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xB Case Notes

Posted on Thu Oct 22nd, 2020 @ 11:49am by Commander Martin Sorenson & Lieutenant Two-Six Trenton

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Sickbay / CMO's Office
Timeline: after Alone, amongst Others
2021 words - 4 OF Standard Post Measure

[Deck 16: Sickbay]

After his meeting with the Commodore, Trenton made his way back to the turbolift and rode one down to Deck Sixteen. Stepping off he turned left and went forward, coming to the main entrance to Sickbay.

The doors parted and he entered, the vestibule contained a reception desk and a small waiting area. A Nurse looked up from the desk, her initial smile fading as she took in his Implants. She recovered quickly though, for which he was grateful.

"Hello, Sir" She said evenly "What can we do for you?"

"Lieutenant T S Trenton. Service Number Zulu-Mike-Four-Zero-Seven-Six-Six-Three-November; I've just transferred aboard" He explained. "I require my on-board physical review and will need to discuss my medical file with one of the senior Doctors" He held up a PADD in evidence.

"Certainly sir. Have a seat we'll call you in shortly" She replied, tapping his details into her terminal.

He moved off and stood in the waiting area, but not going far, knowing what was coming next.

The Nurse looked up puzzled "I'm sorry Lieutenant, there seems to be an error on your file, your first and middle names are missing, somebody typed in numbers instead"

"Two Six, those are my desig... My name" Trenton replied. It had been a while since he said designation. It was being in a new place he reasoned, a new ship, new people. Alone, amongst others.

"Two-Six is your name Sir?"

"It is" He replied and walked off to take a seat, not wanting to explain.

"Very good... sir" The Nurse replied, slightly hesitantly "It won't be long" She got up and went through another door.

Trenton waited.

The door opened, the Nurse returned and sat at the desk. A few moments later the door opened again, two more Nurses came out. They tried to look busy at the desk, but Trenton could feel their gaze on him. He stared at the bulkhead. They got bored and went back through the door.

There was a beep and the Nurse called over. "This way, sir." She led him into Sickbay, down a side corridor to a Doctor's office.

"Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Sorenson will see you now" She waved him into the office. "He'll be right here, please have a seat"

Trenton entered and sat. A moment later a fair haired male Human in Teal with Commander's pips under his lab coat entered.

Trenton stood up.

"Lieutenant Trenton, welcome aboard," Martin greeted him with a friendly smile as he entered. He'd noticed the reactions from a few nurses and was determined to offer the normal friendly greeting he would give to anyone. Which wasn't to say that he didn't understand the reaction. It was beyond rare to see an xB with the ocular implant - medical had known how to replace those with either natural-looking prosthetic eyes or bioreplicated organic ones for over two decades.

"Forgive me for being a little late but I wanted to take an extra moment to review your file. It's unusual to see someone recovered from the Borg who still has so many implants, especially when coming from the Artifact. From what I've seen in the literature about others, the Romulans generally remove everything possible. They seem to be at least as interested in recovering Borg technology as in recovering people," he added with an affronted frown.

"Probably more so" Trenton replied flatly "Depending upon the augmentation." Some Drones he had first been recovered with had simply disappeared, one evening they were in the ward, the next morning they were not.

"What I have is about fifteen percent of my former cybernetic components." He continued, "I was a combat and tactical Drone. Most parts are too interlinked to my own tissue to be removed." He pointed to his left eye. "This extends through my frontal, temporal and occipital lobes, medulla and ends in my cerebellum. I was told it could be removed, but I would be effectively lobotomized and paralyzed from the neck down.

"They tried it with with Six-Of-Six, one of my Serial-mates. What was left of her afterwards, they pushed around in a wheelchair..."

"That is..." the doctor stopped short of saying horrifying (which it was) or unbelievable, since it must be the case. "...quite unusual." It was genuinely unusual from what he knew of recovered xBs, and from a purely medical point of view, extraordinary that the implant would tie to all those regions, not to mention that grafting it in like that hadn't effectively lobotomized him to begin with. Martin checked the notes. He must be missing something because otherwise it was astonishing that Trenton had been cleared for active duty since a serious head injury to regions that integrally linked via cybernetics could well be effectively irreparable.

Recovering his sense of bedside manner, Martin shook his head. "I see I will need to spend considerably more time mapping through the details there. Before I run a general exam, are there any particular issues you'd like to discuss?"

"It's all in the file Doctor" Trenton replied. He had been though a range of Doctors, from those who were accepting, kind and helpful, those who thought it was their duty to fix him, to those who viewed him like some kind of over-sized lab-rat to be poked and probed to satisfy their own curiosity. He briefly wondered what type Sorenson would turn out to be.

"Essentially I'm self maintaining, between the nanoprobes and regeneration cycles, I no longer require any routine treatment." There had been months of that at first, surgeries, procedures and a medication regime that left him sick and nauseous. "I consume regular fresh or replicated food, usually the less refined the better. I do require a nutritional supplement hypo that you can prescribe on a three weekly basis and an occasional tube of a dermal cream."

