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A Normal Day

Posted on Tue Sep 29th, 2020 @ 10:06am by Captain Amelia St Lacroix & Master Chief Petty Officer Victoria Moreau

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Various
Timeline: MD02
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The Marines had gotten under her skin again, thought the Master Chief to herself as she slammed another roundhouse kick into the hung punching bag. The Chief of the Boat was in charge of maintaining order and control on a starship of the Non-Commissioned Members, and the Marines to her annoyance seemed to disregard that. True, when they had put into Sirius Station their section and bunks had been re-established, but they had insisted on maintaining their own schedules, training times, and drills, all while completely disregarding the need to communicate with her those times so she could schedule the Fleet crew around them. Another fury of blows landed on the bag and the chains rattled as it swayed back and forth. They were so cock sure of themselves that it seemed they were doing it just to piss her off. Victoria switched stance and landed a quick collection of punches and another kick. She'd been at this for the last hour and was quite surprised just how much energy she seemed to have, as worked up as she was she didn't usually have this much energy left in her. Panting heavily she walked to the edge of the room and picked up her water bottle to chug back some water. Wiping her face off with a towel she stretched a little and looked back to her bag and sighed. She had work to do, so she resolved to leave it for now, tossing the towel into the catch to be sanitized and cleaned before organized back into the clean bag by the computer.

Back in her uniform, Victoria ran her fingers through her hair, examining the lengths of it, and smiling to herself as she straightened her collar. She was going to have to tell the ship's hairdresser that they had done an amazing job, the greying hairs seemed to be completely hidden, and she even thought she looked a hair younger, and she swore her wrinkles she'd started to notice were disappearing. Maybe the workout had worked, but Ms. Moreau felt great. As she left her quarters she nodded pleasantly to the few crewmen she passed, headed for Cargo bay Two, where the work from Doctor Bathory was being held. She'd been there yesterday, helping to see it moved into a secured space, but now had to check on it again to ensure it was being protected. He had been quite insistent that no one touch it without him present, and that meant regular check in. As she made her way through the ship, she exchanged a few pleasantries with crew as she passed, and even stopped to talk quickly with one of the nurses, taking her PaDD to check quickly with the time off he was requesting for a honeymoon. Making a mental note to request the use of a runabout for the new husbands to get to Risa, she passed him his PaDD and carried on. Stopping outside the cargo bay, she talked with the guard posted for a few minutes, before entering the room and walking to where the work was kept. A cursory glance around showed her nothing had been moved or touched, which she reached over to the wall terminal to enter her time of checking in, and then headed back out of the bay and towards the mess hall for an early lunch.

Sitting across from Captain St Lacriox, the Master Chief avoided rolling her eyes. There was a need for respect that still happened between any NCO, even a MCPO and a Marine Captain, but it was hard. The Marine complained about shortcomings with the Marine Armory and targeting zone, insisting that there was in fact a need for her Marines to work at the ship's armory and to occupy their training facilities until Engineering could get the issues fixed. They had been going back and forth for about an hour, arguing about the finer details of scheduling and ensuring Tactical and Security could still practice their training and drills as well, all but telling the woman that Victoria was going to tell the Commodore to tell her that she needed to play nice. Sure, the Commodore wasn't happy with the Marines on board, but was playing nice because the General had barked at him - that didn't mean that they needed to be improper guests. The meeting drew to a close with instead the Captain suggesting she was going to go ask to Commodore herself, and dismissing Victoria. Once outside of the Marine area, finally the senior NCO did roll her eyes. Marines were infuriating, but looking at the time her shift was almost done.

Not finding the Commodore in his office, instead Moreau took the time to relay her discussions to the duty officer, a Bajoran Lieutenant who was way too eager to be in charge of Charlie shift. The man took notes with a passion, nodding along, and insisting on referring to her by rank the entire time, except to end the discussion with "Will that be all Ms. Moreau?" Again biting her tongue she replied with "Aye Lieutenant," and was once again dismissed by someone who had been in diapers while she was fighting in the Dominion War. Leaving the bridge, and stepping into the turbolift, she was joined by a few other NCOs headed for the mid-decks, and to their own barracks, making polite conversation with them as time went by, before settling into her own quarters. Tossing aside her uniform, she had others already ironed anyways, this one could get crumpled, she allowed herself to change into comfortable civilian attire, and flop face first into her pillows and let out a muffled scream of annoyance. Everyone seemed willing to try her patience today...

Sitting at the bar, the off duty Chief of the Boat exchanged a few laughs with a couple of the other Chief Petty Officers that had gathered in Ten-Assward to share some drinks and misery. Chief Jameson, one of the Engineering Chief was pointing out that he had to stand in the Environmental Control filters to oversee the work being done on the biofilters, and was complaining about how cold it was. He mentioned how he needed a few more drinks to get over it, going as far as to steal Victoria's and pound it back before she could protest. Another round of laughter followed from the group as the bartender stole the glass and replaced it with a full one. Shaking her head, Moreau launched into her own lengthy complaint about the Marines aboard, something that drew it's own nods and bemoanments. Chief Kanumba, the new Security Chief NCO all but splashed her drink aboard, pointing towards the general direction of the bridge, talking about how she was sure that the Commodore should have fought it, the Marines had made things arguably worse. Chief Kysv, a recent promotion to Chief Petty Officer and the Tactical Chief NCO pointed out that maybe Kanumba should work with the Marines, practice breach drills and safety retainers. Maybe even some emergency medical drills could help, seeing as they had their field medics. Later into the evening than they had expected the group bantered, and Victoria found herself surprised that she wasn't as tired as she would regularly be. Though the night wound down, and eventually the people present started to head home, Victoria included. Eventually, in the quiet nighttime halls of the Vesta, the Master Chief found herself sauntering into her quarters, a little more intoxicated than she had intended, and after kicking off her shoes, one last time flopped into her bed and passed out. It had been a busy day, so many people to see and talk to and engage with, she could hardly believe she'd made it until midnight. Maybe she wasn't as old as she thought she was...


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