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Awkward Introduction

Posted on Wed Mar 20th, 2019 @ 10:19am by Commander Martin Sorenson & Lieutenant Asahi Kita

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Turbolift
Timeline: Post current mission

"... Jesus, you weren't kidding were you Commodore..."

As was typical with the small-statured officer, Asahi had his eyes glued to a PaDD full of data as he strolled down the hall to the turbolift. Since their encounters with the Qooid, he had made it a mission to dig into the background of the Vesta, her crew, and the bad press surrounding her. What his research initially came back with was a copy of a moderately circulated novel, of which he decided to immediately take with him on his daily routine. It may not have been blatantly adapting what had occurred, but no stone was to be left unturned.

As he walked into the turbolift, his brows knit in concern. "Max Hardin... Hoo boy."

Standing quietly in the turbolift, Martin had been preoccupied thinking over everything he needed to catch up on now that the escapade on Brax was over, and hadn't noted the person joining him in the lift beyond giving a polite nod. However, at hearing that name his brows rose. He glanced at the other man's PaDD and then at the man himself, realizing he had not seen him before. Good grief. Not another new crewmember who thought that trashy novel bore any resemblance to the truth. "No. Martin Sorenson," he said firmly.

"That's not what this says." Asahi pointed out, tearing his face from the PaDD to Martin with a frown. "Is that who Max is supposed to be?" He wiggled his PaDD in the air. "From what I've dug up, Max's track record reads more like an Academy frat conquest list than the 'Actually Did Some Good' file I read on Sorenson. Two totally different people." Yet to add two and two together, Asahi held his hand out for the other to shake. "Lieutenant Asahi Kita, by the by. Chief Intel."

Martin relaxed, breathing a sigh of relief. "Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant," he replied, taking the proffered hand. "And very pleased to know that you don't think I'm..." he waved vaguely at the PaDD, "...him. You wouldn't believe how many of the new crew we took on after our return seemed to imagine that I was."

After a firm shake, it took Asahi an awkwardly long moment to realize what Martin was saying. "Commander Sorenson, then," he confirmed. "If I believed everything I read in a book, then I wouldn't be a good engineer and half the ships I served on wouldn't have lasted as long as they did. Besides, stuff like this is always widely exaggerated, but the Commodore had mentioned some hideous stuff, and I wouldn't be a good Chief of Intelligence if I didn't at least make myself aware of what was being said. Though, if Max is any indication, that'd make you Head of..." The gears started to turn in Asahi's head as he recalled the full conversation he had with the Commodore. "Meeeediciiiineeee..."

"CMO, yes," the doctor confirmed, stifling a chuckle at the intel officer's reaction. "Don't worry. Despite whatever you've read in there or any other hideous stuff you've heard, I'm a professional. In fact, if you want to get your medical check in out of the way, I'm headed to medbay now."

"You knooooow..." Asahi trailed off, rubbing the back of his head, "There's a lot to do and I really don't think it'd be a good idea to keep you from your busy schedule. I know they don't take long, but I've got... a lot of medical stuff. Lost a finger once, ended up with a prosthetic - but don't worry, I'm fine now." He was quick to cover his own ramblings, eyes widening at his own blunder. Then, he tried for the good old white lie. "I mean, I got one just before I left the Intelligence Offices. Wouldn't that be a lil' redundant?"

Martin shook his head. It never ceased to amaze him how resistant some people were to a simple exam. If he had strip of latinum for every officer who tried to avoid a physical... "A check in exam for new crew is regulation, and you know how Starfleet is about regulations." He gave a 'what can you do?' smile, hoping to put Asahi more at ease. "And don't worry about my time. I'll be glad of an excuse to put off the mound of paperwork that's waiting for me."

"Yeaaaaahhh, but that paperwork must have some pressing deadlines." Asahi reasoned, more with himself than with the doctor. Physicals did not take long, but the last thing he wanted was for Martin to uncover the giant 'classified' section written on his medical file. That was of course, under all the other various temporary injuries sustained from the typical career path of a Starfleet officer. A 'turn and cough' would not have found that out, but a gander at any of Asahi's current records surely would have. "Sure, it's regulation, but it can wait, right?"

