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Where it Shouldn't Be

Posted on Sat May 11th, 2019 @ 7:06am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: Wrong Place, Right Time
Location: Various
Timeline: MD01 02:30


Stirring in bed, Yoshi dragged his blanket up over his head, not fully awake enough to understand the noise, nor awake enough to care.



This time the feeling of a pillow slamming forcefully on his head caused him to at least open his eyes. Alice, rolled away from him had offhandedly tossed her spare pillow at him and groaned "Answer it, and then space the Ensign who thought to wake us up." Rolling over, the Commanding Officer of one of the most advanced starships in the Fleet slapped his Comm Badge with all the ceremony reserved for a particularly loud alarm clock.

"Minawara," He grunted, saying he had received his message, but the tone made it very clear that the person sending it should consider their reason for waking the Commodore very closely.

"Sir, we have a vessel emitting a distress signal, requesting aid for a failed navigation system." There was a pause, like the person on the other end was waiting for an order, but as the silence dragged on, turning from polite to awkward, they continued. "Sir, it's reporting that it finished a delivery, but there are no Federation planets along its flight path."

"So it's probably a pirate," came the response from the muffled pile of pillows beside Yoshi, who looked to his wife. "Or a smuggler," another pause and she shrugged.

"I agree Ensign, flag it for Starfleet security, and have a patrol ship come pick them up," he added and rolled over to go back to sleep. "No need for us."

"Negative sir, it is a registered freight vessel, and it's along its flight plan. It's also reporting it was part of a humanitarian mission, all its papers are in order. Also flagged it with Security, FleetCom already told us to investigate. Sir," added hurriedly on the end, like it was forgotten almost. With a sigh, Yoshi rolled back to a sitting position and yawned.

"I'll be there in ten minutes."

..::Main Bridge - Fifteen Minutes later.::..

Still straightening his belt, Yoshi stepped from the turbolift and towards the centre chair. At some point the Vesta had dropped from warp and was sitting by, waiting to move to its next destination. The front viewscreen currently showed a blank field of stars, like an endless night. "Tell me more then," he said, taking a sip from his coffee. "What're we dealing with?"

"It's the S.S. Amber Road, an Aerovant LC-3152 type freighter," came the reply from the young Junior Lieutenant who'd stood from the centre chair. "Supposed to be carrying deuterium and Helium-3, but its reports indicate it was intending to make a humanitarian stop to a planet having issues with reliable food growth. We've run scans though sir, not only do none of the nearby Federation planets meet those criteria, but there isn't even a Federation colony within fifteen lightyears, just automated sensor relays, and a couple of remote telescopes." Nodding slowly, the CO turned back to the pool table at the rear and brought up the specifications for the vessel, as well as it's last known cargo.

"It left Outpost Beta-Thirty-Four with only two supply pods full of fuel, why would it leave with empty pods? That doesn't make good business sense in the slightest," he commented. Tapping the table, a three-dimensional outline of the vessels intended course was displayed. It left Outpost B34, made a stop for fuel at a small, private station, and then carried out this odd loop through empty space. None of this made sense, and it had Yoshi scratching at his beard, humming to himself. "Refueling at a private facility doesn't make sense. Federation sanctioned transport of Helium-3 gets you fuel at your port of pick-up at no cost. A private facility would add costs, as most of them charge latinum to do business with the Ferengi. Something here isn't right." Looking from the course to the front of the ship, he simply said, "Helm, lay in a course, warp 6. Tell the owner we'll be there soon. I'll be in my ready room if you need me." Sleeping on the couch there was not his best choice, but seeing how he knew Alice would kill him if he returned now. Besides, his mind was already working, he doubted he'd get much sleep anyways, and they only had five hours until they arrived.


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