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A Second

Posted on Tue Dec 22nd, 2020 @ 1:07pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Location: Esquimalt Station
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Finally, the day seemed like it took forever for Hawkins to get some kind of answer to the reasoning of his sudden removal from command. When he set course for the space station, he and his crew had thought that their shoreleave would have been quick and short lived on the station. But low and behold even their shoreleave was going slower as well and it had only been a couple days. So when he had heard that the Vesta was in bound and would be there this day, he made sure to keep his old crew apprised of the situation.

It was no time at all before David had made his way through the station and got to the station's transporting padd, made his way to the Vesta where he was escorted to the bridge. The interior of the ship was larger than he had anticipated and the design came off as even more advanced than the sovereign class. But who could forget that the ship’s design was decades old by now, and the vesta was one of the top of the line, most advanced. ‘Show off,’ he thought to himself as he still kept his focus on the fact that this wasn’t a joy visit, but an actual, official, reporting procedure. Which was something that he hadn’t had to do in years. Even on Memphis Island, with Admirals there, he wasn’t honestly around them long enough to have to fall back into the old line of being a subordinate to someone again in that mindset. So this was it, he and his crew were fully back in the groove of being part of the Star fleet personnel and its command structure once again compared to being out there on their own.

Exiting the turbolift and making their way to the ready room (guessing this will work for meeting up) David took in the view of the modernized consoles and more brightly light command center. To be honest, this was almost too much for him as he tapped the console on the wall, activating the office’s chime.

Fresh from the Bajoran sector, the Rear Admiral was pleased, to a degree, to be back at Esquimalt. These run around and oversee day-to-day operations was starting to get tiresome, and he enjoyed coming back to the station every once and a while. It was starting to feel like home to him, another factor of the promotion he had not expected. Still, for all the pleasure coming back brought him, his spot in the Command Chair was what he enjoyed the most, and it felt like day to day he had less and less experience with it. Captain Darrow was becoming quite comfortable in the middle. When the chime rang, he was drawn back to the here and now. There was no doubt in his mind that that was Captain Hawkins. “Come,” he said softly.

The door swished open and the captain entered without his escort team. He looked around the ready room and took it as he tried to think of the right words to say, but all he could muster was the normal words any reporting officer would say. “Reporting as ordered sir,” David paused as he looked the man before him up and down before giving him a simple nod. “I feel like I have been called to the principal's office.”

A coy smile, and the Admiral nodded. “No, this office is far more the Vice Principal,” he said and stood to be level with the man. “I’d have made you sit outside my office on the station,” he said, the smile persisting, “if I had wanted you to feel like you are in trouble. The Vesta is but a comfortable place for me.” He paused and looked out the window. The Vesta herself hadn’t docked, but was in station keeping maneuvers as Rufus kept them a ways away. Docking ports were for ships that actually needed to resupply. “Also, no one asks questions of a CO standing outside the Task Force Commander’s Ready Room. Likely a friendly visit, station offices look like trouble.

Gently tapping the commbadge, he called to the ship. “Two directly to my office please, Mister Cordero,” he said, as the two disappeared in a shower of light, and reappeared in the large office the station offered him. Crossing the room, past the long obsidian black table, to the dark ebony desk and to a small cabinet along the left most wall. Drawing from it a bottle of port, he turned around and regarded the Captain, holding the bottle aloft as if offering.

“I wouldn’t say no to that, even from my worst enemy,” David smirked slightly. He stepped up from the middle of the station office and took the bottle with a nod and a thank you. As he waited for the admiral, he looked around the room and nodded at the fact that it was quite nice, especially for such a station that the Esquimalt was. It was much bigger than the temporary office that he had been given till the Vesta’s return.

“Good, I have been holding onto them for a while, and I only have two left,” replied Yoshi, taking a seat at his desk. “Come sit,” he said settling into the chair. Running his hand along the desk a PaDD materialized, part of the modern replicator technology the station had installed with the refit it had undergone. Sliding it across the desk he nodded. “No doubt you have questions, that will answer them long form. We’re transferring your Command. Not a negative thing,” he added addressing the common concern. “We’re modernizing parts of the Fleet, and a few Sovereigns are being relegated back to border patrol and core world work. I didn’t want to see you running missions between Earth and Bajor,” the Admiral said with a smile.

