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Off-Duty Work

Posted on Wed Jun 6th, 2018 @ 9:57am by Commodore Yoshi Minawara

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Holodeck Two
Timeline: MD01

Standing in the middle of the massive room, Yoshi had long since slid into a pair of coveralls and discarded his officer's jacket, finding himself standing next to the engine that hung by old fashioned chains. Skunkworks, the civilian outfit company that worked on new craft designs, was known for its use of older technology to achieve better results. Known for their work on the M1M1 fighter, the Albatross, and the refit of the Raptor fighters underway, it was no surprise that they had been contracted for this project. They hadn't always designed military craft, in fact their specialty was racing craft and luxury warp cruisers for civilians of import. Their chief engineer was a spunky woman, who did nothing to avoid the stereotype of strong women with short shaved, colourful hair, large muscles and a foul mouth, stood opposite to Minawara. "I'm telling you, higher fuel injection isn't going to solve the problem, its going to flood the engine under low speed. You're going to drown it!" Kylie tossed a PaDD across a tool box, and Yoshi merely pushed it back.

"And I am telling you, the reason you are having a problem is you're missing a feedback valve! Of course it's stalling, it's not getting enough fuel, and when it doesn't get enough fuel, it stalls until it can reestablish pressure, force enough power, and then the plasma reignites and you can get thrust! You need a higher fuel flow, with a backflow regulator and a feedback valve!" He pointed to the point of the exposed engine interior where the injector systems was feeding into the main engine assembly and where a holographic representation of the proposed system hovered. "As for the heat you are worried about, it's not going to be a problem if you run the cooling system parallel and not in series. Use a heat exchanger midway in the system and dump heat into space."

"Then it's going to show up on every fucking sensor in the sector. They wanted something that can actually make it's objective, not get picked up on the second it arrives!" shouted back the woman. "I am telling you, there has to be another solution."

"You're building a bomber for the Marines. I'm not sure if you have ever hung out with them, but they don't do anything stealthy. If they are rolling in, the enemy already knows. Not to mention, with the increased fuel supply, you can increase output, and with that, you can add more armor to these, make it take a bit more of a beating before crashing." Yoshi shook his head. "Two strips of latinum, and I'll prove you wrong," he said, extending a hand. Kylie shook her head and frowned, but took the hand and shook it.

"I'll claim my latinum from you, you better believe." Yoshi laughed off the comment as he approached a console and keyed into commands near the bay. The entire facility was rigged with holo-projectors, allowing it to test designs without physically building it, although when it came to testing, they often used a physical model to see if there were any flaws a computer missed, which there often were. That was what allowed Yoshi to be standing in the facility, which orbited Saturn, even though he was on a holodeck aboard the Vesta. A few seconds later, the engine phased into existence, with the modifications that Yoshi recommended added, and the readings taken from the real one. Artificial fuel supplied ran in to the modified injectors, and the engine sat ready.

"Computer," said the Captain, crossing his arms, "begin engine startup sequence." There was a brief pause, as the fake engine was told by the computer to start up, and then it began to whine, the sound of the thruster itself coming to life. The plasma lines began to glow as the engine came to life and started up proper, running at idle. Looking back at the woman, he smirked, and she rolled her eyes. "Throttle up engine to one hundred percent," he said, and the screaming in to room got louder, as the exposed housing whined as the engine began to "thrust" forward, all the while suspended in the air, not actually affecting it's surroundings.

"Computer!" called the Chief Engineer of skunkworks, "rapidly drop throttle input to fifty percent, and simulate a high G turn!" The computer beeped, and parts on the fuel delivery moved and valves changed, but the engine throttle down to fifty percent, and the pair held their breath, waiting to see what would happen. But the engine kept on screaming away, although quieter, and the system normalized. "Son of a bitch," Yoshi head, followed by the sound of a hand hitting a console. "My team has been working on that for nearly two months, how the hell did you figure that out?"

"The Quantum Slipstream Drive had a similar issue, couldn't get a high enough plasma rate into the engines to maintain fuel, using conventional means. It's why we ended up putting a massive heatsink on the dorsal section, and increasing the length of the nacelles. You'd be surprised what advanced engineering will teach you about the basics." The Captain offered a wink. "Don't worry about that latinum, send me a bottle of your brothers' whiskey next time you visit him." Kylie looked as if she was about to say something rude when the doors to the holodeck hummed open and the projectors showed Chief Moreau entering. She leaned over and whispered in Yoshi's ear, which prompted a cocked eyebrow, and a hushed "Are you sure?" The NCO nodded, turned to Kylie to apologize, and left through the doors. "Duty calls kiddo, I'm needed on the bridge. Something exciting on sensors it looks like." The woman offered a nod, and Yoshi looked skyward. "Computer, end transmission."

The room went fuzzy, froze for a second, and then faded out to be the holodeck again. The Captain would have to stop by his quarters briefly, and get a small scolding from his wife for delaying dinner for work, but in the end, that was the life of a Starfleet Captain, especially one that was an Engineer.


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