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Wetting Their Whiskers

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2018 @ 3:14pm by Lieutenant M'rrina & R'ssa & Karrun North

Mission: A Misguiding Hand
Location: Galaxy's End

M'rrina's ears flicked backwards, flattening somewhat against her head in annoyance as she swiveled her head back towards her half-grown kit and lightly cuffed her on one ear with a hissing tone in her voice as R'ssa sheepishly back off from her latest attempt to stalk and pounce on her mother's tail.

"Seriously? You're 12, not 2."

"This is ship is boring." the pre-teen Caitain sulked as the doors from the corridor to the bar parted to allowed them to enter, then closed again.

"We just arrived. How can you be bored already?" replied M'rrina in an exasperated tone that transcended most mammalian species when a parent and a pre-teen intersected. Her eyes rolled to the ceiling briefly, ears and whisker twitching, tail tip switching slightly in a silent prayer for patience. Spotting a humanoid behind the bar, she made her way over and slid her lithe felinoid form onto a stool, her petulant offspring following reluctantly.

"Hello, Miss.....?" M'rrina's voice trailed off in a pleasant purring buzz of sorts as she waited for the bartender to introduce herself.

"Karrun, no miss or misses." Karrun replied as she eyed the two newcomers to her establishment, "I have to warn you this is a bit more of a dingy atmosphere that the forward lounge offers, a more family vibe if I might say."

"Unless that's something that deters you, then what can I get two fine Caitians tonight? Your little one looks a little young for something hard, but I do have some nice Caitian liqour somewhere."

"What flavor sodas do you have?" the kit chimed in. "Do you have bacon flavor?"

"Unfortunately nothing on tap. I could check with the replicator but it probably wouldnt taste right for you." Karrun said as she smiled at the young Cait. "Besides I thought tuna was more your taste of choice, at least it was the last time I was there."

"You have tuna flavor?" Small prick-pointed fluffy ears perked up and forward in interest, a hard enough thing to secure in a pre-teen of any species. But Caitain taste buds could discern a whole depth of flavor and signals from various proteins--and differentiation between them--that human ones could only dream at; making the difference between a steak and a salmon ten times how it would play among many species.

"The last bartender left a case somewhere." Karrun said as she disappeared from view of the two caitians. There was a chorus of noise as cabinets opened and closed under the counter top as the El-Aurian evidently attempted to find the mysterious case of tuna flavoured soda that the young one wanted. "Ah ha!"

Several feet down the bar, Karrun popped back up holding a can of pop. "Tuna flavoured, non-replicated. For the young Caitian." She opened the can with a flair as she flipped it upside down pouring it into a glass she had made appear from nowhere.

As R’ssa accepted her drink, whiskers twitching in anticipation, M’rrina considered the more “adult” drink possibilities with a flick of one ear.

“I’ll have a White Russian with a catnip spring please.”

"Can do." Karrun said as she pulled a copper mug out of a chilled drawer and began to mix the drink. "So what brings you two to the rear of the ship today? We generally only get people later in the night considering the local and theme."

M'rrina's ears flicked. "I admit the day and night activity structure of many species fascinates me..." A wide feline grin crossed her face. "...But it rarely entices me to follow it. I prefer several shorter rest periods and activity throughout the day and night, and have found most commanders not only willing to accommodate such, but glad to have such an officer aboard. As such I admit I also adhere rather less to other social conventions of when some species might consider an activity appropriate..."

"I am more than aware of some of the intricacies of the Caitian people." Karrun said with a smile of her own, "Big lover of the arts, dancing, drawing, painting those types of things. Bit less aggressive then your Kzinti cousins but definitely fierce enough when you need to be. Generally pretty good at the sciences too and I man I have to admit the parties were a hell of a thing to attend, the grooming I could have done without."

"Kzinti have not learned when to stop snarling and purr." M'rrina said with a purring-tinged laugh, then a flick of her tail and ears in surprise. "Even the sounds their language stresses versus our own announces that fact. I went into a rather more stereotypical field for my species I admit; but who wouldn't want this hearing range on their new communications officer...?" M'rrina accepted her drink with a feline grin, a dexterous tongue licking a bit of cream off the top.

Karrun laughed, "Well the fact you can hear almost triple the range of most species would be seen as a plus by most. It's a rather rare specialty outside of Prometheus class ships and flagships these days though from what I hear." Sure Karrun had been away for almost three decades now, but she was a scientist and that meant she did her research especially when behind by so much.

"Yes..." M'rrina took another sip of her drink; instead of tipping to back to pour into her mouth like many species, the tip of her tongue moved in and out at near warp speed, lapping the liquid as she tipped the glass toward it. "Then again, so is being a chef, in the era of replicators...Yet they show no signs of total extinction. There was a restaurant I frequented during my time at the Academy that did Caitain / Human fusion cuisine in fact. I was particularly fond of the M'Ice, during the summer." She ran her tongue around the rim of her now empty glass, gathering the last of the cream, and shot a glance at her daughter, who was finishing the last of her tuna soda, then slid off the stool and looked back at Karrun, eyelids closing for a moment in slow, deliberate blink - as with many predatory species, a Caitain signal of trust, affection, or peaceful intent; as the pair moved towards the door. "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome." Karrun said with a smile as she waved them out the door, "I'll make sure to get some more flavoured stuff now that I know there are some Caitians aboard."


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