"One of the benefits of being a doctor is that you can always be late with with paperwork and get out of trouble by saying 'Patient care comes first'. Which it does," he added meaningfully. "Is there some reason you're so reluctant to have this exam? Because I'm getting the feeling that if I let you put it off I'm going to wind up having to bribe Rufus to sniff you out and drag you into medbay by the scruff of your neck."

Asahi's mouth opened to blabber out a list of excuses, but the name drop started another, completely unrelated wheel in his head. "Rufus? Is there another dog on the ship? Do we have a dog park in Hydroponics? We should - maybe I'll bring that up with the guys in charge of that. What kind of dog is Rufus?"

"No," Martin laughed. "Rufus is a flight control officer. But he's a Kainan so he does resemble a dog. A really big dog - he's several centimeters taller than I am."

"... That's pretty tall." Asahi had a difficult time imagining a dog on his hind legs that large, but he had a hard time telling how tall Martin was from his current angle, aside from 'taller than him,' but he was used to this. "Never met a Kainan before either. First time for everything."

"Including your first medical exam on Vesta," Martin reminded with a smile.

"Yeah, I'll get there." Asahi's excitement for the moment deflated as the medical exam came up again. He diverted his gaze to the door, wishing the damned thing opened so he could retreat and continue his avoidance tactics. Alas, there would be no well-timed opening today. "What's it with doctors being all persistent and remembering things like that anyway? I never got that."

Martin gave a small shrug. "Doctors are just dedicated to keeping people healthy. Starfleet doctors have to try that with people who tend to be amazingly resistant to the idea," he added, cocking a brow at Asahi. "What I've never understood is why officers who will volunteer to face down a Klingon warrior practically turn and run at the mention of a trip to medbay."

"For the record, I would in no way ever volunteer to face a Klingon warrior." Asahi pointed out. "I would probably drug him... Or talk myself out of a situation. Or get someone bigger and more intimidating than I am to face off. Nevermind the fact that I'm not avoiding a visit, I'm just..." He paused. "... Buuusy. Yeah, busy. With important and extremely confidential intelligence research."

~Uh-huh.~ The doctor shook his head with a chuckle. "That's not a bad excuse, actually least not as bad as the security officer who claimed he had to answer an emergency comm. That he'd received on a special frequency that only he could hear."

"Well, I mean, I'm not lying." Asahi admitted. "Most of my job is confidential intelligence type stuff." He shrugged, shifting his weight from side to side. "And you never know with those security guys, they have some weird frequencies. But uh... there's a lot in my file. Like. A lot a lot. I don't wanna assume you've read the thing yet, but heads up if not. So uh... Might take a little longer than a 'simple physical.'"

Martin thought about that for a moment. "More than a CO with highly engineered prosthetic arm, or two Mirans with several hundred years of medical history between them?"

"Oh they're Mirans," is all Asahi had to say for a long moment. "Maybe not as long as theirs, but definitely not what you'd expect. Various mission-related injuries aside- I'm sorry, did you say he has a prosthetic arm?"

"You didn't know?" Martin's brows rose. It seemed like something in the crew files that would have stood out. "In any case, an initial exam is primarily a baseline scan. I usually ask if there's anything you're concerned about or any health issues I should be aware of."

"It's not something I typically pay attention to." The lack of tact Asahi would have had a much less desirable first impression for the Commodore. Willful ignorance was good for something. "I mean, maybe? But I've got a couple of issues that-" as he was about to dive into details of whatever medical tidbit was on his mind, the door slid open. "You know what, I think I hear that weird frequency the security officers go on about. Rain check on that physical, Doc." And before Martin could object, Asahi stepped out of the turbolift and was darting off down the hallway.

"Wait, what - ?" Martin was left with his mouth open, the word 'issues' dying on his lips as he watched in astonishment as Asahi sped away. Okay then...

Letting the doors close, he made mental note to send another request for a ship's Counselor. Preferably one with some experience with phobias about medical exams.


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