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No Time For Coffee or Cupcakes

Posted on Fri Jan 11th, 2019 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant Asahi Kita & Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Commodore's Office

As Asahi materialized onto the Vesta, there were a few items he took note of.

First, that the ship sounded much quieter than the smaller vessels he had served upon. That was a good plus. He couldn't help but notice how lustrous everything on the ship was either, stopping momentarily to take in the sight of the vessel. But that was when he noticed his second item: everyone seemed a little on edge.

"Outta the way." Both lieutenant and dog took a step to the left, allowing a pair of disgruntled golden uniformed types through the hall they were passing through. They had a quick pace about them and a disregard for most of what was going on around them, much like their manners.

Asahi adjusted his hold on the bag slung over his shoulder, casting the border collie beside him a sideways glance. "Looks like we're in it thick, Hojo. Divide and conquer then. Go find the second in command. Don't get in any trouble." The dog tilted his head to one side. "Don't look at me like that, just go find him."

The two went their separate ways, Asahi full on knowing Hojo would likely not find the Executive Officer, but it would keep the dog out of trouble while he went to hunt down the Big Boss of the Vesta. Thankfully, that task only took a few minutes, one of which consisted of asking a blue-uniformed Denobulan, two operations-types who were unsticking an unruly console, and a security crewman who threatened to phase him if he didn't identify himself.

Asahi would eventually arrive at the door of the office of his future Commanding Officer, on edge enough that he nearly burst through the door announcing his arrival. "Oh, right..." he muttered, before pressing the button of the wall console.

Looking up from a pile of reports, the Commodore frowned, looking at the door. He hadn't been expecting anyone, and paused to consider who it may be. Placing the PaDD in his hand down, he leaned back in his chair, and summoned the person with a simple, "Come," before looking back down at his work. It had been a stressful day, and showed no signs of slowing down in that regard any time soon.

The door slid open, with Asahi ready to step through, when a member of the crew shoved him aside, getting to wherever they were going. He stumbled forward, tumbling into a heap on the ground. The door shut behind him, leaving him little more than embarrassed and flustered at the situation. Sitting upright, he gave the obviously working Minawara a determined look. "Lieutenant Asahi Kita, reporting for duty, before someone else tries to take me out on my way here."

Looking down to the man on the floor, the man cocked an eyebrow and frowned. "I must apologize Lieutenant, you seem to have found us at bit of a busy spell, but I will make a point to talk to Commander Darrow about reminding staff how wide the bridge actually is." The soft tone of sarcasm punctuated Yoshi's own state of being, and he offered a slightly more polite smile. "Please, have a seat somewhere more comfortable than the floor."

"I'd be more than happy to help that busy spell," Asahi replied with a huff. He pulled himself upward, readjusting his silver-lined uniform before seating himself in the nearest chair, his bag dragged along with him. "The coffee and cupcake talk is probably better saved for later, huh?"

"Alas, now is probably not the time. But if memory serves correct, you were intending to fill my Chief Intelligence position, correct?" He pulled up his personnel listing with a swipe up from his desk, which pulled the Lieutenant's file. Pausing, the man looked at the large sections of blacked out or restricted file. The corners of his mouth played at a smile, but he let his face return to a mask. "Previous Chief Engineer of the Viking, and spent some time working for Intelligence before this. Almost as much black ink as my own file," he added, as he scanned over the document.

"Small stint as a Chief Flight Controller too," Asahi added, as if that was going to help matters. He leaned over in the seat, careful not to touch the desk or enter what he estimated was the Commodore's personal bubble. "And I'm not sure how specific my Intelligence experience is according to the file, but this'll be my first field work assignment. They didn't like me adventuring far, due to the circumstances of my-" he paused, holding his hands up and making air quotes. "'Mysterious Disappearance.'"

Offering a "hmph" of disapproval at the lack of information, Yoshi moved on. "Well, the Vesta does very little field research at the moment," said the CO, referring back to the file. "That said, with recent developments, today included, you might have to learn field operative work quick. A trial by fire if you will." Pausing the man let silence fill the room as he scanned over, leaving the officer across for him alone with his thoughts. "That said," he finally added, "I have always believed that hands on learning is the best, and your department is fairly skilled. But what I am really concerned about, is that if I open up your file, put some calls into friends, am I going to find anything I need to be concerned about? My crew has been through a lot, and I won't put them in a position to deal with anymore mysterious disappearances." The words were calm, but carried the tone of a threat.

