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Unrealistic Might Be Too Soft a Phrase...

Posted on Tue Aug 21st, 2018 @ 10:08am by Commander Martin Sorenson & Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Captains' Quarters - Medical Bay
Timeline: Sometime after 'A Novel Discussion'

There are few things the Federation-over that a replicator will not allow you to produce. A weapon, for example, is restricted to personnel with access to them. PaDDs containing encrypted data files would be another. Lastly, Federation vessels would not allow the replication of ranks outside of your current one, to keep impersonation of officers to a minimum. So, when getting ready for his day the morning following his recent promotion, it was hard to not be a little unsure when he entered the commands for his newest rank. Ordinarily, the move to Flag Officer would warrant an in-person visit and the presentation of a rank via one of the little oak wood boxes that were traditional amongst Starfleet. Today, however, there were few corners cut and a small exception to ceremony made. Instead, a small wooden box appeared on his replicator, inlaid with a gold UFP logo. Picking it up gingerly, he opened the box and observed the small single pip and box pair that laid within.

"Commodore," came a smooth tone from behind him, and Yoshi turned to face he wife, who had a smile that could melt hearts pointed at him. He smiled in return, shaking his head, and looking back down at the box, then back to his wife.

"A few short years ago I would not have asked for this in the slightest. I never wanted to be a Flag Officer, I wanted to work a desk job, design ship engines, and retire after a life of exciting design work with a nice pension, perhaps just outside of Osaka. You know, be boring," he said, as his wife laughed at him. "Now look at me, Commanding Officer of one of the most advanced starships in the Federation, and I have people I am responsible for now. Life is so weird..."

Crossing the room slowly, Alice wrapped her arms around his neck, and lightly kissed him on the cheek, whispering in his ear, "Without that weirdness, we would have never met, and I would still be on a backwater world, and not in your room." There was an undertone of playfulness, which made the Commodore turn and scoop her off her feet, the pair giggling to each other.

"No, we couldn't have that could we," whispered back Minawara, before the pair were interrupted by a beeping console, and Alice rolling her eyes.

"No, I don't want to read the gossip reports and be up to date with which Ensign is going to be flirting with who..." which lead to the pair laughing. A small program had been set up, so any news involving the Vesta was directed to the pair, and Alice made it a point to keep on top of gossip, so when people came around to complain, she was more than ready to be a good bartender. But it came with the position she had wanted, and this was one of the sour notes of it. Placing his wife gently down, Yoshi turned to their bedroom to go and grab a uniform to change into, one of the newly replicated Flag uniforms he now required. He had been away only thirty seconds when a gasp escaped his wife. Followed by a short, but simply summed, "What. The. Fuck?!"

As the Commodore reappeared in the room he found his wife aggressively pacing the middle of their living room, his eyes tracing her as she read from her PaDD. "Have you seen this?" she more shouted than asked," looking to Yoshi, then back to the PaDD, then back again. "The Errant Ship is about a vessel, lost in space and time, trapped after it's EXPERIMENTAL ENGINE malfunctions and traps the crew of the Venus in another reality. Our heroic Captain, battling the loss of his wife and the stress of his crew, must find a way to take his crew home." Yoshi shrugged and gave a half-cocked grin.

"Probably when we disappeared some bargain bin writer wrote a fantasy novelization of what he thought happened. We showed up again, and suddenly it's popular. It happens all the time to lost ships."

"Except this isn't a heroic story about you getting your crew home like with Voyager. Do you remember Across the Galaxy?" For a second, Yoshi looked puzzled, as he was sure he'd heard the title, a holonovel for sure, but he wasn't sure where he had heard it from. "The sex one," added Alice, and it clicked for Yoshi as his face contorted. Before he could say anything, Alice began pacing, her hands flailing and incoherent rambling spewing about lawsuits and recalls. Against his better judgement, Yoshi took a step forward to try and calm his wife, but the thing about PaDD's is they're fairly heavy, and sturdy. So while one is being waved around angrily, it's not all that hard to cause harm with one if you're not careful, and at that exact moment, neither of the Minawaras had been.

There is another thing that replicators are designed not to do, and that is allow people to cover up domestic violence. If a lot of shouting is heard, and the sensors register a great deal of angry tones, most replicators will lock out the ability to replicate a dermal regenerator, or similar. Only the voice authorization of the Chief Medical Officer would over ride that, which meant that should such an event occur, if either participant is injured, they must report to a doctor to be cured. The downside of this, is that while modern computers were incredibly intelligent, they could not detect the difference between yelling into the air in anger, and yelling at another person in anger. So, Commodore Yoshi Minawara, his first day as a Flag Officer, wandered through the halls of the Vesta sport a black eye and broken nose, and a look that said if anyone were to question the event, he would be happy to dress them down where they stood.

