on Jack who he hadn't heard from in a while. He also noted that he should set up a dinner for the senior crew again, get settled with them after all the chaos, and through an attempt and a stiffled yawn to avoid disturbing Alice, finally dozed off.


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