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Get Some Rest

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2020 @ 1:58pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow

Mission: When the Bough Bounces
Location: Vesta Sickbay
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It had been a stressful few days, and it would continue to be even now that Yoshi was back on board and getting treatment for the... well a lot of things. He hadn't gotten out of calls between himself, Starfleet Command, General MacTayrn, Obsidian Command, and pretty much anyone else who had wanted a word about the situation until 15 minutes ago. The stress wasn't helped by the fact he had been up for 19 hours now and it was just about to hit 0100. He still had much to do, but that would likely have to wait until the next day after a few hours of sleep at least. He had already dealt with Sorensen, confining him to quarters when not on duty, the rest would have to wait until after Yoshi returned he already knew that and had told the Commander as such.

He needed to visit his friend, and despite the late hours, he had gone. The sickbay was dark, muted lighting to allow for the nurses to see as needed but no more. Sitting in the biggest, most advanced bay almost as if in the center of attention was Yoshi's bed. He let out a sigh before he walked over to it and stood there just outside of the light. Yoshi looked peaceful despite the bruises. "You have to stop getting into these situations Yoshi, we cant have you ending up more cyborg than man."

Yoshi looked almost worse than he had before they had picked him up, splayed out as he was on his bed. The remnants of the mechanical arm were placed a few feet away from him, and a line of hardware was hooked up to the gap where it was supposed to be, a move to keep the nerves alive and undamaged. Lights flickered on the display to show he had moved, receiving the signals and transmitting back along the chain that it was happening. The result of which was a stunned and confused looking man every time he shifted, realizing his arm wasn't actually there. Shifting in his bed, Yoshi looked from the holographic display showing news to him to his friend. A weak smile met the joke, and the Commodore shifted to sit upright, wobbling from the lack of balance.

"I was hoping for a new eye as my next upgrade," came the hoarse response.

"Don't even joke." Ewan said with a sigh yet again as he stepped into the light. "You should hear the conversations MacTaryn and Sepandiyar are having right now, I don't think I've ever heard of either of them being on the same page before. All it took was one Commodore being kidnapped by terrorists to do it I guess." He said as he tapped a button on the panel and raised the lighting a tad to a more comfortable level for both of them. "And I doubt Alice would be happy with more machine than man."

Flopping back into his pillows, Yoshi groaned. "Don't remind me about Alice, she is on a warpath. As for MacTaryn and Sepandiyar..." He stopped and shuddered, a combination of the radiation drugs and his own worry. "I cannot being to imagine how much they are freaking out. And I cannot imagine how much you had to try and talk the General down from raining Marines down on the planet. Speaking of," he nodded to the door. "They're going home, right?"

"Uh.. no." Ewan grimaced for a moment, "Something you'll have to take up with them once you're better. They 'requested' that the team that recovered you stay for a while. We have space and it wasn't a fight I was ready to be in yet." He was still the executive officer after all, not the commander even in these circumstances they found themselves in. "As it stands, the Bonnie Henry is on its way with a Corps of Engineers team and some Starfleet Medical support. Until they arrive the Rutherford is staying in orbit since we've been ordered to meet with the Alexander."

"Let me guess, MacTaryn has agreed to a small transit with the Admiral to come meet in person," Yoshi frowned and shook his head slightly. "Very well, if I have the pleasure of Marines aboard, I would like to see them put to use. Practice some boarding drills for me, I'd like to pretend at least like this is something we can learn from," he said, his frown deepening. The young Commodore was not a fan of Marines on his ship, less so was he a fan of having to sit in a room full of higher up Brass that included MacTaryn. "How is the situation on the planet? I am hoping at the very least the general public is okay from all this."

"The leader of the Squad and her senior NCO seem to be good people... I think we can make it work for now. I'll get them working with Security to cross train as best we can, might as well use them to drill our own." Ewan said with a nod as he moved to lean against the wall in an easy to see area for Yoshi. "Still... angry, but its cooling down. The promise of support and senior Prebig trying to calm things down is helpful. Rutherford already deployed some preliminary teams to set up the camps for the coming teams which shows proper progress, which also helps. I think it will take a few years for preconceptions to go to the wayside though."

"I'd be surprised if it ends this Generation," replied Yoshi with a slow nod. "I cannot imagine that many of these people, abandoned for years, are going to suddenly up and forgive the past. We can put down all the supplies, redo a lot of the environment, rebuild their power, and get their mines running, but all of it is going to look like guilt and buyouts to those who have suffered. If the Maquis were still around, or the Bajoran resistance, I could see them finding friends. As it is, the fact these people recognized the Sons of Cheron..." He trailed off, thinking about the man running spoofed Spectre hardware. He wasn't from the planet, which means he likely escaped, skulking off into the night.

