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Guardians and Secrets and Petty Officers Who Think They're Yeomen

Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 12:07pm by Lieutenant Asahi Kita & Lieutenant Two-Six Trenton

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Deck 21 - Intelligence Office
Timeline: After XB case Notes
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[Deck 21: Intelligence Office]

After leaving Sickbay Trenton took a turbolift down. Exiting on Deck Twenty-One he turned left and headed aft. Down this low in the ship it was mostly Engineering spaces, storage and deflector array systems, few crew and no quarters or recreational spaces; a suitable place to hide a department who dwelt in shadows.

He found the unmarked door, his optical-sensor confirmed what he already knew, although it looked normal, it was a high security door, like those on the Security room, Armory, entrance to Engineering and other vital areas of the ship. It was designed to withstand weapons fire and forced entry for as long as possible, likewise the bulkhead each side of the door was of a similar construction.

He knew it would not open for him, he'd not yet been been to the Security office to be assigned the full Chief of Security access privileges. He tapped the chime and waited.

A few moments later the door opened and a grey-clad Chief Petty Officer greeted him. "You would be Lieutenant Trenton, sir?" She asked, clearly already knowing who he was. Intelligence would get the same personnel transfer notifications that Security did. There was a long look as she took him in, as if matching the reality with what she had seen in a file, the gaze of a trained observer checking him over.

"I am" He acknowledged. "Is Lieutenant Kita available?"

"I'll see Sir, please wait here" She waved him in. The beyond the door was small nondescript waiting area. He entered, the Petty Officer disappeared through another internal high security door.

She returned two minutes later. "Please come with me" She led him down a short corridor, closed, unmarked doors on each side. The door on the end opened as she approached. "Lieutenant Trenton sir" She announced him and stood aside for him to enter the office.

There was a short Human male, Asiatic features, with light brown hair, at the desk.

"I told you not to barge into-!" Asahi started, as the Security Chief was led into the room. He stood upright in his humble-sized office chair, nearly bouncing into Trenton as he tried to run after the good-intentioned petty officer. "Sorry, I-" he turned to the fleeting form of the silver-uniformed woman, "I don't need a yeoman!" He paused, eying Trenton up and down. "Oi, what's with all the tall 'ns'?"

Asahi chuckled, gesturing the man further into the office. "Take a seat, I'm sure we'll have a ton to talk about. What do you prefer I call you, by the way?" He asked, trotting back over to his seat and sitting back in it with a flop, "New Security Chief, right? SFI's been on my butt about knowing people arriving before they arrive. And I hope the Petty Officer's not getting into things she doesn't belong in again - I'll have to talk to her about that too."

Trenton was little non-plused by the Intelligence Officer, in his experience they tended to be quiet, reserved and intent. This one was different, laid back and casual. He took a seat.

"Yes, new Security Chief, Two-Six Trenton" He wasn't really used to people asking him what he wanted to be called. "Trenton is fine, or Two-Six.. If you have time I would like a short review of the local intelligence situation and what Security can do to assist. I am unclear on what systems you had in place with my predecessor for inter-department cooperation."

The door opened again, the Chief Petty Officer returned with a small tray, she held out a class of water for Trenton, she had obviously read his file and knew he mostly drunk water. He took the drink. Then she placed a mug of Kita's beverage of choice on the table and turned to leave.

"Stop-Get back to your analyzing, damnit!" Asahi called after the woman, clearly flustered as he took the hot, likely sugar-filled latte in his hands and begrudgingly took a sip. "Computer, lock the door for like fifteen minutes."

The Petty Officer gave Trenton a look from the corner of her eye as she left and mouthed. "It's just his way" as the door slid to behind her.

After the pleasant chime of the computer confirming the action, Asahi turned toward Trenton. "Two-Six, huh?" The obvious Borg-like name didn't seem to phase him as he shrugged. "I... can't say I really interacted with your predecessor much. There was a good span of time where I sort of... I don't know if 'took over' is the right word, 'cause I didn't. But the overlap might be a little more than it should be. Mostly encryption and stuff like that. I always thought a file was never encrypted enough, even if I gotta encrypt it in my own little language."

