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When Prime is Complicated

Posted on Mon Aug 20th, 2018 @ 2:48pm by Commodore Yoshi Minawara & Isabella Cerin & Kairishana sh'Zharath

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Diplomacy Centre
Timeline: MD01 Following "Mercury Falling pt. 2"

With Jack's crew prepping to head to the alien craft on the surface of the moon, Yoshi had excused himself from the bridge, leaving Ewan there. Heading down the the core of the ship, the Captain had some questions to ask, and some potential legal issues to have dealt with before they arose, and at the moment, there was only one person who truly could answer that. So as he waited in the turbo lift as it descended to deck five. When it stopped, he stepped out and headed down the hall for the Diplomatic facility. It wasn't a far walk, but it was enough time for the Captain to consider the implications of what was going on. Or more importantly, consider the implications of what the Vesta would be required to do in the event that there was actually a case of interference, and where the Prime Directive lay on the matter. A simple hiss escaped while Minawara strolled into the room. For a moment, he paused, and looked down upon the Arboreutum, where a few of the flower beds were in bloom, and he took the second to inspect it, before turning back around to try and find Ms. Cerin.

"May I help you Captain?" The suited Andorian with her sleek silver-white hair pinned up was a new addition to the ship, along with the other crew transfers taking place during their time on Earth; finally filling the elegant Betazoid-mahogany desk in the reception area that proceeded the offices and conference rooms which had been empty during their time in the Delta Quadrant.

The man stopped and offered a polite smile. "Ah yes," he said, caught ever so slightly off guard by another face in the Diplomatic Facility, "I am looking for the Chief Diplomat, I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands and wanted some advice." The tone was off, not nervous or unsure, but more unsettled. The Vesta had found herself in a no end of odd situations, and to continue down that path, this seemed to be another potential diplomatic nightmare.

Kairishana gave a polite nod to the captain and ducked towards the door to her boss' office, disappearing momentarily before coming back out to her own desk. "She'll be with you in a moment." The Andorian woman said, gesturing over at the layout of cups and the coffeemaker across the room. "Would you care for some coffee?"

Having not remembered seeing that before, the Captain raised an eyebrow, but smiled adding "I would love a cup." He took a second to look around and really study the room. With the upgrades that had been made, he expected minor changes to most places, but it seemed, aside from a new brewing instrument, the room was entirely left untouched. "Tell me," he paused, not sure of the Andorian woman's name, and settled on, "miss, how has Diplomatic relations changed in the few years we have been gone?"

"That, I suppose, depends on the angle with which the question is posed." Kairishana replied, setting the machine to brew several cups. "In terms of the lay of the galactic political situation, I'm assuming you've read far too many briefings already to get up to speed. For the most part the major players on the board are the same ones there were three years ago; though their situations and positions on particular issues or territory, of course, have shifted somewhat here and there." The coffee maker, in perfect unison, poured out its offering into the three waiting cups.

"...As for the practice of such arts...In some ways that has changed little for millennia." Izzy's voice cut into the conversation as she emerged from her office, picking up one of the coffee mugs and pressing a button on the side of the machine, dealing it a squirt of caramel pecan syrup.

Reaching forward, Yoshi grabbed his own cup of coffee, leaving it black, and leaving it before his face to take a second to note the aroma. Definitely not replicated, which raised questions for the Captain, that he was going to leave unasked. Sometimes it was good for a Captain to be in the dark. "Isabella, it's been a while. I hope you had a chance to relax before we departed,' said Minawara with a smile. His last real interaction with the diplomat hadn't been the most favourable, and he wasn't sure where they necessarily stood. "I do have a few questions for you if you have some time." The words were polite enough but carried a heavier tone to the careful observer.

"Please." The gesture to the door to her office was languid enough, but carefully controlled beneath the easy-seeming appearance of it; there was tension she sensed in his words and body language as if he was stressed by either herself or whatever he had come to discuss. Or possibly both. Kairishana had already bowed gracefully and quietly out of the mix, returning to her desk, leaving the path clear for Izzy to smoothly follow her invitation to join her with a return to her office. Instead of sliding into the chair behind her desk, however, she slid into one of a pair of small armchairs flanking a tiny round table off to one side, clearly anticipating that the "some time" in question here would perhaps be longer than two people would prefer to stare one another down across a desk; or perhaps not entirely would have been the best setting for such.

