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Following Orders

Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 5:46pm by Commander Martin Sorenson

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Sirius Station
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Martin wandered the station, not with any particular direction or goal. He had spent the morning consulting with Yoshi's biomechanist and her team. It had been a good meeting - stimulating conversation with highly regarded medical staff in the top of their field, a tour of state of the art facility, and they had offered him the courtesy of assisting during surgery. For which he was grateful. He wasn't sure whether to chalk it one up to ego or OCD, but even with the obvious competency, experience, and dedication here, it was still a little difficult to leave 'his' patient's life in someone else's hands. Assisting, even if all that meant was observing from beside the operating table or handing over instruments like a scrub nurse, made it all a bit easier. He took some comfort in the idea that the offer had been made because the specialist understood, having probably felt the same way about 'her' patients. Or at least he hoped it was that, and not that he had come across as yet another over protective starship CMO, which she had probably had more than enough experience of as well.

However, now he was simply enjoying the freedom of exploring the station. Not the whole station, of course - it had over a hundred decks - but the promenade area, which itself was five decks surrounding an open concourse. At the bottom level the walkway surrounded a park-like area with a grand fountain, a grassy lawn, and then pathways and seating among flowering trees. There was playground for children near the lawn as well as swings and hammocks in the trees, and in the hanging gardens that extended upward to the highest level (though the hammocks there seemed primarily occupied by felinoids and avian species). It didn't have the diversity of plant species and biome in Vesta's arboretum, but it was still a stunning space and Martin had spent as much time looking at from along the railing at each level as he had looking at any of the shops.

He hadn't ignored the commercial side of things though. After an hour or so checking out the view, it was getting to be lunchtime. Rather than find a place for a sitdown meal, he decided to 'graze' - trying samples from various of the food vendors along the way so he could keep exploring: oskoid, parthas, Bularian canapes, Petrokian sausage, Rhombolian cheese, Lorvan crackers, kava rolls, zilm'kach, Kefarian fritters, Delvan pudding, icoberry tart... by the time he reached the bottom level Martin decided it might be best to stretch out in a hammock and semi-nap until he didn't feel quite so full.

Once he felt like walking again, he kept to non-food shops at first checking various book and music stores. Fvaiin puppies drew him into pet shop, but adorable as they were he knew the Romulan canids would grow to be larger than a Great Dane, which would not work be a good fit for even senior officer quarters on a starship. He did however pick up some catnip toys for Teral's cats and a treat-filled puzzle ball for Hojo. (Eventually Asahi might start dropping by medbay if only to find his dog). He did pick up an orsic fern at a horticulture shop, so while he'd resisted getting a pet, he did buy another living thing to house in his quarters. He also bought a sample case from a microbrewery after breaking his no-more-food-shop to indulge in a tasting. The offerings had been pretty good, and he wanted to give Allison something more than just a verbal thank you. So by the time he got back to the ship, his arms were full.

Dropping it all off in his quarters was the best idea, but a few minutes after putting everything away he started out the door toward medbay.

That was when he realized that he should go back to the station. He'd been told to take some real time off after consulting with the station medical team, and if he stayed on Vesta chances that he'd resist the urge to drop by medbay to check in on things were practically nil. After weeks of nearly living in there, it was almost a default setting, and it was inevitable that he'd get pulled into work once there.

Taking time off hadn't officially been an order, but he felt like disobeying it would be rude. Besides, there were more places to see on the station. He'd heard the Dog Star Lounge had a great view and equally good food. Of course, it was Rufus who had said that, but the place should at least be good steak...


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