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"Dear Sister"

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 8:44pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Before "One Last Night, then a Cold Sleep"
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If you looked about the mess strewn rooms of the Minawara residence, you would find many little trinkets. Collections of interesting rocks, bottles from breweries and distilleries that no longer existed, and strange totems that had been peddled as idols to Gods and Goddess that had never existed. A cursory glance would make you wonder if the people that lived there had been sentimental, and in Alice you'd have been correct. Alice loved small items and things, possessions that could remind her of the places she had been. Yoshi, by comparison, seemed to regard sentimental items as a waste of time, if you purely went off the things around him. A small collections of Japanese swords (a katana, wakazashi, and tanto from his time in Tokyo to be specific), a collection of small items from ships he'd served on, and a photograph of the team that had worked on the Vesta Quantum Slipstream Drive. Little things, but those things meant the world to him, none more so than the small model racing shuttle that sat on the shelf in his bedroom. Four golden stripes were painted down the side, and five silver down the back. It was a near perfect replica of his sister's own racer, from before she'd had kids.

He stood in the room in his sweater and sweatpants, staring at the mess, centred in which was Alice in the blanket fort she had made to watch old holovids on the wall. She was passed out cold, a scattered collection of snacks present, as she had replicated just about any form of junk food she could imagine. She couldn't be older than 15 right now, a child in all rights, and one that the Commodore greatly wondered if would ever be able to be his wife again. A shockwave of pain ran through his body, and he wondered about his own well being, before pushing those thoughts away. He was headed for the holodeck soon, to work on something that filled his brain, but he had to check on Alice first, make sure she was fine. He'd left instructions for Two-Six to check on her, but had left it at that. He regarded the small toy in it's shelf, and the PaDD in his hand. A letter was open, and he looked at it again. His parents understood the risks with being on a Starship, but depending, this would be the second time his sister had lost her brother, and he wasn't sure how she was going to take that.

"Dear sister," it began, a simple enough phrase. It was full of retellings of the times spent chasing cherry petals on their grandfather's property, or racing down the streets after cousins. Kaede had always been the fastest, a natural born racer, and competitive to a fault. As Yoshi had aged, he'd grown to be always tinkering. When she'd found the knack for racing, Kaede had insisted Yoshi was going to be her engineer, to keep her shuttle the fastest ever! For a while, he'd considered it, but Starfleet called, and Yoshi answered. For a while the two had been distant, the Dominion War had been hard on everyone, and following the loss of his arm it had been worse. Yoshi had been cold, indifferent. It wasn't until the Vesta project they had really reconnected and become family again. The two had grown much closer in those days. Of course, then there was the time skip.

The Vesta had been his home for almost two years, as it's Commanding Officer, and it seemed like it would be for many many years to come. He had never considered leaving, and to see it to the end. Yet, here he was, knowing full well he'd be going for a Cold Nap, and he couldn't help but wonder if he had made a mistake, all those years ago. Maybe being an engineer for a race team would have been better after all. Maybe he could have lived a life separated from the constant risk. But then again, his eyes fell to the teenaged form of his sleeping wife, and he knew he'd have never met her. And maybe that made all this worth it, most days he definitely thought so. A beep chimed, and he looked at it. His holodeck time was here, and he nodded to no one in particular. Stepping towards the toy, he lifted it with one hand, keying the last of his notes in with the other. All of his thoughts and fears and wishes, laid plain for a single recipient to see. And an apology, for not being the best brother, and for not saying it sooner. He hoped he would not miss another month, let alone year of his new niece and nephew's lives. He hoped she wouldn't have to worry, but most of all he hoped she knew he had loved her as only a sibling could. Carefully he slipped the PaDD onto the shelf, and placed the toy back upon it.

One last time to the holodeck then.


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