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Lieutenant Njalia Sayffier

Name Njalia Sayffier

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Homeworld Andor
Species Andorian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm
Weight 68kg
Hair Color Silver-White
Eye Color Dark Violet
Physical Description Slim with a gymnast'ss build, she bursts with potential energy and has trouble (even now) just keeping still. She wearer he hair in a tight braid held with a set of titanium alloy pins. Her uniform is always precise and neat, on duty she wears a satchel of tools and other useful things over one shoulder and she always has a tricorder and datapad close to hand. She always wears boots with magnetic clamps built in after a practical joke was played on her as a cadet.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Rosha and AhTik
Mother ChAstrin and Dosinika
Brother(s) Yrone, older, serving in the Andorian Imperial Guard
Sister(s) Usulia, older, work for the Federation News Network in reseach
Isoli, younger, in the University of Andor working on a bioscience degree and applying for Star Fleet
Other Family Distantly related to Star Fleet Captain Njessa Ajzure.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Driven to be her best and to represent the best of Andor to the Federation and beyond. She has bent her live so far about achieving her current position in Star Fleet and she is only now beginning to think about longer term plans. Once she sets her mind to a task, she focuses on it intently, occasionally to the point of ignoring other problems, but she has gotten better about that.
Strengths & Weaknesses Focus and drive, she gets things done as quickly as efficiently as she can and moves onto the next task. Technically proficient, she is not a great innovator but superb at getting the best results out of existing technology.

Her focus can make her seem a bit curt or even rude with people, but she is working to improve that. She can become so focused on a problem that she will ignore other matters, but that is rare now.
Ambitions Currently, be the best Operations Officer she can be. She is debating if command is something that she is interested in or if she would rather stay on the technical side of things.
Hobbies & Interests Gymnastics and martial arts.
Language, especially as applied to the technical field.
The history of technology.
She has recently discovered an interest in music and dance due to her correspondence with some of her fellow Operations officers.
Languages Andorian, Federation Standard, Vulcan, basics of Ferengi, Klingon, Orion and Romulan

Personal History Always interested in Star Fleet, where several of her ancestors had served, she was galvanized by the visit of the USS Andor to Andor just before she graduated high school and the fine example that Njessa Azjure, the Andor Operations officer, presented. By hard work she was one of the, large, Andorian contingent to Star Fleet Academy that year.

She dove into the Academy feet first, and was an extremely hard working and conscientious cadet. Though she was not as good at socializing as some other cadets. She clicked with the Operations Network ("OpNet") and corresponds with operations officers across the fleet (and even a few outside).

She has never really tried to build relationships deeper than friendship, she is not sure if she has any romance in her soul. So far she has not met anyone who made her think of such things.
Service Record She constantly scored on the upper third of most of her classes though never quite at the top. She excelled as a generalist.

Due to the continuing lack of personnel, given her focus on efficiency and attention to detail, Sayffier was assigned to a small team of technical experts that moved from base to base, ship to ship, installing high priority upgrades on computer systems (and to a lesser extend sensor and communications systems) across the fleet . Often, these upgrades were preformed in transit adding an additional level of stress. This led to a high turnover of personnel in the team but Njalia thrived and after a year was the de facto leader of the team. She would likely still be assigned to that task if not for the incident on Starbase 12 which earned her a sealed commendation and a new post.

Having no wish to serve on base duty, though Starbase 12 offered her a post, she has been seeking something aboard a starship. Somewhere she can settle for a while and work out what her future holds. She was surprised, and pleased, to be assigned to the USS Vesta.

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