A few moments later, he arrived in the medical ward, and was greeted by a nurse, who took a moment to look shocked and appauled, before trying to take too steps towards the Commanding Officer, and he waved him off. "You'll need Doctor Sorenson, just... go get him."

Martin left his office at the summons, and based on the nurse's expression was prepared for something unpleasant. He was not however prepared for what he saw as he stepped through the door. "Captain," he exclaimed, running the medscanner already in his hand over the man. "What happened?"

"Are you aware of the... novelization of us that is floating around at the moment?" asked the CO, a look of displeasure still written over his face, as he turned to give the hovering nurse a look which caused them to scamper away. "Because Alice found it this morning, and was less than pleased. You know how she is when she gets worked up, hand flailing and all that? Well, I got a little too close to her when she was ranting, while she had a PaDD in one hand. She would have dealt with it herself, it if weren't for a few safety features in the computer to avoid covering up incidents like this, harmless or otherwise."

"Ah. Yes, that would explain it," the doctor remarked. "I seem to be featured in that ...fiction..." his tone said everything necessary about his opinion of the work, "as well, so I certainly understand the impulse to rant." He considered the damage to Yoshi's nose while ushering him toward a more private treatment room and waited for the door to close before adding "Or throw things."

"No no, nothing was thrown," replied the Commodore, raising his hands and attempting to offer a smile before realizing the shooting pain that came with it. "I walked too close a waving PaDD and wasn't paying attention." Taking one hand, he tenderly touched the injured part of his face and winced. "I was trying to calm her down and caught a sideways hand gesture, I don't even think she realized I was there until she hit me," he added, realizing more and more this sounded like he was trying to over-defend his wife. Instead he sighed and shook his head. "Alice doesn't normally throw things, or hit me, this was an accident caused by what others might call undue stress. She was the first to try and help, I will have you know."

As he let that conversation sink in, his eyes met the doctor's and offered up only frustration and a degree of physical pain. "But you said that it sounds like people have also already discovered this, and you yourself are featured, if not directly. How is the crew taking it?"

"I'm not concerned that your wife beats you," Martin assured him, applying a hypo to numb the pain before beginning the delicate work of setting his nose. "Though if your medical records showed more black eyes I might have to wonder. I guess Alice must have been in quite a state for you to feel the need to put up that defense of her." He paused, studying the break. "Hold still now."

As he gently began aligning the break, Martin continued to discuss the subject at hand, in part to keep Yoshi's mind off what would still be a somewhat uncomfortable process. "Alice's reaction might have involved some forceful gestures, but for those with identifiable characters ...horrified is a fairly normal reaction. For some that comes out as yelling and for others as a desire to sink through a bulkhead. However, from what I've seen so far the rest of the crew though seems to be taking it as a ridiculous if guilty-pleasure bit of nonsense. I do pity any poor crewman Mrs. Darrow catches chortling over some of those passages though. But in that case I think it's probably worse there because there are children old enough to possibly get wind of it."

"Perhaps it's time to invoke one of the rare Commanding Officer abilities and black list it," replied Minawara darkly. "I just feel bad for any poor sap that brings it up in front of Alice in the lounge. She's taking it was a rather personal insult I would say." The man paused and thought about the statement from Martin. "Wait, why is Allison so upset, what does it say about her?"

"It's more what it says about both of them actually. You see, where the Captain's wife got to die a tragic but heroic death, the XO and his wife are still together but they..." Martin paused a moment. How to put this? "...swing. With everyone and anyone, on board or off."

"Of for fucks sakes," muttered Yoshi, resisting the urge to facepalm. "I will have to tell Alice to go cool Allison off..." Minawara looked to Martin with a look of sympathy. I can only imagine what they wrote about you. What a hell of a first day it seems," he added, muttering under his breath. The CO's eyes darted to the door as a nurse appeared, looking a little distraught.

"Uh... Doctor, sir, we have an injury in the waiting room, and they won't tell me what happened, but it looked like they were attacked." The nurse glanced over his shoulder and back to the pair. "I think this also has to do with the book."

"Another one..." Sorenson looked heavenward, as if for strength. "Unless they won't tell you because they're unconscious or in severe shock, tell them to get in line," he ordered acerbically. As the nurse hurried out, he blew out a breath. "Sorry, sir, not exactly my best bedside manner, but it's been a long day already. In terms of what they wrote about me, let's just say I'll be relieved if the next patient doesn't blush." His mouth went a little sideways. "Or make a pass at me..."


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