Taking a gulp of the liquid, he noticed how well it was quite unique but good. No wonder the Admiral was only holding two left. There was no doubt that these weren’t replicated but actually brewed. He made a mental note to try and get some himself as he picked up the Padd and looked it over for a moment before he looked up at him. “You want me to take command of the Arcadia?, a…” he paused and was completely confused now as he looked up at him again and raised an eyebrow. “... an Obyssey class? You want a former marine office in charge of one of those behemoths?”

The Admiral nodded. “The Odyssey-class of ships strike an important role in the Fleet, and within a Task Force. It’s a support ship, large diplomatic facilities, massive industrial replicator complexes, hugh storage facilities, expanded fuel storage for resupply missions. She’s slow, sure, but she is important to keeping the line of the Federation stable. But there is more to it than that, or any Commanding Officer would be sitting here and I wouldn’t be pulling a ‘former marine’ as you put it, from a perfectly capable front line vessel.” Yoshi settled into his chair, getting comfortable. He took a sip of his own beverage. He’s seen the look, he knew the face of someone tasting a real port, and inside he’d smiled. The beverage was hard to come by, the maker only producing three hundred bottles a year. Over the years Yoshi had made a point of collecting them for special occasions, but had lost more than a few in the time jump.

“Twelve phaser arrays, a squadron of mixed role fighters, and a full company of Marines is a lot of bite for a supply ship, and if used right, it can fulfill other needs. Much like Marines themselves.” A fairly new realization for the Admiral, having only just had Marines on his own ship a little under a year. “Marines are oft treated as the sword of Starfleet, and little else. No one talks about their impressive Forward Operating Bases, their humanitarian support, or their incredibly talented engineering support units. I need someone in command of an Odyssey who isn’t going to be content just running supply, but also knows the how to pivot. I can think of no better person than a former Marine.”

The man wasn't wrong at all, and to be fair, all that he had seen in the Admiral's records showed as much. It was obvious that the man had thought this through long and hard to take advantage of Hawkins and his experience as a marine. But for David, there was more to it for him due to his past. So he took another sip of his drink he scrolled down a bit before looking back up at the Admiral. "I should also inform you that I have recently been framed for murder. I was able to clear my name and expose the group that set me up. I didn't play nice either. I put my people first and care less about my own name. I hope that won't be a problem, Admiral."”

The man across the desk smiled. Not a friendly smile, but a knowing smile. “6 months ago, during a routine mission we discovered an adrift freighter. The freighter was smuggling goods to an abandoned Federation colony, where a radical group then took me hostage. I initiated an emergency shutdown of the reactors in facility I was held, am responsible for the death of at least one man, and openly told the Federation News Network that I believed the Federation had abandoned those people knowingly.” Mirroring the man across the table, Yoshi took a sip. “No good Federation officer has a clean record, and if I wanted to have a collection of pristine officers I’d have requested Core duty.” Gesturing to the window behind him, and the void past it, he shrugged.

“This isn’t some idyllic section of space. We don’t have the advantage of sitting pretty and asking for help at every turn. Cardassian, Breen, Tholian, Qoird, Pyrryx, and whatever else is past those borders. We don’t get the luxury of always being Good Men out here.” The Admiral’s face hardened as he studied David. His head cocked to the side slightly, and he blinked, a calculated movement. “I don’t ask for you to be perfect, I expect you to do what is right.”

Taking it in, David knew that may have prejudged the man wrongly. Thinking long and hard, the idea of sticking it to the man in the area he and his crew were in made it seem like they were against it all. But this was a ridiculous thought process, selfish, to say the least. There were good men out there and then there were righteous men.

"I am sorry you had to do that, Admiral," he finally said as he looked up at the man and straightened his position in the chair to be more respectful as the man deserved it. "And I owe you an apology for jumping to conclusions about you or your intent in this reassignment. You deserve better, and I am at fault. It's been a rough several years."

The look on the Admiral’s face softened a little. “Many before you have, and if I have it my way many more shall yet,” he said with a kind tone. “As for your rough few years, I am familiar,” the man said, addressing the PaDD on his desk. “Your crew has had quite the adventure, across a wide range of missions. Across the Delta Quadrant, from what I can see, and back, conflicts and trials the whole while. There is no such thing as an easy assignment, and sometimes we all need a break,” he said with a smile. “Esquimalt is a simple station, definitely lacking the prestige of a Stardock class, but she is well built and reliable. Plus, we have the larger arboretum, where I was happy to transplant one of my two favourite cherry trees, though I fear it won’t blossom this year as it will still be mad at me.” Yoshi paused, addressing the man across from him again.

