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Trouble in the Hearth

Posted on Tue Nov 17th, 2020 @ 12:12pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Following "Blue Solutions" 0350HRS
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There are many skills you need to learn to succeed in Starfleet. The first skill is a matter of punctuality. It is important, above all else, that you are able to arrive for your shift on time. Unless of course you are the Commanding Officer, then technically you have no responsibility to report to anywhere at anytime. There were problems for sleeping in, but at the end of the day, a Captain could command from anywhere. If you were not a Captain though, then punctuality was a skill you learned quick. From the Academy drilling it into you with alarms you couldn't change (until you were a second year Engineering student, where you took the time to code out the annoying alarm, and move to a new set of skills. Or a first year roommate who had spent his years tinkering with a civilian freighter, and was known for his knack for disassembling core components, leading you to wake up an hour into your first period class, at which point you just replicated a watch, and reminded yourself to not drink until 0100.

The second major skill, and one that took a great deal of practice, was to look your best even when you weren't at it. Stand up straight, walk with a steady pace, even if it is a slow one. Ensure your shirt is tucked in, your hair neat and your face shaven. Do these, and anyone who passes you by will assume that the shadows under your eyes are from the double you picked up, and not because you had been up all night in the holodeck, partying, or in the case of most Engineers, trying out the crazy designs you were not yet smart enough to know could not possibly work. Smile at those who passed, be pleasant, and if anyone asked, tell them you were feeling a little under the weather and would go see the doctor if it got any worse. You were lying, and they knew you were lying, but pleasantries kept anyone from calling the bluff.

Lesson three came in the form of a societal need. People loved scuttlebutt, there was no more classic form of entertainment aboard a starship than a good rumour. To succeed, one had to stay out of the way of rumours and hearsay, or at least, keep them as peaceful as were possible.

To this day, Yoshi had lived by those lessons, kept them as rules. He thought, a bottle of Romulan ale, several beers, and what was dubiously referred to as wine, wouldn't be hitting him hard. He assumed the smile he gave to the two Security officers that had passed him as he had gone couldn't tell the Commanding Officer was absolutely drunk off his gourd. He assumed he was walking straight, and that it was only a little late, not a few hours until he was supposed to wake up. He assumed his wife would be asleep.

But the collection of booze hit him hard, the security officers had stopped to wonder if they should help the Commodore, with his slight wobble. They thought of further helping the man as the doors to his quarters opened and revealed Alice Minawara a few feet from the door, looking madder than anyone had ever seen her. As he entered and the door closed, the pair decided they would keep their mouths shut, but pondered, where had the Commodore come from the lift was in another direction?

Alice Minawara was mad, though the reasons seemed to shift. She had been worried when "a quick drink" early in the evening had resulted in her husband not being home until later - after all, he was still recovering. But now, the man stood in her doorway, looking as though he had gone round for round with a Klingon in a drinking match, and she was mad. "Sit," she said pointing to the couch in the living room, and the Commodore had enough common sense to do as he was told. He was still recovering, after all, and on a good day couldn't really offer his wife more than a meager resistance. Now, he was in a place to only sit down and shut up. "What the hell Yoshi," we the next words from her mouth. He didn't get a chance to answer that though, as she carried on. "You are less than two days out of surgery and you think the ideal situation is to get completely shit-faced with a senior member of your crew? And then, like the proud Flag Officer you are, to walk from that crew member's quarters in plain sight?" Her eyes narrowed. Yoshi said nothing.

An exasperated sigh escaped her mouth.

She shook her head.

Finally, Alice stood and started to pace, her husband's eyes tracing her movements. He knew she was mad, and he had nothing to say on the matter. He also knew that if he had any comments, they would be met with her annoyance, and likely only make it worse. Alice was not unreasonable, in this or in life in general, but he also knew that when she was worked up it was best to let her calm down herself. So for the five minutes that followed he allowed the silence to fill the room, and her to walk and think to herself. Finally she stopped and looked at him. He cocked and eyebrow, and in a moment a series of silent communications ran through them. Questions of if she was ready to talk, her accusing him of being defensive, a series of complaints about it, and then finally the woman collapsed back into her chair, arms crossed.

"I know you're worried, but sometimes things have to be done, and said, and put to rest," he said finally, a smile on his face that was warm, if a little cheeky. Alice tried to look annoyed, but her own smile threatened to break through on her face. Those were her own words after all, said to her to a young Lieutenant on a dustball of a planet on the edge of Federation space. Words said when she had rushed out into a sandstorm to confront a trader who had wronged her previously. "I am sorry," he added, "and I love you, and I should have been in bed two and a half hours ago at the latest." She nodded. "And, tomorrow I am going to pay for this moment of youthful mistake," he added again.

"And you aren't going to call in sick, or I'll have Ewan march that new Security Chief in her and drag your ass to the bridge," she said with a tone of finality.

"What about a little late, sleep in a little? Commanding Officer's prerogative?" he countered.

"Not a chance in hell mister." Yoshi raised his hands in defeat, and the woman pointed at him. "And I am going to have a little discussion with Miss Cerin as well. A diplomat should know better," she said, and stood. He stood to meet her. "Now, Commodore Minawara, to bed with you."

"Yes ma'am," he said, giving a mock salute, which earned him some rolled eyes. As he half stumbled to the bed, his wife paused, watched him, the smile fading a little and worry crossing her face. Alice was not ready to be afraid for her husband again quite yet, but she wasn't ready to let that on quite yet either.


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