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Hell Hath No Fury

Posted on Sat Aug 18th, 2018 @ 8:51pm by Captain Ewan Darrow & Allison Darrow

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: USS Vesta
Timeline: After 'A Novel Disucssion'

Closing his eyes Ewan let out a content sigh as he laid back on the couch. It had been a long day, one thing after another, an issue here an issue there they just kept piling up one after another again and again whenever he tried to take a deep breath and calm down it just kept coming. Now the day was over and here he was able to take a deep breath and just lay on the couch and do nothing.
Or so he thought.

The doors to the quarters swished open with their typical speed and efficiency to reveal the rather pissed off form of Allison Darrow storming into the living room looking more than ready to just straight up kill anyone who got in her way. "Ewan Lorcan Darrow I want it all recalled. ALL OF IT." Allison stated calmly in a low voice as the doors closed behind her and a PaDD landed hard on the coffee table. Ewan opened his eyes, turning towards his wife taking in her enraged look. "All of it you hear me!"

"Yes Dear." The Vesta's executive officer said as he reached out and took the PaDD off of the table and activated it to take a look at exactly what his wife was pissed off it. "What exactly is getting recalled?"

"The Errant Ship." Allison stated as she started pacing back and forth across the room in front of the coffee table. Ewan sat up, swinging his legs back over the couch and to the floor as he read the excerpts from the novel that had been loaded onto the PaDD. "Its a load of shit that is so obviously the Vesta that it isn't funny. It's that whole Voyager holonovel thing all over, that one with the Doctor."

Ewan nodded he could definitely see why Allison was pissed, especially the portrayal of himself and Allison. A swinging couple who had fun sleeping around with almost anyone on the ship that would take them up on the task. Not to mention what happened with Yoshi and his wife, her dying in a tragic accident leaving the heartbroken Yoshi behind to be comforted by every woman who came along. He actually found that one almost comical really, because Alice would likely kill the person who wrote this book if she saw it.

"I think I can see why," Ewan said as he set the PaDD and stood up, moving around the table Ewan grabbed Allison to stop her pacing and calm her down a bit. "Take a deep breath Ally. We'll make sure that we lodge a complaint with Starfleet and see about getting it recalled." Ewan said as he pulled her into a hug. "We'll do our best to take it down."

Allison let out a deep sigh as she nuzzled her head into Ewan's chest. "I know. Its just we lost three years, and now this is the type of crap that comes out of our return? The freaking loveboat?"

"You have to admit, Yoshi being a loverboy that sleeps around the quadrant is a rather humorous picture to think about." Ewan said with a chuckle, "Does Alice know about the novel yet?"

"No, but at the rate, it's going around the ship, she will soon enough," Allison said with a little chuckle herself, "We may have to stop her from straight up trying to kill the publisher who okayed this book."

"Good luck with that. You know what they say about women." Ewan laughed louder, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and to have it insuinuated that her husband sleeps his way across the galaxy might scorn a woman just a bit."

"Lord help them."


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