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Passing it Along

Posted on Tue Oct 30th, 2018 @ 11:29am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Captain Ewan Darrow

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Two Days following "Brass and Polish"

It was odd to have an entirely new set of orders, reports and documentation filling across the Commodore's desk. It was a long-held belief to many members of the Fleet that Commodore ranks were more ceremonial than actual promotion, a way of awarding officers for something without taking them away from command. Yoshi had learned that just becoming a Flag Officer suddenly meant a boatload more work and more communication passing through the vessel, everything from Fleet movements nearby to assessments of various officers and promotion requirements. Stacks of work would come and go, most of it was merely reading to make sure he was aware of what was being planned around him, some of it required his signature and seal. That was something else that was new, the awarding of a seal, the mark that separated him from his fellows. It was entirely digital now, since most communication was done as such, but still, the computer had all but insisted he replicate a physical version. Now the heavy brass and wooden handled piece sat at the edge of his desk, next to a bar of Federation Blue wax. He was about to pick up another PaDD, when his eye caught an operations manual sitting not far off. It had been buried under the actual work, something he kept putting aside, mostly due to the attempt-at-humour title "So You're a Flag Officer Now..."

"Computer, upload remaining communications onto the central computer, and display in chronological order on Ready Room holo-display." There was a pause, followed by a chime, and a small floating display snapped to life a few centimetres off his desk. He neatly stacked the remaining PaDD's, minus the aforementioned, and set them aside, out of the way, picking up the one that caught his eye. Grabbing the cup of hot cider off the table, he took a small sip, and began to read. Most of it was standard information on what it meant to be a member of the Brass. Increased duties, giving speeches, making appearances at events and galas and schools. The details designed to give a promotion to any position in the Brass a degree of pomp. His eyes skimmed through until he reached the section of ship command. A few more minutes and he hummed to himself, as a starship was no longersupposed to be commanded by a Flag Officer, but it was their privilege to have one, under the Starfleet code. It also meant that a Commodore or above could show up on a ship, and redeclare it his Flagship if he so chose. But under this all came the small note of things that could be done in his position, and what ranks became more viable. With an absent-minded flick of his right hand, the summoned another display, keyed in a few commands, and pulled some service records. "Computer, locate Commander Ewan, and direct him to my office," he finally said.

"I feel hurt," Ewan said as he walked into Yoshi's ready room several moments after being summoned by the computer, "I was summoned by a computer to your office. I feel like I'm going to the principal's office and I don't know why." He laughed. The Executive Officer moved to the wall and tapped in a command to replicate a fresh cup of tea. "Want anything?"

"No I'm fine," replied Minawara with a wave of his hand. "Wasn't sure if you were in the middle of something, so I wanted to send a quiet message, keep from causing too much commotion," he added with a smile. "Nothing troublesome," he carried on, pointing to the couch area, "actually, a reason to celebrate if anything." A mysterious twinkle met the man's eye as he looked at his friend.

Ewan nodded as he took his Tea and moved to the indicated couch area, an eyebrow arched at the look on Yoshi's face. "On a ship like this, a quiet message is more likely to cause a commotion then causing a commotion." He said with a laugh, "Not that I was doing much of anything. Reports after reports, who knew running a ship of this size would come with so many damned boring reports. I now understand the pain of all those executive officers before me."

"You want to talk about reports?" Yoshi asked with a laugh. "I have a report about a cargo ship that deviated fifteen meters from it's intended flight path, and a flight control ensign reported it. Worse still, it was reported with 'CAUTION - SHIP DIVERTING FROM EXPECTED PATH - NO COMMUNICATION.' Not that the ship hadn't communicated, he had failed to communicate with the ship first. A squadron of fighters had to be dispatched from the USS Jonathon Archer to intercept to have a very confused squadron leader trying to figure out how they were off course." The man shook his head and sighed. "Honestly, I have to say, being in the Brass comes with all kinds of odd issues, not the least of which has been reading through other Captain's mission reports." It was all he could do not to roll his eyes. "But, that isn't important, I have something better, something to make all the work I have been putting you through these last two days worth it." Reaching behind him, he picked up a small wooden box and tossed it across the room at his friend.

"There is usually a whole lot more ceremony in this matter, but I thought this would be something between us, you can surprise Allison with."

Ewan caught the box deftly with his free hand as he set the tea down. Taking a seat on the large couch, the Executive officer opened the box. He let out a low whistle as he leaned back into the coach and laughed a bit, "You know I'll be honest, I thought if I hit captain I'd be running my own department at Utopia somewhere doing. I definitely didnt think I would get it whilst out roaming the stars on a ship I helped design." He gingerly pulled out the pip. The single pip that if added to his collar would make him a Captain. Full fledged Captain. "Less shocking then you making Commodore though. I figured you'd top out at Captain." He jabbed at his friend with a grin.

Laughing heartily Yoshi shook his head. "I honestly thought I wouldn't pass Commander, and now they're making me deal with other ship's problems and errors. Next thing you know they'll be pinning me into an Admiral uniform and giving you the Vesta. Banish the thought," he jabbed back. Leaning into his own chair, he settled a little and laced his fingers together. "Now we can do a proper celebration, nice dinner, and maybe that bottle of wine my wife thinks I don't know she has hidden away."

"If they gave me command of the Vesta I'd be seriously concerned about the sanity of command." Ewan laughed, "Well if Alice wont provide I'm sure Karrun would, apparently the new bartender has a rather large collection growing and no one is quite sure where she is getting it from. Dinner sounds good though, proper celebration for both of us."

"Let's do that then," Yoshi said with a nod. "But I don't have a lot of time my friend, I have to get back to this, I just wanted a chance to pass along some good news. So how about dinner at my quarters tonight, say Nineteen Hundred Hours?"

"Sounds like a plan." Ewan replied with a nod of his own, "Ill let Allison know and see about finding something stronger then wine."


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