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A Letter Home

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 12:42pm by Lieutenant Asahi Kita

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Intelligence HQ, Somewhere in Alpha
Timeline: MD 01 : 0182 Hrs

You've got my cat.

The sentence sat at the top of Asahi Kita's transcribing application. It was the only sentence currently lying within the blank document, and had been for the past hour. He previously toyed with the idea of utilizing another thought, such as 'Hey loser, I'm back,' or 'I got you a souvenir, I'll give it to you for my stuff.' None of them seemed to have the same effect. But he had no idea how he was going to present himself in front of any of his friends or family, and there was little time for him to do more than send messages out, not when he received word of his first assignment so soon.

"Computer, delete sentence," he stated with a frown, folding his arms against his chest. His fingers danced across the screen, navigating the display from one blank document to the next. He paused as he compared how blank it was compared to the last one, before moving on. The third document contained more progress, the screen populating with his detailed Intelligence report of what he last remembered of events that led him to this moment. Even after three years, Asahi had vivid memories of driving a shuttle through the treacherous atmosphere of a Jem'Hadar-controlled alternate Earth, maneuvering the vehicle full of passengers toward the USS Viking, thinking they were all about to get themselves back home.

For all he knew, and what the various reports told him, most everyone managed to return safely, except him. Why that was, Intelligence seemed intent on discovering.

Returning to the forefront, Asahi swiped the console screen again until he returned to the first blank document, determination alight in his eyes. "Computer, begin transcription." Asahi removed his hand from the console and to the border collie who obediently sat next to him, scratching behind the dog's ears absently as he began once again. "So I'm back. I've been back for a bit, about a year I'd say..." A small 'tch' escaped his lips. "Computer, wipe previous transcription." And again, the words on the screen were removed as quickly as they appeared. "Computer, pause transcription."

"Hojo, how about I just send you down to that colony and give him a written message? What do you think, boy?" Asahi gave the dog a bemused look, receiving a curious tilt of the head in return. "... Too much? No red crayon that reads 'Hey dude'? You think he'd get that?" The dog's head tilted the other direction. "Yeah, too much."

Asahi's lips pressed together as he focused on the console. "Maybe I should just talk and let it happen, huh? Not think about it so much." At this, Hojo gave a tiny bark. "Tch. You would say that."

His arm returned to cross over the other against his chest. "Computer, begin transcription." And, after letting out a sigh, he continued. "Hey. Can't exactly say I know what to tell you. I've been about long enough to say that I probably should have gotten a message out sooner, if I had been allowed to. I wasn't, before you get anything through your head. Partially that I haven't been allowed contact with you or anyone else over the last year, but also because... well, I didn't want to. I wasn't ready. And you're getting the first one - so don't tell anyone I'm back, especially Ma. She will not let me - or you - hear the end of it. I'll contact her when I'm ready."

He paused to watch Hojo make his way across the room to his little dog bed, which sat next to the bag of Asahi's effects. Hojo spun in a few slow, lazy circles before lying himself down in the comfort of the plush pillow, watching Asahi as the human continued. "I managed to get Hojo somehow. We've got another in Intelligence who happened to be taking care of him. That means you can keep the cat. I'm sure he's more your cat than mine by now. I do want my stuff though, if you don't mind. I can wait on it. It'll give me another reason to weasel a trip to that colony you ended up on. Probably on a shore leave. I ended up on another assignment, but them's the breaks. Vesta? I bet you'd know about it more than I would, I just got the order down from brass. We can catch up more on that later, but I wanted to... contact you. We've got a lot to talk about, but I'm sure you're going to be more busy than I am."

A small, red alert popped up at the top right of his screen, causing him to unravel his arms and sit up in his seat. "And I gotta go. I'll keep in contact, once I get myself aboard the ship. See ya... Commander." He paused, standing in his seat and hovering a hand over the screen.

"Computer, end transcription and send the result to Commander Luka Mahone."


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