Nodding and following into the office, Yoshi placed his cup on the table and sat down himself, as he mentally thought over the words. It was a trickier situation, as were a lot of Federation protocol was very cut and dry, with Starfleet being even more so, the Captain found himself in the muddled grey area that existed. He waited until both of them were seated before he dove in. "We have a potentially delicate situation on our hands here. We have happened upon a species that is pre-warp but appears to be on the verge of making the next big step. Which is not particularly unusual, the Federation has been there for many a species to take its first steps into the Galactic community." A silence fell for a second, and the Captain pondered his next thoughts. "The Prime Directive prohibits us from making contact before that warp jump is made, but what if there are signs that someone else is interfering? Do we have a procedure in place for that? There are no guidelines in this case."

"The committee must have missed that one. Surprising given its size..." Izzy said in a subtle but sarcastic humor that implied roughly the opposite of the words themselves, followed by a small sip of coffee that transitioned to a much more serious tone when she spoke again. "...Interfering in what sense?" Her next question was almost piggybacked onto the first one; an observation followed by the query it gave way to. "Though Federation policy prohibits it within our territory--and some captains have been known to intervene when in unclaimed or disputed territory--other species and empires are not bound against making contact with pre-warp civilizations in their own claimed areas of space." A pause and a long sip of coffee, completed by carefully licking a fleck of caramel sauce off her lips as she flicked a panel on her desk and pulled up a map on the viewscreen built into one bulkhead. "...Where are we, at the moment? Or more relevantly, where is the planet in question?"

Yoshi offered a look that bordered on a grimace. "Technically? On the very edge of Federation space, and unclaimed territory. We are currently in orbit of their moon, hiding from their more basic sensors. But, this system could be disputed easily, as we have no real claim on it, other than where we have considered the edge of our border." He pointed to the system in question. "Furthermore, we have no contact with the alien species that has been tampering. For all we know, they could have claims to this sector, which would be complicated. And of course, there is the trouble of the Native species. We know nothing about them yet, so we have no idea how far they have permeated their culture, and if by intervening, we would be causing panic, or, interfering with the Prime Directive."

Izzy returned the pseudo-grimace of sorts at that news, with a nod at '...could have claims to this sector...', which was, unfortunately, one of the oldest issues out there in terms of galactic politics and diplomacy: Half the species one encountered thought they owned the same pieces of real estate as at least three others; and some of the rest thought they should, even if they currently did not. "I assume we're gathering data to answer the latter question?"

"At the moment, we are working on that. We've had no contact with either species before, so this is very much unmapped ground," replied the Captain, pausing to sip from his coffee. "We don't really have a precedent. Any time territorial disputes have come up, they are either internal to species within the Federation or an external space-faring species. But here, we have someone smack dab in the middle of those categories and there is no guide book. Which raises further questions, if they fire upon us, and we fire back, is that a potential declaration of war? Are we the invaders, or the invaded." Yoshi shook his head. "This is why I usually stay out of politics and diplomacy," he added, with a frown.

"Unfortunately I can't give you an answer to that question that doesn't end in exactly how you'd guess it does: As uncontacted species, the other parties in play here are automatically not signatories to any existing galactic conventions, treaties, or agreements; or even among those whose practices one is clear on...under the table, if you will. Therefore yes, it's entirely possible that from their point of view, rules of engagement, and understanding of intergalactic law, we will have committed an act of war should we return fire. Mind you, it's also possible we've done so the moment we enter into what they consider their territory..."

"Then your work is going to be cut out for you," said the Captain, placing his cup down on the small table between them. "We don't need a war between the Federation and a species. There is enough going on in the background that Starfleet will have to focus on, we can't have a separated front if there is to be another war. Hopefully, we will make contact with the interlopers shortly, and can vie for peace. Which, as with all, I will need your help on."

Izzy nodded, setting down her own cup on a crystal coaster to one side of the desk. "Absolutely, Captain. If you'll see that any information we garner on the species involved or the situation overall is shared, I will ensure that Kairi and I are available for any meetings, briefings, or other events you wish our collaboration in." A pause, and a glance at the map still displayed along the wall, the barest hint of the grimace again at the spot along the borders he had indicated. "Or would you prefer that I arrange to have us present on the bridge for the time being?"

"I will never force bridge duty on anyone, however, if you have no pressing tasks to take place in here, I would like your assistance on the bridge." The answer was awfull diplomatic from the Captain, but also a belief he held dear, he never liked being on the bridge as an Engineer, and very much knew that not all people would take the chance to be so front and centre. However, he needed ready advice and would prefer if he could have Izzy close by. "Regardless, I have a few other matters to see to, and then I will be back on the bridge in the next hour. If you have any thoughts before that, you can find me in my ready room." He offered a small, polite smile, of someone who was a little stressed out about the situation and nodded. Standing, he nodded to the now empty cup. "Thank you for the coffee, perhaps I will bother you for more in the future," he added a little more casually, before exiting the room and head back to his office.


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