“There is one other matter at hand though, Mister Hawkins. Or would you prefer David?” Minawara didn’t wait for a response in the lowering of formality. “I have found myself in an odd spot, seeing as I am a new Task Force Commander, I have to work my way through some of the Logistics. One such is my Executive Officer for the Task Force has retired, choosing to go look after her family.” He nodded to David, with a cocked eyebrow. “I need someone to take up that mantle.”

After taking a sip of the beer given by the admiral, David looked at him and was slightly surprised. He had been a commodore before but had to step down due to conflicts of interest and his focus on hunting down those that were a threat to the Federation. If he could have done it all over again, he would have, but the fight was real and he thought he was in the right. Still, it didn’t matter, as his time of being up front in the battle was getting to his end. “You want me to step up and take a stand next to you, in hopes to help others in the Task Force?” He paused as he thought those words through for a moment which he hadn’t fully expected to hear again. He took a deep breath and looked over at the admiral. “If that is what you are asking, I would be an idiot to turn it down. I’d be honored, Admiral.”

“I am,” Yoshi replied, crossing his arms. “I don’t need another ‘good man’ to stand next to me, to tell me ‘yessir, no sir, whatever you ask sir.’ The Fleet has enough Yes Men, I want a solid officer.” The comment was short and to the point, but it underlined the way Yoshi had started to view the Fleet as a whole - full of people chomping at the bit to do what the Fleet told them to, to rise the ranks quick and get that shiny spot, without holding the ideals of the Federation in tow. If those ideas were even what the Admiral remembered. “Promotions would be delayed, there is a training phase I’d have to shuffle you back through, I am sure you remember the Commodore cycle.”

“Oh all too well,” David nodded as he thought back to the time he had been a Commodore. The reminder brought back memories of when he had his whole crew with him on the Gladiator. They lead a strong task force against the threat against the shadow group called C.O.I.L. They had done a number to the sector and to his crew, as a whole. To the point where he and others felt that leadership had been infected by the organization, leading him to take a demotion to get back into the darkest areas in which they had held most of their operations. But now that he had cleared his name and that of his crew, they were now with the rest of the fleet. They were not fully trustworthy of those, but had a much clearer understanding of what had happened.

Now the simple concept of the Admiral wanting him, a man not willing to always be a yes man, but willing to do what was needed for the betterment of those around them. It was a much different feel then before. Now, he was ready to allow them to promote him and give him the capability to assist even more people across the fleet. He wasn’t ready before, but if they allowed him, he would take on this new chapter.

“Not worried about rank, though I know that is just another thing to check off the list of to-do items. Let me know when to deal with that, and I’ll take care of it. Till then, I think I’ll get onto the first assignment needed, which is…” Hawkins paused as he looked down at the padd again and scrolled down over the mission briefing. “Assist with Obsidian Command’s supply run, then assist with securing the secure. Shouldn’t be too rough.”

“Going to keep it easy for you in a new ship,” replied Yoshi with a smile. “Get acquainted with her, get to know how she handles, then we’ll throw her out to the wolves.” Sitting back into his chair, the Admiral settled in. “Now Captain, I have nothing else for you. Unless you have any other concerns?”

He smirked slightly as he nodded at the remarks from the Admiral before he stood up and popped his neck. He knew he wasn’t given the official dismissal, but he knew the signs of what was to come. “Not that I can think of, sir,” he replied before finishing off his beer with a large gulp. It was smooth and had a mellow aftertaste which truly was worth every bit of it. He wiggled the bottle in-between his fingers and thumb before it hit him. “What, does that mean I get one of these fancy office’s on the station too?”

A vulcan eyebrow cock spread to Yoshi’s face, as he himself looked around and then back to his new Number One. Technically there was a space dedicated for the Task Force Executive, but it wasn’t finished yet. “Well, how about this?” The Admiral said back with a teasing tone,”If you bring the Acadia back here without scratching the paint, and promise to keep it clean, we’ll see about getting you your own room.”

The captain eyed the admiral took in the response before smirking slightly as he clicked his tongue ever so slightly before nodding. He was going to enjoy working with this man after all. “Thank you, father. I’ll make you proud,” Hawkins joked as he started for the door before pausing. “Thank you, Admiral. Let me know if you have anything for us. We are here to ease your plate and take care of the people.”

“You’ll be the first I call,” replied Yoshi, looking down to his desk to pull up a display to work in as the man left. He began to key in his notes to the Brass to let them know he had made his decision as to who was going to be his right hand man. Now to get his way through the pile of paperwork that entailed…


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