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Speed Above All; The Bone

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 12:47pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: MD02 1830 HR
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The Commodore shifted in his seat, his eyes turning to view the fuel gauge as it slowly ticked up, the LCD panel ticking gallons up slowly. Gallons what a silly measurement Imperial had been. The man turned to look out the window as the MQ-25 held position perfectly from it's fueling boom to the aircraft the man piloted. The green light lit on the guage, and Yoshi pulled his mask back over his face and fingered the radio control. The radio, connected to the drone ahead, relayed information back to the operator somewhere in a safe bunker.

"Tōkotsu to Refuel Command, we're green here. Domo arigato, Mister Roboto," Minawara said into the mic, mirroring the joking way aviators of the 21st century on Earth would talk to one another. There was a delay, and the response came back.

"Loud and Clear Tōkotsu, we're releasing the boom, slow down and await order form Central Command." There was a hiss just barely heard over the rush of wind over the cockpit. The boom disconnected from the front of the refueling arm on the aircraft, and Yoshi pulled back on the throttle a hair, allowing the drone to get some distance between itself and the B-1 Lancer that Yoshi was flying. As the distance grew safe, the looked over to his copilot, who nodded to him. Pulling up on the yoke, the B-1, nicknamed Tōkotsu for the japanese word for "skull", a play on the nickname of the B-1 "bone". Climbing to a safe 40,000 feet, he levelled off and waited for the call. It didn't take long for the headset to sizzle to life, and the sound of the nearby Commander for the mission to call up.

"Tōkotsu, this is Central Command, we have linked your systems to SatCOM and provide weapons guidance remote. Drop your payload on path, and continue to Eastern Command in Osaka after. Eastern Bloc chemical facilities are your targets, hit and run. No further mission details, over."

A low whistle escaped the copilot, and Yoshi turned to him, an eyebrow raised. 'No Further Mission Details' was code for don't ask questions, we won't answer anyways. "Roger Central, hit the mark and fuck off, Tōkotsu out." replied Yoshi into his mic, clipping the mask in place. Tipping the nose forward, the craft began to accelerate towards earth. The centre mounted GPS began reading out data to them, feeding information in real time. At a thousand kilometers to their target, they'd have less than six thousand left once they were done, meaning the trip to Osaka would be tight, no room for error, and while passing over the Eastern Bloc, no option for refuel either.

As the B-1C passed through MACH 1.75, its wings tucked in, keeping it effective at the super sonic speeds. The aircraft sank lower and lower as the kilometers ticked away bit by bit, until they would have to pull the throttle back and slow to combat speed. Like machines Yoshi and his copilot began punching away switches to keep the beast of an aircraft on track. Behind them, the bomb commander waited, his payload of 56 GBU-38s's waited to be released, the GPS in Lancer feeding back to the bombs. At this point, everything became as though it were controlled by a single computer. Yoshi levelled the nose out, eyes no longer out the window, this was Bob's job. No, he focused on the Terrain Following Display, as they passed below five hundred kilometers per hour, the wings spreading out and the bomb bay doors opened, barely one hundred fifty meters above the ground, tucked between the valley of the mountains that rushed up around them.

Behind him, he heard the rotary bomb racks spun, dumping their payload as the GPS required, with the pair of pilots in the front following the waypoints. Fifty six bombs slammed into their various targets as the aircraft followed it's told path, and then pulled up to climb towards the heavens. Of course, fighters were to be in bound, and gave way for the Tōkotsu's last secret, the EMB-202 carried in it's forward most bay. "EMB is away," came the call from the rear, and Yoshi flipped the toggle labelled "FARADAY" in bold letters. As the hatch closed, a current passed through a series of wires in the hull, as his copilot slammed the throttle, and the Tōkotsu flung itself higher and higher towards the heavens. Below, the EMB tumbled towards the radar station relaying information to the Eastern Bloc command. Using the radar signal to follow back towards its target, the EMB's fins steered it neat and tidy before releasing a pulse of high energy gamma waves, leading to an EM pulse that flooded the radar system, transmitting the same fried data along the network and scrubbing the radar image. As the Tōkotsu crossed through 50,000 feet, the wings once more unfurled, and the now lighter aircraft made it's way towards Japan, and away from the spreading confusion. By the time the fighters traced where the bomber had gone, it would be long gone, into the slowly rising sun.

As the flight carried one, Yoshi couldn't help but smile. It had been years since he'd run these programs, but the rush from flying this supersonic beast of a bomber always brought a smile to his face. He wasn't sure why he'd put them away, or what had inspired him to pick it back up again, but he was regardless, quite happy about it. Now all that remained was a smooth flight back.


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