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The Sweep

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 3:18pm by Captain Amelia St Lacroix & Master Chief Petty Officer Victoria Moreau

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Various
Timeline: Prior to "how Far"
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When you are picked to be a member of a Counter Terrorism unit, you spend a great deal of your time in training learning how to move through areas and scan for threats. Amelia had learned how to move between buildings as comfortably as she had learned to move between trees as a child. The same applied to starships, you trained your eyes to scan everything as you moved, not sure what the situation might be. Now, if you were hunting for a bomb, a poison, or a person, this was useful information. It trained your brain to process threats as they came, to grab civilians and move them out of the way, and most importantly, how to be comfortable in the Marine Force Recon combat armor, in places that were guaranteed to make you claustrophobic and on edge. There was one small problem though, a question that the training never prepared you for.

How do you deal with a ship full of adults with the current biochemistry of late teens, early 20's, filled with a rush of hormones who have made various efforts to convince you to remove your armor?

Right now the Marine Captain stared down at the limp form of one Lieutenant Allen Robinson, who was wearing barely more than his underwear and who had refused repeatedly to go back into his quarters. Truthfully Amelia had not intended to hit him this hard, but had lost her cool when his move had been to reach forward to see if the armor had "contours" as he had said. He was infected, the tricorder in her helmet had reassured her, but that still didn't mean she wasn't going to make a note of this and forward it to the Commodore for some suggested harassment training. Heaving a heavy sign, she used her boot to push the man back through the threshold of his door, knowing she could have done it a bit more gracefully, but enjoying the moment nevertheless.

"Men," a voice commented behind her, causing the Marine to turn to face the newcomer of the event. The Chief of the Boat stood there, looking far younger than the Marine had remembered her to look even a few hours earlier during their debrief of current events. She also noticed that woman had been forced to used a belt to keep her uniform fitting correct.

"Master Chief," the Captain said with a polite nod. "I hope you're feeling well," the Marine commented, a tone of concern there. It was clear the senior most NCM on the ship was below the 25 threshold, and was probably creeping up on 20 years old at this point.

"Well enough Captain," came the reply, as the woman nodded to the now shut door. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand to a degree the Lieutenant, but I am holding myself together well enough. Do you have a moment?" When Amelia nodded, MCPO Moreau indicated with a sweep of her hand and a nod that they should walk and talk. "I have seen the preliminary report, from what I can tell we're looking at there being at least a 75% infection rate here on the ship. Commodore and his wife included," she said, trying to sound as professional as she could. "At this rate there is a chance the ship is going to fall below major operating levels, and it looks more and more like the majority of the top half of the command staff will be affected. Security has been hit hard, with Lieutenant Trenton seeing great levels of his team being devastated. I've gathered as many Starfleet crew as I could to make sure functionality is kept, but we are going to need to establish your team as part of the crew. At this point of the Department heads I think only Lieutenant Kita and Lieutenant Trenton are unaffected. Commanders Mantell and Marc might be as well, though considering their advanced age, we can't be fully sure."

Amelia nodded along as they walked, mentally checking off who would be affected so far. That meant most of the bridge crew would be as well. "You need more Senior Officers," the Marine commented. "And want to add me to the roster as I also appear unaffected." Victoria nodded, and Amelia paused. "Master Chief, I don't know the first thing about commanding a Starship, I don't know how much help I can be." The Starfleet woman laughed, a laugh a little too high pitched for the woman Amelia knew her to be. There was nervousness behind the humour she found.

"No, I need you to keep Commander Mantel in check. As the next Senior Officer unaffected, and seeing as we are routing the controls to Engineering, and preparing to leave only the ECH active on the bridge. With children soon to be running about, there is bound to be a lot more chaos than anyone expects. We need a central control point. We can at least get the Vesta back to dock and hopefully Starfleet can figure things out. Maybe we can even begin to forget some of our own indiscretions." Ameilia now was looking at the Chief, who looked back at the blank faceplate that made up the Marine Force Recon armor visor. It was only then that the formerly older woman could feel the curiosity from the faceless woman beside her. When blood rushed to her face, the Marine now laughed.

"I understand Chief," came the response, masked with a subsiding laughter. As the pair carried on, an uneasy silence fell over them, and the pair walked down the hall towards the next checkpoint. Another Marine was waiting there, who looked the Master Chief up and down. A silent moment was exchanged between the two Marines, part of training together, and Amelia merely nodded, and the pair carried on. It was another silent walk, and they found themselves standing outside the Medical Bay. "Have you been checked out," she asked, letting the innuendo hang in the air,and Victoria nodded.

"I have Captain, there isn't much Doctor Sorenson can do, so for now I am going to work," the NCO said, straightening up. "Though if you have to meet with him, I'll let you go to it, I should probably finish rounding up the last of the officers. Unless you need anything else Captain," the woman asked, straightening up.

"No Master Chief you're good to go," she said, but then raised a hand. "But, when all is said and done, you have to tell me his name over a beer," the Marine said with a chuckle. As the Captain's Yeoman straightened and blushed she shook her head and turned to walk away before stopping herself.

"Her's, Marine," Victoria corrected. "But you owe me at least two beers for the rest of the story," she said, and then promptly turned on her heels and walked back down the corridor, and Amelia watched her go. Once she disappeared from sight, the Captain shook her head, and turned for the door. There was more to that story once this mystery was wrapped up. And like the good hunter she was, she'd find it eventually.


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