He wiggled his fingers. "We're more scan and file down here though. There's a lot that comes through on the Vesta, what with her being a flagship and all. Lots of movements we've got to monitor, details I've got to pass on. That sort of thing. Any interior work we did was just to reinforce whatever the Security department had going on. Firewalls. Lots... and lots of firewalls. But I can kick over a bunch of paperwork I think I'd have to kick over anyways."

Asahi gave pause, eyes narrowing at the PaDD on his desk. "You'll have to pardon me, I'm not used to the whole... being official thing. As you can tell - " his sentence trailed off as the door chime rang. He frowned, waving a hand to dismiss it. "... I'm not huge on formality. You get too formal, you don't get your work done in my opinion. Leave the formal for the guys in red and the events you have to wear formalwear to, yanno?"

Trenton took a drink of his water. It all sounded a little unnerving to him. He liked formality and order, structure and clarity. This all seemed a bit chaotic...

"I would appreciate any reports you can pass along" He began. "I will be an active Department Head, so I trust there should not be a burden on you to cover additional security tasks in future.

I acknowledge your raising the Vesta's Flagship status. I anticipate extra requirements from that. Particularly with the personal security of the Commodore and senior staff, as well as the general protection of this ship.

Since early reports of any potential threats to this vessel or her crew would likely originate with your department" Trenton understood Intelligence to be the refining of raw data, from numerous sources, which was collated, screened, verified and reviewed to produce a coherent rational summary in the form of a report. Such reports would be used to inform command decisions and operational procedures.

I hope we can set up regular meetings to review current intel as it pertains to this vessel. Manui Dat Cognitio Vires" He said finished in Latin "Knowledge gives strength to the arm" and lifted his right arm prosthetic slightly.

In the Collective information was shared continually, as a Combat and Tactical Drone he had always been fed the latest data concerning threats or targets. Now he had to rely on others for that information and he wanted to be able to trust that this man would deliver.

"Whatever you've got clearance for, I can give it no issue." Asahi made a plain statement, wiggling a PaDD in the air with a hand. "I've been working on getting you preliminary Intel clearance for some of this stuff, but a lot of what needs to be done needs to be done on your end. Not that I don't trust you; SFI doesn't trust their own higher ups. It's the one set of procedures I don't skip over." He couldn't, even if he wanted to. "I gotta put the Commodore through it every so often too - much less often, yanno, 'cause he's got a high enough position - but every so often something comes up and I have to make the same speech about it."

Asahi sat upright, PaDD resting on the desk, his hand still upon it. "I'm sure once we get our first meeting set up, you'll have a better idea of what clearances you'll need when. I've got a bunch of stuff already sitting in your brand new inbox when you sit yourself down behind your brand new desk." He might have been informal, but if there was something the former engineer definitely was - it was efficient. "... Anything else we gotta go over?"

"I will endeavor to complete all required clearance documentation in a speedy manner." Trenton replied. "I will forward you some options for future meetings, otherwise I think that will cover things for now."

After a hesitant beat, Asahi gave a nod. "Good to know. I'll ah... talk to you after all that then?" He shrugged. "Unless you wanna end up talking about something else between here and now. Just ah... make sure that petty officer doesn't get a hold of you before I do, she's got... other work she should actually be doing." He looked to the door, narrowing his eyes. "Computer, unlock door so the Lieutenant can battle his own yeomans."

Trenton nodded "I trust mine is as efficient..." He stood. "Thank you for your time. I look forward to out next meeting" He turned and headed for the door. It slid to allow him egress.

As he made his way down the corridor back to the exit the Petty Officer was waiting in one of the doorways. He handed her the empty water glass. "Thank you, Chief Petty Officer?"

"Dawkins, Sir" She replied.

"Thank you Dawkins" He tipped his head back towards Kita's office. "He told me he could not do with out you"

Dawkins beamed and stood a little taller. "Thank you sir." She put the glass down and picked up a stack of PaDDS. "He doesn't know he needs these yet, I'll just take them along to him. Can you show yourself out?"

"Of course Chief" He nodded and continued towards the exit. There may have been the faintest trace of a smile on his face.


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