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Shakedown Shake-Up

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Due to the USS Vesta being docked for serious repairs, the crew of the Vesta is tasked with performing a simple shakedown of the USS Nelson, an Inquiry-class cruiser, to test her systems. However (now) Rear Admiral Minawara away from the ship as he takes on duties related to the rebuilding of Task Force 72 following Rear Admiral Harrington’s removal from the position. The crew must get on with shake ups to the command structure, as well as a change to scenery. While they thought things would be smooth, the mission is anything but as an old adversary arrives to raise questions…

R&R: The Reprieve

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The Vesta begins undergoing heavy repairs, and the crew are given some time to relax before borrowing a ship.

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Take My Hand

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The crew of the USS Vesta, reunited with their beloved ship, are tasked with assisting with the negotiation of a world into the Federation. While it sounds like a routine mission, the complication of the matter is that the planet, Shalia, doesn't have just one suitor but two - the Qoird.


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Intended for any posts between COM Minawara and members Commanding Officers in TG72-A.

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Back Post

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All the back post missions for the Simm.

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Peace Through Any Means

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The People’s Peace Movement is as dedicated as ever to the demilitarization of the Federation and Starfleet. As times progress and they see little progress to their goals however, cells of the group have become increasingly extremist in their views and goals.

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Pomp and Circumstance

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The Vesta is ready to launch. After years of sitting in Utopia Planetia, extensive simulations, refits and installations of new technologies, the ship is finally being declared ready to launch. The top technology within her? The Quantum Slipstream Drive.

A game changer within the Alpha and Beta Quadrant's, the launch of the Vesta with her Slipstream Drive has been the center of attention for both Starfleet and the political heads of the Federation, much to the chagrin of her crew. Swamped with media, politicians and Admiral's alike making visits and coming to see her launch, not to mention dignitaries of foreign governments, what Captain Minawara and his crew wanted to be a quiet ceremony has turned into an event, with all the pomp and circumstances that come with it.

Refined Relations

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The USS Vesta, after arrival to the Delta Quadrant, is not given much time to get acquainted with the new Task Force, as she is quickly deployed to Sector 872, where a heavy Plasma Storm has recently passed through. While mostly unoccupied, the region is home to a known Republic of the First World mining facility, damaging it and causing the station to request aid. The Crew of the Vesta is about to find out the UFP and the RotFW aren't as similar as they first thought...

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Fastest Ship in the Quadrant

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The USS Vesta, following the disastrous first contact with the Ziapteryx, receives a transmission from the Trans Stellar Relay asking if the Federation would like to partake in the event, and for them to host the starting point.

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Refit and Relaxation

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The USS Vesta returns from the Delta Quadrant, in both a surprising manner and a surprising time.

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A Misguiding Hand

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The USS Vesta fresh from refit heads out to the Cardassian border, but however along the way, the crew picks up strange transmissions from a pre-warp civilization talking about possible alien contact.

Part of No Time Like the Present

Snow Birds

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The crew of the USS Vesta arrives at Haumea Colony for a brief stay over and to deliver supplies.

Part of No Time Like the Present

Wrong Place, Right Time

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The USS Vesta responds to a Civilian Freighter, disabled in space, not far from the former Federation colony of Paenope VI, a moon orbiting a gas giant. Once a farming planet and processing facility for the Helium-3 of the Paenope itself. Considered abandoned after devastating attacks on the facilities during the Dominion War, the Vesta crew investigate as to why a freighter was out here, leading to a discovery that will call into questions many of the ideals of the Federation.

When the Bough Bounces

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The Vesta has been directed to escort a revered Federation Scientist to Earth, an easy escort mission following her last mission that ended up with her Captain in sickbay and a crew demoralized. After a short rest at Sirius Station for small repairs and resetting, she sets out on her courier mission, unaware that the scientist isn't what he seems.

R&R: To the Edge of the World

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A R&R mission following "When the bough breaks"

Between Realities

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Having resupplied Esquimalt and seen to it’s operational status, the Vesta crew are assigned to look for a rumoured Tholian experimental ship adrift near Federation space. Developed during the strength of the Typhon pact, it is believed the ship was damaged during tests and abandoned. Starfleet Intelligence has acquired information that led them to believe that the ship contains technology from the other Typhon Pact members, as well as data in relation to these species, which could be vital to the Federation maintaining the upperhand in the current political situation. The Flagship of 72 is sent to capture the ship, and recover whatever she can before the Tholians find the ship again.

However, things go awry when a Tholian ship shows and fires on both the Vesta and the cruiser in an attempt to destroy them both. When the cruiser is eventually destroyed a catalyst causes a subspace distortion, damaging the Vesta’s warp assembly forcing it to hide in a nearby nebula.

A game of cat and mouse ensues as the Vesta uses her QSD to affect the subspace anomaly and hide from the more ships that arrive. But something is off about the anomaly itself…

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