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A Bright Star

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 1:58am by Captain Ewan Darrow & Allison Darrow

Mission: Back Post
Location: USS Ford
Timeline: 2374
1131 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

"I don't bloody well care how long it's going to take we need a medic now!" Ewan called over the comm as he pulled on emergency release, causing the bulkhead support behind him to come crashing down sealing the corridor behind him. "We've got several minor injuries and one person with a broken leg." The Lieutenant junior grade stated as he tried to pull one of the injured up with him so they could get moving. Yet another explosive bit of damage to an already struggling ship, but the Akira class cruiser could take a beating and still keep on moving and that was what Ewan was counting on to get them through the day.

"It's just not possible, we've had 2 hull breaches and an interior bulkhead collapse. Decks 3, 4 and 5 have merged into one giant deck lieutenant and we have more injured to deal with than yours. If you can get them to the sickbay great, if not they'll have to wait." Came the monitored voice of one of the doctors on the other side. He hadn't met her yet but he could hear the stress in her voice, the same stress he likely had on his own but it didn't matter. His job was the fix the ship, hers was to fix the people.

Ewan swore as the ship rocked once again, throwing him and his companion into the wall. The comm signal cut off and again he was left frustrated at this whole thing. Another battle with the Dominion, another hole to fix, another person to heal, another dead to mourn, it was endless. This entire war was endless and it was all he had ever known since joining Starfleet.

Ewan had joined Starfleet to explore the galaxy, to seek out new life, civilizations, technology. To push the boundaries of his understanding of what he knew to be true and challenge his own beliefs. Ewan had joined Starfleet to be an explorer like his dad before him, and his dad before him. All Ewan had ever known was life in space and that was all he wanted for his life. This war had been nothing but a drain on the ideals that he had believed in and yet he knew if it was not fought, those ideals he so cherished would disappear into nothingness under the Dominion. It was that fatal catch-22. Fight and kill, or give up and die. There was no other option with the Dominion either you ruled or you were ruled.

That was not a life he wanted for himself, not a life he wanted for anyone in Starfleet, in the Federation, hell anywhere. That was why he still did his job, why he still fought, that last shred of life he hung on to. A thread that felt all too frayed recently.

That was when the wall beside him exploded as the ship rocked once more and all Ewan knew was black.

A low groan escaped Ewan's lips as he woke up. Whatever had hit him, hurt and a lot. He struggled to push himself up, only to feel the pressure of a hand pushing him back down to the bed. "Now don't go trying to get up now. You had a pretty serious concussion and some nasty internal damage from that bulkhead hitting you. I'm somewhat surprised you didn't die. The damage to the area of the ship was extreme."

"I've been told I have a thick head," Ewan replied quietly as he grimaced. The hand was pushing down on what was likely the forming of a bruise which would hurt in the morning... or was it morning? "How long?"

"Just a few hours." Came the soft reply of whoever the hand belonged to.

He knew that voice, it bugged him. Who was it?

"Well, then I guess I should get back to it. I take it we're still in one piece at least since we're here talking." Ewan said mentally going through a list of repairs he could remember from before he had blacked out. Three whole decks had collapsed into one in a section of the ship if he remembered right.

"You're not going anywhere. You have at least 2 days of bed rest coming with your injuries." The voice said a little more distant this time. Whoever was speaking now wasn't bedside anymore. "Doctors orders."

"Well then fix me up Doc. Your job is to fix the people, mines to fix the ship no?" Ewan said opening his eyes finally, staring upwards at the bulkhead above. It was scared but intact, that of the sickbay that had seen more than its fair share of duty recently.

"It ain't as simple as that blockhead and you know that." The voice said again, moving closer this time. Ewan turned, the twinge in his neck causing him to grimace once more before he saw her. Possibly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She stopped when she saw him looking, an amused expression on her face. "You know your mouth is hanging open right?"

Ewan swore internally as he manually closed his mouth, "I apologize doc... this entire thing has been... draining. We just fixed the ship up and she's already broken again. I've only been on board for two weeks." He stopped to think for a moment as she stood there and watched him, "This entire war has been draining."

"You can say that again." She replied, her soft smile fading to a sad look. "You came in with the group from the Sovereign then."

"Yes, assigned as the assistant chief engineer." Ewan replied, "Ewan Darrow."

"Allison Kessler," she replied as she took another step towards the bed until she was almost beside it once more. "Nice to meet you, Ewan, now its time to rest."

She pressed a hypospray against his arm and pressed the injector. He tried to fight it, he wanted to talk more to this tall red-headed woman who had instantly captivated him. He had connected the dots now, she had been that stern voice responding to him before, the one who had been so stable, calm and direct. So strikingly beautiful with that smile, and a sad look that made him just want to get up and envelope her in a hug until all her worries in the world were gone.

And she was drugging him back to sleep.

Ewan didn't know it yet, but one day he'd marry Allison Kessler. A wartime story of a fast bright burning romance, one that would manage to burn away the shadows in both their souls caused by the Dominion War. A story that would lead to two beautiful children, a life of adventure and exploration, reaching out into the endless stars and forging a path together.


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