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Doctors and Officers

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 @ 10:55am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Commander Martin Sorenson & Lieutenant Asahi Kita & Isabella Cerin & Karrun North

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Observation lounge
Timeline: MD01 - 1830HRS
2291 words - 4.6 OF Standard Post Measure

There was a general bustle about the Observation Lounge as staff moved to and fro, organizing the room into a peak dining room. Doctor Bathory had been kind enough to accept the Commodore's request for dinner, but had a request of his own. His study of longevity in species, specifically in extending life itself, was a passion of his, and had requested the attendance of both Mirans and the ship's notable ten-assward bartender, Karrun. Though, Jack had made it clear he would be unable to attend necessarily, there were a few calibrations on environmental controls and the ship's quantum slipstream engine he had wanted to complete. Still, standing in his dress uniform, a look the Commodore despised, the man took note of how large the table looked from where he stood. Stewards placed the final touches of plates down on the table, smoothing linen and straightening cutlery. Apparently the chef had decided to get fancy and was preparing non-replicated duck confit. Where the man had acquired real duck and cheese Yoshi had no interest in learning, and was more than happy to let the matter slide. His wife had insisted on picking the alcohol for the night, insisting she understood what the collected guests would appreciate most, but as he watched two bottles of Saurian Brandy placed on the bar section, he began to have further questions that he wasn't sure he wanted answers to.

The choreographed performance that was the transformation of the room came to an end, the stewards disappearing into the side room, allowing the barest hint of the final preparations for dinner to slip through. An unintended grumble occurred in Yoshi's stomach and he carefully placed a hand upon it, reminding himself to not snack, even as a selection of oeuvres was presented on the side table. Snacks could wait until guests arrived and it was polite, regardless of how good the platter of sausages and cheese looked from here. Still, the man steeled himself, and moved to look out the window as stars streaked past.

Within a few moments, Martin arrived and seeing only Yoshi present allowed himself to pull at his dress uniform jacket. After wearing scrubs for the last week or so, it felt incredibly stiff. "You know, I think I could make a case for these jackets being bad for one's health," he half-joked, tugging on the collar as he went to join Yoshi at the window.

"Undoubtedly designed by a committee." Izzy joked, coming in shortly behind Martin. In answer to the dress uniforms, she'd traded her usual suits for a sleek evening gown made of stunning purple-blue Tholian silk that set amazingly against her deep toned skin, paired with dangling crystal earrings with a matching bracelet and necklace. "Most of whom planned to retire before they went into production."

"I seriously doubt a design team member for these uniforms has ever worn them," replied Yoshi with a smile. "Else someone would have made a pocket for the PaDD at some point, or an easier way to carry them," he remarked. Nodding to the void, he added, "Though, they make us look sharp for when we have to stand around and look pretty."

"I might be able to manage sharp. Pretty would be a stretch," Martin joked, and gave a friendly nod toward Izzy. "Particularly next to Ms. Cerin in a silk gown."

"Ah well, that would be a professional trick of the trade: All my stuff like this was custom tailored." Izzy grinned back.

The doors parted for Karrun as she frowned slightly. It had admittedly been a while since she had been invited to a formal event like this, especially one where she needed to wear a dress as formal as the one she was now wearing. A floor-length dress with a low cut back that left her shoulders bare with it joining around her neck in a stunning dark blue, Karrun had found it in one of her as of yet still yet to be unpacked crates. She was admittedly right now rather self conscious, her mind taking her back to a time long when she had met another doctor as obsessed with prolonging life. That had not been a good time in her life.

Yet to turn down the invitation from Minawara would be bad form, especially when he had apparently requested some of the long-lived species. She wouldn't be alone, not this time. She saw Martin and Yoshi standing awkwardly to the side as the staff finished their prep and molded themselves into the walls preparing and anticipating any request. "My you both look... both dashing and uncomfortable." A smile forming on her face.

"Uncomfortable, certainly," Martin laughed, and returned a smile. "And you look lovely - and unfairly comfortable."

"Apologies for running late!" came the voice of the jovial Denobulan doctor before he stepped through the door to the lounge, dressed in his finest royal purple tuxedo, complete with one of those light blue bow ties that were popular among the Federation populations. "Am I late? I had caught sight of one of those adorable little four-legged Kainans on the way over, and he was such a sweet creature that I had to socialize with him. I hadn't realized he was not able to communicate back vocally, I would probably have saved our conversation about lifespans of such four-legged creatures for another time. Good evening, by the by."

"Four legged Kainan..." muttered Yoshi to himself, then looking to Martin, and then to the doctor. "I don't suppose the Kainan was accompanied by Lieutenant Kita, was it?" It must be Hojo the Doctor had encountered, and a smile spread thinking of the man trying to have a discussion with the small cloud his Intelligence Chief called a dog. "Regardless, it's all good Doctor, we're in no particular rush this evening, an informal visit and a chance to get to know you better," he added, motioning to the table for the assembled people to sit.

"Why yes, yes it was." Bathory gave the pair a polite smile. He had a distinct recollection of the young Lieutenant walking alongside the four-legged creature and almost retreating upon realization that this 'dog' had found himself a new friend. It was something Bathory would have to address at a later time.

Martin curled his lips in, containing a chuckle at the same mental image that had hit Yoshi, but quickly recovered his composure to greet the scientist. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Bathory. I haven't had a chance to catch up on your most recent work, but your paper from a few years ago on potential approaches to telomere rejuvenation was fascinating."

