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Xe'Ceda's on 7th

Posted on Sat Sep 15th, 2018 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG Hulio Xe'ceda

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Deck 7, Hydroponics Bay
Timeline: MD01

An unauthorized restaurant on Deck 7? Serving up real animal flesh? At the dawn of the 25th Century no less?


If the diminutive S'ti'ach had to say so for himself, it was a rather elegant solution to a problem of ecosystem imbalance that simultaneously addressed an anthropological curiosity.

One of the features of Xe'Ceda's approach to hydroponics had been to incorporate aquaculture and develop self-sustaining, symbiotic aquaponic communities using a variety of edible fish. The fish produced nitrates, which fertilized the plants, which in turn filtered the water. It was a match made in purely logical Vulcan heaven.

There was just one problem with the design.

A species in a constrained environment lacking natural predators was going to multiply.

The solution? Supply a predator!

Thankfully, the ship was actually crewed by no less than several hundred apex predators. Though, one of the many human cultural idiocies seemed to be a hang up with the notion of themselves as predators. Perhaps that was a socio-cultural development as a consequence of reliance on replicator technology? The handling of real animal flesh seemed to be a taboo in human culture now.

The S'ti'ach was behind the sushi bar that had been cobbled together to one side of the hydroponics bay. Several white tables were spaced out among the racks and trays of plants and aquariums, with a row of bar stools set in front of where Xe'Ceda worked on assembling the dishes.

"Man, does this day feel like it's gone on forever, or what?"

Like a good bartender, the S'ti'ach merely nodded silently as Ensign Gozinski complained from behind the Vesta smut novel that had been getting passed around through the ship. That was another curiosity of human social interaction. The so called pulp fiction had obfuscated origins, but appeared to have emerged from out of the Security Department, then to the Medical Department, and was presently passing hands in Engineering.

Extending out the digits of his upper left arm, the S'ti'ach presented five razor-like claws at the end of his fingers. Applying those like a surgeon's scalpel, the anthropologist casually worked at filleting and slicing the fish lying in front of him. Plating the sashimi, the S'ti'ach passed it over to the ensign then went to wash his hands and look around.

Humans were definitely not a hunter society any longer. In contrast to the S'ti'ach, who still preferred to hunt live prey, humanity seemed to have adapted to a restaurant culture that preferred plated meals that did, in no way, resemble that they were feasting on flesh of a once living animal.

Passing a towel through his hands, the S'ti'ach pulled out his datapad and began making a few more entries on human dietary behaviors.

This sushi bar was proving to be both ecologically sound and anthropologically fascinating.



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