"My physiology is able to overcome and adapt to harsh conditions, I am physically more capable than un-augmented Humans." Experience had told him that using the the word capable was better that the Borg term superior anymore, it made others less nervous. "I am able to perform my Security functions at the appropriate level"

"However, I... " This part was always hard "I occasionally require somebody to... talk to"

Sorenson made a note to set up the prescriptions, even as he considered the rest of his statements. The use of 'capable' hadn't eluded him, nor the reference to others as 'un-augmented'. His experience with ex-Borg wasn't extensive, but he'd been in medical school during the last Borg attack on the Federation and had seen more than a few cases during residency. Because of that impact, both physical and psychological recovery had also been the focus of a number of colloquia, and that was what was running though his mind now.

He knew that even if the ocular implant was too embedded in the brain, the camera lens exterior was designed to be replaced, and could be with a prosthetic eye that could be made to closely match the appearance of his natural eye. Similarly, even if his lower arm for some reason couldn't be directly replaced with a biosynthetic prosthetic, there was no reason artificial skin couldn't be molded over to give the appearance of a human hand. Martin had to wonder if he was holding onto a more Borg appearance for some reason, but he was an MD, not a Counselor, and knew that Trenton must have received a lot counseling as part of his recovery, as well as approval that he was mentally fit for duty, so he wasn't going to press it.

However, on the last admission, Martin's heart went out to him. He understood only too well feeling isolated, like a stranger, an outsider, albeit for very different reasons. "I've entered a standing prescriptions for the nutritional supplements and dermal cream. As for talking, I'm sure you know there's are counselors, but if you'd like just regular conversation," he offered a friendly smile, "I'd be glad to meet you for a meal or a drink. Or jogging. I don't know what you prefer for exercise, but I typically jog in the arboretum. I certainly wouldn't mind company."

"Counselors.... yes, there are counselors." Like Doctors, he had encountered good ones and others whom expressed a professional empathy while performing best active listening tricks, nodding and being overly encouraging in what they thought were all the right places, when they had no base line or comparison experience and nothing in common. "...some times the introspective navel-gazing becomes a little too.... much"

The offer of jogging or exercise was different and appealing. When he had first returned to duty he had often had problems filling his off-duty time. Drones either worked or stayed in their alcoves. He had many times simply stood alone in his room or laid on his slab. He later found that he enjoyed time spent in natural places, woods, mountains, shorelines. Just walking or even standing in places that were not structured or ordered, wild places that were formed through natural means, was calming. On ships either arboretums or the holodecks were suitable alternatives.

"Jogging in the arboretum would be pleasant. Thank you for the offer, I believe I would enjoy that" Trenton acknowledged the kindness.

"I understand," Martin acknowledged. "I've recently found counseling to be helpful, but it's not ...comfortable; not like just talking with no expectations of breakthroughs or emotional insight." He checked the readings on his medscanner. "I'll be honest and say that medically you're difficult to properly evaluate since there isn't a standard baseline for ex-Borg. I can note significant deviations from past readings - and right now there are none - but you are the current expert on yourself so I am going to ask you to come in if you notice anything a little 'off'."

Trenton nodded. "I can do that" It was a sound course of action.

"I'll also mention that this station has one of the foremost biomechanicists in Starfleet, so if there were any even minor issues with your implants the next few days while we're docked is an opportunity to take advantage of that."

Trenton nodded again. "I appreciate the offer Doctor. Currently I appear to be operating at normal levels" He had learned to keep his physical behavior to normal Humanoid levels. There was nothing to be gained by punching holes in things, jumping high or running fast, it just seemed to alienate people more.

With that Sorenson closed the scanner and signed off on the exam. "As to jogging, the paths are more crowded early in ship's day, so I usually try to go after my duty shift. But I'm a doctor, so my schedule does sometimes run late." Martin ducked his head a bit apologetically. "If you don't mind that, we can work out times once you're settled in and have a handle on your own schedule."

"Thank you Doctor, that sounds satisfactory" He stood and offered the man a handshake. Beside being a grey alloy, his right hand appeared very close to Human form and had been created for him at Starbase 133. Fabricated from Borg metals, it was a replacement for the large tactical sensor device that had been there originally. Beside the color, only the large star-shaped Borg implant on the back of the hand gave it away.

"I hope you still think so afterward, since I probably jog slower than you do," Martin joked as he took his hand. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant."

Trenton made sure to keep the grip-strength down to usual levels and shook Sorenson's hand. "Thank you Doctor" He stepped back, nodded and made his way out.

That had gone better than expected. Sorenson had been pleasant, welcoming and pragmatic. He'd had a couple of Doctor's lay him on biobeds and start trying to poke around. He went out through the waiting area.

"Have a good morning Sir" The reception Nurse said as he passed. She gave him a small but genuine smile.

Trenton nodded "Thank you". Yes, definitely better than expected.


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