USS Vesta

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Specifications - USS Vesta


The Technical Specifications of lead ship of the Vesta class Starship.


Class Vesta
Role Multi-Mission Deep Space Explorer
Duration 120 Years
Time Between Refits 10 Years
Time Between Resupply 5 Years


Length 672 Meters
Width 195 Meters
Height 88 Meters
Decks 26


Officers 160
Enlisted Crew 500
Marines 0 (Up to 116 Optional)
Civilians 100
Emergency Capacity 7000


Cruise Speed 9.3
Maximum Speed Warp 9.995, QSD Velocities
Emergency Speed QSD Velocities

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto-Modulating Shielding System
Metaphasic Shielding System
Regenerative Shielding System
Ablative Hull Armor

For defensive purposes, the Vesta Class is equipped with some of the most advanced shielding systems in the Fleet. The Vesta Class is equipped with Auto-modulating Shields, Metaphasic Shielding and Regenerative Shielding. Additionally during Slipspace flights, the Vesta is equipped with a new style of shielding meant to protect the ship from and subspace eddies that it might run into and effect its phase variance, this shielding additionally only comes online when the ship is at Slipspace velocities. Additionally, the Vesta has the latest in Ablative armour and Point defense technologies. It also has an additional set of titanium hull plating covering some of the more sensitive areas of the ship, this is visible in the dark areas of the ship's hull.
Weapon Systems Phasers:
12x Type XII Phaser Arrays
2x Type XII Phaser Cannons

5 on the Dorsal side of the Saucer section and 1 just at the back of the landing pad at the stern of the ship. On the ventral side of the ship, there are 4 arrays on the saucer, and 1 array apiece on either side of the engineering hull. In addition to the Phaser arrays, the Vesta includes 2 newly minted Type XI Phaser cannons at the fore of the ship on the ventral side of the Saucer.

Torpedo Launchers:
4x Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher
2x Rapid-Fire Torpedo Turret

4 standard burst fire torpedo tubes, 2 facing aft, and 2 facing Forwards. These tubes can fire both Quantum and photon torpedoes. Additionally, the Vesta Class has two rapid fire Torpedo turrets, 1 on both the Ventral and Dorsal sides of the Saucer section.
Armament For Burst First launchers:
240x Quantum Torpedoes
560x Photon Torpedoes

For Rapid Fire Turrets:
150x Quantum OR 200x Photon

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 2x Type 11 Shuttlecraft
3x Type 8 Shuttlecraft
4x Type 7 Shuttlecraft
Runabouts 1x Delta Flyer Class
1x Danube Class

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