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Truth, Justice, and the Braxian Way!

Posted on Mon Jan 7th, 2019 @ 6:34pm by Commander Martin Sorenson & Commander Jonathan Mantell

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Somewhere on the planet Brax
Timeline: MD03

On a local cable access channel somewhere on the planet Brax...

"So, of course, you all want to know about what's going on in Verdona. Well settle in, because this is the big one, folks! My sources have confirmed that two interlopers have been captured near the site of the me-te-or. While the government is still trying to spin that feldercarb cover story, the capture of these interlopers has exposed the truth to the rest of us!"

"The aliens are among us!"

"Not just contained in some field in Verdona. Not under the watchful eye of the RCMP. They have infiltrated and pervade our society. They could be your neighbor. They could be your minister."

He stares into the camera, allowing a beat for a dramatic pause. "They could be that 'nice couple' who stopped to ask for directions. Or ask if you've seen a little boy. Because according to our very reliable sources, that is what these mysterious strangers are claiming, that they are only searching for children who ran off to see the meteor."

"It's quite a story they're weaving." Holds hands up as though framing a scheme. "Two little boys driven by their innate curiosity to go see what landed here with their own eyes - we can all understand that natural desire, right? And the parents ...worried, even horrified to find their little ones had disappeared into the night, into the deep woods, where they might encounter who knows what dangers - natural or unnatural. And so they desperately rush out to find them." Places a hand to the center of his chest with a look of mock sympathy. "Tugs at the heart strings, doesn't it?"

Slams hand down on his desk. "Well don't believe it!"

"How do I know?" He jabs a finger at viewers behind the camera. "Because these 'worried parents' are being held under guard. Not exactly what you'd expect in response to a plea for help finding missing kids, is it?"

"So either our RMCP is being terribly hardhearted, cruel even, or... They have reason to be suspicious!"

"This place is in the middle of nowhere. It's taken the RCMP nearly a full day to get there, but a couple little kids trekked in overnight? Oh, and their parents too. On foot." He scoffs. "Now I know what some of you are saying. What if they live way out there? Not many people do, but there is a small town and some farmsteaders around it."

Pauses, strokes his chin, rubs a finger over his nose ridge. "Okay..." He looks directly into the camera and smirks. "Except that that tiny community would be pretty tight knit, wouldn't it? And according to our sources, none of the local boys in the militia have ever seen or even heard of these people ...if they really are people."

He sits back. "Oh I know, I can almost hear the reactions. 'That Bralax, jumping to conclusions again.' All the 'reasonable' people on rushing to say that they're probably being held as a precaution; probably for their own safety. After all, you can't have civilians traipsing about while you're investigating something like that big explosion..." He pauses, seeming to think that over. "... Except that they already know. Or at least so the official reports say. A civilian airship - someone trying to get a good look at that mysterious meteor, got too low and went down - Bam! Kaboom! End of story."

"And if you believe that I have a nice newly cleared patch of forest to sell you." Smirks into the camera. "No known civilian aircraft could explain an explosion that size. Not unless it was filled with crates of fuel and dynamal. So don't even try telling me the pilots are this mystery couple, because they were, they wouldn't be under guard, they'd be on autopsy slabs."

"Which gets us right back to the question of who are they?"

"The answer is inescapable." He looks directly into the camera. "Aliens!"

"The 'respectable' platforms say the RMCP has sent out confirm their identities. But what have they sent? Names, address, pictures ....or blood. That's right, Blood! The one sure way to confirm if they are Braxian ....or something else." Eyes widen. "How do we know they aren't being held because their blood wasn't a good Braxian yellow?"

"We don't! But you tell me, why is this 'normal looking Braxan couple' being guarded? Why are they being held in seclusion, in a spot isolated off at the edge of the rest of the camp?" Pounds fist on desk as he makes his point. "Because they aren't what they seem to be!"

Dramatic pause. "And if they aren't what they seem to be, how can we be sure of any one else? If aliens can impersonate normal Braxans, they could be anywhere. They could be anyone. Your grocer, your doctor, your neighbor..."

The man leans into the camera, his eyes twitching like a prey animal. "But worst of all, they may be your children!"

"That's right - your children! We have reports of strange child-sized clothing found buried not far from the 'meteor' site, surely by viewers of my show practicing what I always say, 'Be ever vigilant!' Here, see for yourself!" Holds up a dark photograph, in which scraps of fabric and what appears to be crustacean shells can just be made out in the few seconds before it is put down. "The missing children are aliens too! Sent to infiltrate the most innocent and vulnerable among us. Maybe even sent to hide in the one place we'd never suspect..." ominous pause, "Our children's playrooms."

"Have you noticed anything strange about your children lately? Have they done anything concerning? Have they made any new friends? Are they spending all their time in their rooms, or lying to your face? Are you sure they're still your children? Are you sure they're not just fleshbags filled with space squid invaders?!"

"So here's what you do, my faithful viewers. Keep an eye on your neighbors for suspicious visitors. Supervise your children in their playtime. And, just for good measure, bleed your kids and make sure it comes out yellow, not the inky blackness of space squid invaders! Remember, only you can prevent alien invasions!"


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