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Living Witness, part One and a Half: Scientific Progress Goes Boink

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 2:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Nolan Marc

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Deck 7 Science Lab
Tags: nolan
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It might have been mistaken for the ship's club.

Vulcan Emotional Underground was playing throughout the lab. The lighting was tuned down, silhouetting the outlines of the various personnel as they huddled or moved around the lighted stations that were situated or spaced apart for the various experiments that were taking place. A few pizza boxes lay open, with a bunch bowl and some bottles of root beer rounding out the impression that this was the Vesta's party room.

Gliding across the deck in his socks, the small Only popped up at the table where the S'ti'ach was carefully assembling fragments of a fossilized carapace. Hopping up so that he was standing on his knees atop a stool, the disheveled surfer Asian looked over the display. Kicking his head to one side, the boy flipped the hair from his eyes as he asked breathlessly, "What'd I miss?"

Three of Xe'ceda's hands were making minute adjustments to the fossil arrangement. "Well, I think we have a close reconstruction of the..." the furry scientist began, before pausing to give Nolan a second glance. "What happened to you?" the S'ti'ach blurted aloud finally.

There was a clump of something viscous and blue stuck in the boy's hair. Which, was likely the same something splattered across his uniform. "Nani sore?" the boy asked, realizing that Xe'ceda and the cadets around the experiment were all staring at him. Which, was when he looked down over himself. "So ka! Tholian moss is, like, super reactive to nitrogen," the boy remarked, as he rocked forward. Hands gesturing vividly while he spoke, he explained, "I thought that containment field was gonna carry the day, but we're gonna, like, gonna have to set up a, like, total environmental seal for that in, like, a separate lab or something..."

With an animated wave of both hands, the Only dismissed that topic. What's done was done. That was five seconds ago. This was now. They were living in now, now. "What were we talking about again?" the boy asked, as he looked back over the fossilized specimen. Then, turning to look at the blue furball next to him, asked, "Okay, so we've sequenced everything to confirm that these fragments are all part of the same creature?"

"No, that's the step we're at now," Xe'ceda supplied, still looking over the display. His claws tensed with the restraint at continuing to fix the slight incongruities. "I wanted to try and replicate the fossil positioning as we'd found it first."

While Xe'ceda likely would have spent another day moving chips and slivers one millimeter to the left or right, Nolan blurted aloud, "Looks good." The S'ti'ach did a double-take over at the boy, which was not enough to stop the Only from plowing ahead. "Okay, computer begin micro-cellular analysis of fossilized display. Archaeological protocol twenty-seven-alpha."

[ Analysis will take approximately seven hours, thirty-seven minutes to complete. ]

Popping down from off the stool, the boy slid back along the deck with a moonwalk, before shifting into a celebratory booty dance as he bopped along toward the root beer.

[ "This is the Latchkey Kid Holographic Program to Lieutenant Xe'ceda." ]

The S'ti'ach's ears perked up. Four arms fumbled around as the diminutive alien rooted around for where his combadge had gotten lost in the fur. When he'd finally found it, a black-tipped claw tapped the silvery emblem as he announced, "Xe'ceda here."

[ "I've been calling Nolan for the last twenty minutes. The computer says he's in the science lab. Have you seen him?" ]

Hopping down from the lab table, the six-limbed arboreal skittered across the deck in a flurry of energy that rivaled Nolan's. As Xe'ceda popped up on his rear legs again, the S'ti'ach held out the combadge. "It's for you," the lieutenant remarked.

Nolan may have had half a pizza slice shoved into his mouth. Accepting the combadge with one blue goo and pizza grease-stained hand, the Only managed to murmur something that may have been Japanese custom of answering moshi moshi.

Either way, the LKH was certainly fluent by now in the universal language of kid speaking with mouth full.

[ "You lost your combadge again, didn't you?" ]

One hand holding what was left of the savaged pizza slice, the other holding the combadge, Nolan could only look down at himself, and then at various spots on the floor as he realized that his combadge was not where it was supposed to be.

Well, it was possible that his combadge was where it was supposed to be. But Nolan wasn't wearing his uniform jacket. Or his shoes, but he thought he at least remembered taking his shoes off and leaving those by the door to the lab. The jacket? Yeah, no idea on that one.

[ "Taran is here. I think he has something to show you. Your shift ended hours ago..." ]

"EEHHHHHHHHHH!?" Fleck of marianara and cheese shot out as the boy reacted to that news. He'd only been in the science lab for, like, maybe fifteen minutes. Twenty tops. There was no way that Taran was out of school...

Turning his head, the boy glanced at the chronometer. It was almost seventeen hundred hours.


[ "I'll take that as 'I'm on my way.' LKH out." ]


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