"Depends on how much Intelligence lets loose." In a manner he knew was unsatisfactory, Asahi continued his vague description. It went beyond Starfleet Intelligence, as he had done absolutely nothing to tell anyone in this era where he had gone or what he had been doing in the time he had disappeared. The last thing he needed was Timefleet breathing down his neck, a sentiment he seemed to share with his new Commanding Officer. Asahi disregarded any tone in Yoshi's voice. What he had to hide shouldn't have come back to bite anyone in the butt. "Full disclosure - of what I'm allowed to state - is that what was the cause of my disappearance shouldn't affect anyone here. I haven't made enough friends or enemies to have any of that crop up either. Unless you're all fans of time travel. You're not, are you?" He seemed apprehensive at the words 'time travel,' enough to make his eyes narrow across the desk, forgetting Yoshi was a Commodore altogether.

"My crew and I were propelled three years into the future against our will, in an effort to destroy this ship. We endured a very harsh investigation from Temporal Investigations, had our names dragged through the smut, and have been trying to piece our lives together." Yoshi's own eyes narrowed, creating a harsh mask on his face. "We are not only not fans of time travel, I don't think any of us would be very welcome of it happening again." Lacing his fingers together, Yoshi sighed, leaned back in his chair and shook his head. "I'm sorry Lieutenant," he started, the edge coming off his tone. "We aren't the most trusting crew these days, and you have landed yourself in a poor spot, in a poor time, when we are all on edge. How much do you know of our situation?" It was as much a question of his intelligence prowess as of 'current events'.

Asahi's eyes widened as he slumped back into his seat. Then, a giant grin crept on his features. "Sir, you've managed to get the right Intel Officer. Time travel and I don't get along either. Anything I can do to help on that front, you let me know. Except murder. Or time travel, but we just went over that." He paused, waving a hand in front of his face, demeanor changing to a more serious one. "Well, the department just said the Vesta was in a 'spot' before I got myself thrown into it, so from what I could gather on my five minute trip up was that you're out at least one if not more of your senior staff, I assume the engineer based on the frantic-nature of the engineers I passed by. Proficient, but they seemed a little deflated. It was either the loss of an engineer, or the Qoird I keep hearing about. Or both. I haven't had a lot of time to gather more than bits and pieces, but I do know that we're anticipating another confrontation?"

Yoshi sighed. "We have a few 'friends' of the Qoird vessel we have already encountered, enroute. They're travelling at low warp, which I suspect might be there highest warp capabilities. But yes, we suspect there is going to be a conflict." He frowned and rubbed the thin layer of stubble that was forming from having been unshaven for the last few days. "I'll be honest, at this point everyone is on edge. My Chief Medical Officer is stuck down there, as is our Chief Engineer. So we're a little short staffed. But before you offer to assist, go see Commander Darrow, he is more in the loop of our staff needs."

"Oh, I love 'friends.' 'Friends' are my favorite." Asahi deadpanned, before reaching down to pull the PaDD out of his bag. He took down a few notations, before looking back up to Yoshi. "Commander Darrow, got it. Is there anything else I should watch out for, Sir?"

"Don't piss off Commander Sorenson, and don't let Commander Mantel around anything that can be disassembled or you don't want sticky, and you should be fine," replied the CO with a smile. "The rest you'll get filled in with as we go I am sure. But for now Lieutenant, you're dismissed."

Asahi's brow quirked, and as he was about to ask the question on his mind, his PaDD beeped. He flipped the screen over again, frowning at what he saw. "Yessir. I'll ah... I gotta go." He stood, tucking the device under his arm. "Hopefully we'll have time after all this for at least some cupcakes. Or coffee. Or both." Before he continued what could have easily been a babble of some variety, he turned tail and left the room, heading to where he had seen the blip go off, of his little pup's location.


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