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To Seek Out Snacks and New Aquaintances

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 10:05am by Ensign Rufus Marocain & Lieutenant JG Eira Cortez

Mission: Snow Birds
Location: Haumea Colony, Cafe
Timeline: MD05, 1200

Exploring the colony was fun. Rufus' tail wagged as he strolled through the town, happily unconcerned by the cold. It was nice having a thick coat of fur, so he could just enjoy the new sights and smells. His nose lifted, inhaling the rich array of scents ...and then turned following one of them.

Fresh pastries! He pushed through the door eagerly, but then his ears drooped - every table was taken. Glancing around, he spotted one with a single person and an empty seat. She might be waiting for someone, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. He strolled over, putting on his friendliest caninoid smile. "Excuse me. Is this seat taken?"

Eira looked at him from over the cup of tea she was drinking and then put it down, the back of her hand coming up to hide her mouth while she swallowed the drink, “Oh, no it’s not.” In all honesty, she had never met one of his species before and she blinked a couple of times before adding, “Sorry, where are my manners, I’m Cortez, or Eira, the new Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer on the Vesta.”

An ear flipped back, but he smiled. It wasn't like he hadn't gotten that reaction before, and besides, it sounded like she was joining his pack. "Pleased to meet you," he said, giving a friendly tail wag before dropping into the seat. "I'm the helmsman on the Vesta, Rufus Marocain, but seeing as we're sharing snacking space here, you can call me Rufus."

At the mention of him being one of the helmsman, her thoughts went back to Rafe and she wondered what he was up to these days. Damn she missed him. "Good to meet you, Rufus. This is my first posting back from leave, so I've got a few mixed emotions at the moment." Eira finished the last bit of her tea.

"It's always tough coming back from leave," Rufus agreed sympathetically. After seeing his family during the leave following the time jump incident, it hadn't been easy coming back. Kainans understood duty, but after years of thinking he was dead, he didn't even need his nose to sense how hard it was for his mother to see of him off at the Starfleet shuttle port. "But I'm sure you'll love Vesta. We have a great crew. The CO and XO are both still engineers at heart, and our CEO is brilliant and fun. The CMO is good too. I didn't even have to argue to get him to double meat allowance in my diet."

Just because he said they were good people didn’t mean she needed to become best friends with them. She doubted that unless anything specific happened to anything mechanical, she shouldn’t have to interact with any engineers. “That’s good to know.” she smiled a bit at his comment about the meat. “Did you want anything to eat or drink while you’re here? The pastries are good.”

"Oh, right, yes. That's what I came in for." He looked around, noticing the waiter who was hovering just to side waiting for an order. He hadn't looked at the menu, but he didn't need to; he had a nose. "I'll have a chai latte, extra creme, a slice of strudel, two cheese croissants, and half a dozen bearclaw donuts." Glancing at Eira's empty plate, he cocked an ear toward her. "Do you want another pastry?"

How could she follow up that order with something of her own? “An iced green tea and a sweet crepe will do thank you.” She turned from the waiter and back to Rufus, “I try to be as healthy as possible, eating as little sweet stuff and consuming as little amounts of alcoholic beverages as possible too. But sometimes it gets the better of me.” She smiled and chuckled a bit. “So tell me: what is there to do for fun around here? I’m really enjoying this snow at the moment, I don’t get to see it much.”

"As long as you're on leave, you might as well enjoy." Rufus bobbed his head in the human style of agreement. Although the truth was he'd eat this anyway, but then his metabolism ran a lot hotter than most humans. "Besides, it's fuel for the fire," he patted his belly, chuckling, "especially for fun out in the snow. Even with my coat, you need calories to stay warm. There are some good slopes for skiing and tubing a bit to the northwest. A bunch of us were out there earlier today. I hear there's a pond nearby that's iced over well enough for skating. I've never done that, but I might give it try before we break orbit."

“Then shall we go a bit later on? I mean I’d be keen to go as well, I think the last I was in the snow was when I was nineteen and at home with my parents in Colorado on Earth before I left to study at the academy.” Eira remembered and then looked to see where the waiter was with their food.

"That would be great," Rufus replied. "I want to try it, but I'm not sure about balancing on blades. My feet aren't designed as well for that as yours. So pointers on balance from someone who's skated before would be much appreciated." He looked past her and broke into a wide grin at the sight of a waiter wheeling their orders over. "After we eat, of course."

Eira looked overjoyed at the sight of her sweet crepe; she'd grown quite fond of them back at the facility when Nate used to bring them around. She took a sip of the tea and grinned at the taste of it: it was actually pretty good! "Well we can both struggle together and see how we go, yeah?"

"Absolutely!" Rufus grinned happily at the offer as the food being set before him. "Sweets and winter fun - you picked a great way to start off on the ship."


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