"Great, next-generation Maquis." Ewan said with a sigh, "Just what the Federation needs now. Finally getting a little bit stable after all the ruckus from the fall of the Romulan Empire and those systems threatening to succeed and now we have the Maquis 2.0 running around gaining a following. All this is going to do is destabilize the area and cause another fight to break out." They were dark thoughts, probably the darkest timeline if he were to be honest too, but that was where his mind was going. "Look Yoshi... that's not really all either. I had an interaction with Martin that... could have gone better I'll admit. He's been confined to quarters. We discussed his... transgressions on the surface."

For a moment Yoshi had failed to respond, less that he was thinking, and more than that his mind had blanked for a second. When he finally gathered a response it was drawn out and exhausted sounding. "I don't know what happened, but I am sure it's a matter than can wait." There was another pause, this one was him thinking though. "If you are worried that you offended him, or you were too harsh, the question becomes, 'were you'?" He settled into his bed a little more, having a hard time getting comfortable. "Or, are you here to look at me, and validate your anger?" It was a question only a friend could ask. Closing his eyes, the Commodore shook his head slightly. "Talk to your wife, I am sure she'll give you her thoughts, though again, I might avoid Alice on this one."

"Possibly. He did disobey a direct order but... he did it because he's Martin the Doctor not Martin the Officer and not of any ill will now that I look back." Ewan sighed, "From what I hear, Allison's actually already heard and spoken to Martin herself... So I suspect she'll be waiting whenever I finally go back to our quarters." He shuddered a bit at the thought, how she had heard about it to begin with was a little surprising but... news like this spread fast on a ship this size. "Final decision is yours in the end once you're recovered, I'm only acting CO anyways, though good luck when Sepyandir gives you his thoughts." He grinned a bit at that comment.

"Don't remind me," replied the Commodore with a groan. "I can only imagine what kind of punishment he is going to want to slam down." Stifling a yawn, he carried through, "I'm going to have to make sure we did everything by the book. If he is going to want to punish us, it's going to be as hard as I can make it for him."

"Well I don't think getting captured was 'by the book', but if you can find it in the manual, show it to me yeah?" Ewan replied with a laugh, "They have you all squared away? Book, reports, etc?"

"Doctor says no reports, I am supposed to relax and get some rest," the Commodore said with a smile. "Alice read me some of the crew gossip though, which is as close to a report as I feel I'm going to get any time soon."

Ewan laughed, "Oh and whats the latest today then? Karrun invented another drink no one can drink but a denobulan or something?"

Shaking his head, Minawara responded, "No, but I did hear though that Ensign Li is expecting a baby." He paused and chuckled, "I heard in great detail in fact."

"Great, even I hadn't heard that one yet. I guess Ill have to look at the duty rotation to adjust in the near future." Ewan said shaking his own head, "Its good to hear though, some uplifting news like that is good to hear right about now." He let out a sigh. "When are you expected back on your feet?"

Shrugging as much as he could, lights flaring up across the board to show the nerves working, Yoshi replied with an almost defeated "Im not sure." He nodded in the direction of the Doctors office. "I trust Martin, but this isn't general surgery. My chief biomechanist that did all the original work is on Sirius station temporarily, I already looked. I will have to get them to do a lot of the rework. As for on my feet to work, the good doc says probably two weeks really."

Ewan nodded, "Well shouldn't take too long to get to Sirius. We were ordered to expedite our travel so we'll be entering QS as soon as we're clear of the system." It wouldnt take too long to get to Sirius and Camp Falkirk once they hit their fastest speed, either way, at least until then Ewan would be the one making all the big decisions. Not that it worried him, he had been in this position before running the ship while the Captain was gone, but not like this, not in a situation like this. It just sucked. "Well I should let you rest... That and I'm sure Allison is ready and waiting to have a good old chat."

"She probably has some harsh words for you, I know Alice does," Minawara said with a smirk. "But you," he said looking at his old friend with a stern face, "Need some rest. I can only imagine how many hours you have been up. Go sleep, I'm not going anywhere." The tone sounded friendly enough, carrying a serious undertone of concern. "Ship needs at least one of us at our best, and it's not going to be me."

Ewan laughed, "No I imagine not." He pushed himself off the wall letting his arms fall to his side, "I also imagine Allison likely has something that will make sure I go to sleep as well." With a nod, and a moment of just looking at each other, Ewan turned, "Sleep well, friend."

"And you Ewan."


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