"Ah yes!" Bathory perked up. "Telomeres were fascinating in how there were so many races throughout the galaxy that seemed to have the same issue in certain depredations throughout lineage and age. It did ... not receive as positive a response within the Denobulan Medical Hall, but that does not mean I will not keep trying."

"I understand you're on your way to take up a fellowship position on earth," Martin said, redirecting from what was apparently a sensitive topic.

"Indeed I am," confirmed the doctor, "And I would love to gather your perspective on my newest work, which may- ah." He stopped himself, gaze wandering toward the rest of the party, uncertain how those gathered would feel about any of his age deceleration research. "... Perhaps... we can... discuss this another time, Doctor Sorenson?"

"Of course, Doctor." Martin inclined his head in a small nod. "We can talk shop later."

Yoshi smiled as the pair talked, and walked to the head of the table and pulled his own chair out. "If that's the case, perhaps dinner is the next step in our evening?" On cue, a few staff emerged from the closed door carrying a bottle of port each, and delicately carried crystal glasses. "From my personal collection," commented the man, gently taking one of the bottles. "I thought a special occasion encouraged a special drink," he added, and easily popped the pop of the bottle off with a twist. Taking a glass from one of the porters as the group gathered he poured a glass and placed it for the guest beside him.

After taking his own seat, Bathory examined the contents of the glass presented to him. "I'm honored that you'd think to take out such a valued item for such a dinner," he admitted, waiting till everyone sat themselves down before he plucked the glass from the table and took a sip. "And it is quite delightful, at that." The doctor looked about the room to the gathered party. "I hope my appearance is not unsettling for any of you. I have had... quite a time trying to procure safe passage to my destination, and I cannot feign ignorance that my presence is not... the most comforting. I would, however, like to take the opportunity to speak to some of you while I'm here. Not simply for research purposes, of course. I always enjoy hearing from other perspectives on matters that are not purely scientific."

"Nonsense Doctor," replied the Commodore with a warm smile. "Our crew comes from across the stars with a great deal of experience in many matters. I know you and the Doctor will likely get along famously, though perhaps Jack and Nolan might find you best avoided. Their childlike presence sometimes encourages avoiding doctors." The smile turned to a grin, as he added, "Though, that might also just be standard Starfleet operating procedure. Tell us more about you though, you're Denobulan, have you taken wives?"

"Now that is a question." Bathory gave a grin, and from out of his pocket came a much smaller PaDD, tapping it's screen and placing it on the table for the surrounding group to pass around and take a look at. "I do, and multiple children between all of us, of course. I had lost one of my wives, Vizas, during one of her missions with Starfleet - she was a science officer upon one of the various ships you see. Most of the research that I have been continuing was research that she and I have been working on for quite a few years. Most of my other spouses are... not as scientifically minded. Ephrix is a Federation ambassador for Denobulan-Ferengi relations, but my other two spouses stay at home with the youngest of our children - who are all in the photo-reel. Please, take a look. I think there were multiple photos of our last family reunion."

"Ambassador Ephrix!" Izzy smiled at Bathory. "I met her a few times while I was stationed on Ferenginar several years ago, actually. She had an amazing umbrella collection; always a different one at every event we both attended." Izzy's own umbrella collection on Ferenginar, which she'd eventually left to her successor when she'd gone to her next posting, had been not nearly so grand; professional and serviceable but with far less flair.

"That sounds like Ephrix, alright," Bathory stated with a chuckle. "If it isn't umbrellas, it's vintage shoe sculptures, or earrings from distant planets. She always finds excitement in the cultures around her. I think she has a small collection of tiny thimbles she collected while she was on Earth helping one of the Ferengi... dignitaries?" he stopped for a tick, "... with their relations on the planet. I had to commission another wing added to the home we have on Denobula just for her fun little knick-knacks. But I do remember she was quite fond of those umbrellas."

"I suppose it's natural to collect mementos," Martin remarked, smiling to himself as he thought of his mother complaining about 'dust-catchers' - the mementos and souvenirs that his father always brought home after an assignment. Fortunately, the collection never became quite that extensive. "Though enough to need a home addition to contain them seems a little excessive."

"Very natural in Denobulan culture, actually," Bathory explained. "When the Federation began, many Denobulans desired to see what was around the planet Denobula that was once before unexplored. It turned the whole race into the ultimate tourists, so to speak. Those rooms, which would be considered excessive in other cultures, yes, were symbols of status. Now, most of the Federation's ah... 'touristable' areas have been explored and nothing is truly new except for the individual experience. But those rooms have lasted beyond through tradition. Ephrix simply happens to be from a rather traditional lineage. Myself? Not so much, but as she is one of my many beloveds, who am I to stand in the way of her hobbies?"

"A trait I would say that humans and Denobulans share, though I have always been fascinated by what Denobulans love to collect," added the Commodore with a smile. "I knew an Engineer who collected spent warp coil housings from different ships he had served on. Must have had thirty different collected pieces, and he could tell you exactly where each came from, the class of ship, and the reason it was different from others." Interrupting the thought a few more stewards appeared, placing meals in front of each of the assembled group. It was a stance that rarely the man would stand for, believing the ability to wander and talk freely was far more enjoyable than a formal dining experience. His wife on the other hand, had insisted. And the Commodore was nothing if not a good father. A lightly grilled duck breast with a serving of vegetables and potatoes was placed, with great care, down in front of each guest. A light bow came from the stewards and once more they disappeared. "Dinner, it is then," said Yoshi with a smile.


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