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Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 8:31am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Commander Martin Sorenson

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Medbay
Timeline: MD08
1520 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

The chamber hissed as the seal released, machinery slowly unfolding now that the temperature was safely above cryogenic levels. Still cold, Martin thought as the air hit him. He monitored the indicators showing Yoshi's vitals slowly climbing back to normal and then the signs that he was beginning to stir to consciousness. It was always strange reviving someone cryostasis - a cross between commanding Lazarus to emerge from his tomb and eerily sense of playing mad scientist - seeing the frost recede as their life signs resumed: heart beginning to beat, lungs to draw air... The last required some extra attention here to ensure prosthetic lung dethawed in sync with biological one, so that the doctor found himself holding his breath until he saw Yoshi draw his first one.

Martin applied a hypo - seemed best to get that over with right away - and smiled as Yoshi's eyes fluttered opened. "Welcome back from cold sleep, sir."

The feeling of coming back from cryostasis isn't a pleasant one, no matter how hard Starfleet Medical had tried to correct it. For everyone it was a little bit different, but for Yoshi it was always like being pulled violently from a nap, and in that moment he was left confused and dazed. Staring up at Martin, his brain starting to thaw, metaphorically anyways, he reached up and touched the doctor's shoulder. "You're still too young, I think," were the words out of his mouth first, before he brought his hand up and wiped at his face. A wiggle of his shoulder and reality started to settle in, and the man slowly sat up. A deep breath in, long one out, a long standing tradition of how he would make sure everything was still working and he looked about.

"I am guessing you found us a cure then Martin?" the Commodore asked, as he took time to let things come back to him. He wanted to push himself from the cryopod, but less than that wanted to just rest a moment longer first.

"Yes. I gave you the hypo as you were coming around," Martin replied, smiling even as he kept one eye on the bio readings. "And I am not yet back to my original age. Re-aging is only progressing at roughly the same rate as de-aging, which quite honestly is for the best - if I was ravenous going backward through my teen years, going forward at an accelerated pace..." he shook his head, "Well, let's just say we may need to restock the replicators when we get to the next starbase."

The older man nodded slowly as he considered the meaning of that. "I think a good scrub of the environmental systems might be good too," Yoshi added, and finally pushed himself from the pod and onto the cold deck, a shiver running through his spine. He wobbled a bit, standing in place, before pacing around to where the left arm sat on the table, and with practiced ease, reattached it. Turning to face Martin, he rolled his shoulders again, letting things fit back into place. "I'm also assuming we found Doctor Bathroy, and are at least close to Earth," he guessed, trying to get a status report without directly asking for it.

"I've already ordered full decontamination protocols," the doctor responded as he draped a warmed blanket around Yoshi's shoulders to help the recovery process along and mitigate some of the inevitable chill. "We're about a day out from earth and our status has been transmitted to Starfleet Medical. They're putting us in observational quarantine until they've verified my results and confirmed that the contagion's been eliminated. They'll want to ...discuss... this with Dr. Bathory, but he was about six months old, so it will be a week or so before he's old enough. That is if he recalls what happened. Everyone seems to have retained their adult knowledge despite de-aging, but he's the only one to have de-aged into infancy. Brain development changes pretty rapidly during that stage."

Nodding, both to accept the blanket and to acknbowledge the consideration about the doctor. As he sat and thought about it, he looked around the ship, then down to his own organic hand, and then to the Doctor. It was good to know that Starfleet Medical was going to be rushing them, and the look of tiredness on his face stretched a little. How much had effected the rest of the crew rushed through his mind, as he considered if anyone was hurt or there were any other issues that had arisen. Also, his concerns fell to his wife, and if she was okay. For the moment he pushed those thoughts aside - the Commodore knew Martin well enough to know he was handling that as well as he could. Instead he turned to the questions of the ship as a whole. "I am assuming we are operational then, no current issues with the Vesta herself?" He asked picking up the sweatpants and sweater, moving to look a little more dressed, lastly attaching his commbadge. He pointed to the door, indicating they should walk and talk.

"Vesta herself is above the whole thing like the goddess she is," Martin reported with a small smile as he handed him his commbadge. There was no point in telling someone like Yoshi to take a moment or two to finish warming up, and movement was (eventually) part of the protocol recommended to complete recovery anyway. "As to operational, I wouldn't say we're at 100%, but with more crew aging up to at least biological late adolescence, we're getting there." He looked sidelong at Yoshi as the left the cryo unit, answering the question he hadn't asked. "And Alice is about age last I checked and doing fine, though somewhat miffed you went a 'froze yourself without saying good-bye'."

With a light, almost dismissive wave, Yoshi nodded. "I am sure she will be, but if she wants to be angry she can blame your EMH, it was rather demanding," he said, a light laugh to go along with it. He knew it was procedure, hell, he'd encouraged it being added as procedure at one point, but he could still poke fun at the matter. He stiffled a yawn, the process of being thawed still taking hold as he moved. "As for the Vesta we can arrange a full decontamination crew to come aboard and perform the deep clean. It will just involve getting the crew off the ship ahead of time to a quarantine zone."

"Someone has to be the pushy demanding doctor. Overall I prefer letting the EMH be my Mr. Hyde," Martin replied with a chuckle. Noting the yawn, he added, "But I will be pushy enough to tell you get something to eat and rest for a bit. I know it's tempting to think you've slept long enough in a cryo, but coming out of it burns a lot of energy. I'll handle the quarantine arrangements with Command; Medical will be running that anyway."

The CO considered debating the issue, but could feel the exhaustion creep into his body and even the way he moved. Throwing a smile at Martin, Yoshi asked jokingly "You sure you didn't throw a light sedative in there as well, just for good measure?" But even as he said it, he failed to stifle another yawn and this time had to stop as the expression paused his body. "I have full faith in you regardless," he added, stopping to look around the ship at familiar faces as they snuck past on their way to carry on their duties. "Take care of her for me while I take a nap then, and we will do more talks when we are back on Earth. Unless you need anything else from me doctor?"

"I only sedate patients who keep trying to sneak out of medbay," Martin joked back. Mostly joked - he had once or twice resorted to a touch of sedative for people who needed to rest and recover no matter what they thought about their ability to get up and get back on duty. The second yawn confirmed that was not going to be the case here. "Don't worry. She's made it through your cold nap and she'll be fine through a shorter warm one. All I need from you at the moment is to make it to your quarters without falling asleep in the middle of a corridor."

"I think I can make it to my bed Commander," Yoshi said, stiffening in a mock display of authority. "And besides, once I open that door and step inside, I have to deal with my likely very annoyed wife. An event I doubt you want to be there for, lest you have to provide first aid afterwards," he concluded with a smile, and a few paces away from the doctor. "Until tomorrow then Martin, and don't forget to get some rest yourself," he said, as he walked down a divergent corridor towards where his home was, and where Alice was no doubt waiting.


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