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Continency Plans

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 4:58pm by Isabella Cerin & Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Lieutenant Asahi Kita & Captain Amelia St Lacroix & Lance Corporal Morwen Haldane & Lance Corporal Durst Haldane & Karrun North

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Vesta, Conference Room
1552 words - 3.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Izzy glanced covertly at the occupants of the room, and therefore, the lay of the land. From the information in front of everyone, the condition affecting the Vesta personnel had spread widely, affecting over 90 percent of the people aboard. It was for even her to grasp that this would soon leave them effectively crippled, adrift in space and unable to ensure the basic operations necessary to maintain the ship. She had a bad feeling based on the eclectic makeup of the meeting that everyone in the room was about to inherit even more headaches.

"Lemmie just get over the understatements," Asahi began, nursing what looked to be yet another cup of some form of caffeinated liquid. He stopped asking the replicator for specifics, not with how little sleep he had been receiving. "This is... not a good situation for us to be in."

Yoshi, not far behind the other man, looked worse for wear for all the deaging had done to him. The truth was he had consumed around pain killers recently to hold him off, but the need to go on ice was approaching rapidly. His wife was now likely half his age too, she had guessed somewhere around 15 at the oldest, and that itself had been an hour ago. Still, the man straightened and stiffed as he answered the question of his Intel Chief with, "not in the slightest." His voice was straight, and there was an irony in that while slightly slower deaging as his crew was, he was only a few years older than when he had originally lost his arm. At one point a nurse had wondered if it would regrow, but without a team of doctors, removing the components that weren't meant to grow from his body would be impossible. And humans didn't have enough room for three lungs and an extra set of ribs. The Marine Captain, Amelia was a step behind, looking at the gathered group. Stilled sealed tight, she was not risking exposure, apparent immunity or not.

Following close behind were both Haldanes, similarly encased in armor and recognizable primarily by the fact that theirs was configured to accommodate Kainan heads and tails. The difference between the two was event primarily in a slight difference in height and chest, though anyone adept at reading body language might note that Morwen was somewhat more tense - the filtration preventing the possibility of exposure interfered with getting the normal full range of scents, which for her was like what a human would experience having to walk around with gauze constantly draped over their eyes. Still, she'd seen Rufus now de-aged to a gangly half-grown - and puppy-hyper! - adolescent, so she'd live with the restriction.

Karrun stepped into the room with Buck at her side, an escort of sorts since she didn't normally have access to this deck even despite her friendship with half the crew. The Marine wasn't sealed in his armour like some of the others having offered himself up for testing, poking, prodding by all the doctors and scientists on board trying to figure out why exactly the Marines weren't affected. "Take a seat anywhere Ma'am." He said waving a hand towards the long table at this point half-filled with Marines and other various unaffected crew members.

"Thanks Buck." Karrun replied as she took a seat towards the middle across from Asahi.

Looking at the gathered lot, the Commodore heaved a slow, laboured sigh. "I'm not going to split hairs and bullshit around today," he said, the youthful face not matching the gravelly tone. "The Vesta is in a rough spot. With an infection rate of nearly ninety percent, we are well below even the most minimal operational requirements for this ship. With help from Commander Mantell we have managed to automate what we can. We have roughly two more days until we arrive at Earth, but we aren't out of the woods. We need to keep the ship moving forward steady and stable. I'll be turning the ship over to all of you," he said, finally sinking into the chair gingerly.

Asahi's brow raised. "If it helps, I have the remainder of the Intel team organized and on task. I've got some experience manning the helm. Vesta classes aren't Intrepids, but so long as we aren't weaving in and out, it'd be one less thing to keep automated."

"I... I mean it's been a century or so since I was on Starfleet mission and actually trained to run a ship but I feel like a quick refresher and I'll be able to do... something." Karrun said with a shrug, "But running a ship of this size with so few crew even with all the automation even for a few days might be tough. Do I get to order people around now at least?"

"We can help with medical," Morwen volunteered. "At least for all the sprains and broken bones they've had coming in, or with child herding, since that may be the greatest need by the time we reach earth."

"To state the obvious, I have no experience manning a starship." Izzy folded one hand calmly over the other; but whether the calm was real of feigned...Well. The known skillset of her profession would seem to indicate the latter was highly likely. "I do, however, have some experience in handling secure communications and the like. And a limited degree of artificial environment knowledge from growing up in Tycho City." Her next words were appended dryly to the end: "But that didn't move around."

The Marine Captain shrugged, then crossed her arms together and stared back at the Commodore with that unnerving facelessness of the Marine Force Recon helmet. "You have my support wherever Skip," she said, nodding slowly. "I can help with everything but the helm, boys and girls at Falkirk wouldn't let me near a shuttle, don't think you want me at the helm." The tone implied it was a joke, but was masking more serious concerns. Yoshi nodded back, slowly, before closing his eyes and leaning back in the chair.

"I won't keep you then," he concluded. "Lieutenant Kita, you Nolan and Jack are the last senior officers left, I am going to hand it all over to you. I need the boys working on a cure and keeping the ship in good shape, that means you will have the bridge for the time being. Talk with Two-Six, keep the ship alive and running, and try and keep the children out of dangerous spots. I expect that in of itself will keep things busy. Izzy and Karrun, I'll have you both work side by side with whoever you are most comfortable with, and as for the Marines, help where you can, defer to the Lieutenant if you need guidance." He rested a moment, and then pushed himself up from the chair. "Those are your orders, you're dismissed."

Izzy resisted the urge to facepalm at the statement about 'keeping the children out of dangerous spots': The 'children' were 90 percent of the ship by now; either via that being their natural state, or an acquired one. And she knew even less about children, perhaps, than she did about starships. What she did know about, however, was how to adapt in a crisis; and as she rose from her seat to exit the room was running though possible problems, resources, and options in her head; landing on the fact that aside from the small population of seemingly unaffected adults, the people currently both seemingly unaffected and most likely to stay their age, and oldest among such, was the ship's small contingent of preteens. Putting them at ship's stations would be a disaster...But that was exactly the age that she and Sophia had begun earning babysitting credits. Izzy and her coffee tumbler exited the conference room swiftly, plan fleshing out in her head as she went.

"I have the what?" Asahi heard the man. Yoshi wasn't unclear on his orders. That didn't stop Asahi's face from scrunching up and his posture straightening. "Yessir," he got out, before he stood from the seat. He would have to find the security chief before he made the adventure straight to the bridge itself, but he could have easily called that 'delaying the inevitable.' He would not be doing that for long, as the last thing anyone needed now was a ship careening into one of the nearby suns with a number of the crew under some weird affliction. But, a small stop to security might not have hurt.

"Child herding... I can't believe you volunteered us for that..." Durst muttered under his breath to Morwen as they filed out.

"Well at least you'll get some good exercise chasing them all down Durst." Karrun said with a laugh as she patted the Kainan on the shoulder following them out, she had to grab something before she headed to the bridge to help out. Preferably a stiff drink but more likely some better fitting clothing that wouldn't get in the way whenever something went down. "You can do that, I'm just going to be on the bridge trying to see how applicable shuttle craft flying controls from the 23rd century are to now."


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